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Ten Benefits to Exercising During Pregnancy

It wasn't long ago that women were afraid to exercise during their pregnancy, out of fear of hurting their unborn child. Now it's not only acceptable, it's encouraged by doctors and health professionals.

Exercising during your pregnancy helps you while trying to get pregnant, during and after the birth of your new baby. Fitness also helps your child's health as well, while growing inside you. After reading about how fitness can help you and your pregnancy alone, you may wonder why you have not already started!

10 Benefits of Exercising During Pregnancy

1. Easier Labour due to stronger muscles, increased pain tolerance and stamina

2. Less weight gain

3. Sleep better at night

4. Reduces stretch marks

5. Improves breathing

6. Feel better in general during your pregnancy

7. Recuperate faster after delivery

8. Helps reduce emotional distress and depression

9. Improves posture for fewer aches and pains

10. Improves maternal immune functioning. This helps after the baby is born, through breast feeding.

The first thing to do before starting a prenatal fitness program is to talk to your family doctor/obstetrician for advice and guidance.

Even better, get medically supervised workouts in the comfort off your own home. There are fabulous companies that provides constant support from their trainers, kinesiologists and medical staff for the safest and most effective workout possible. Although these companies are a bit more pricey than the average trainer, the investment is worth every penny.

Stay in shape for the full duration of your pregnancy for these wonderful health benefits and continue your fitness journey after the birth of your new baby.

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