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Getting Ripped Abs With Your Chair

The ab workouts that we will be go through in the later part of this article are very similar to those as compared to gymnastics teams. Therefore, if you are enjoying these ab workouts, you should consider trying out for the local gymnastic team. You can even try them out in the office because all you need is a chair. Firstly, you can do this to train the front of your stomach. At first, press your forearms into the chair and lift your hips from the chair. Keep your knees bent when performing this exercise. Sit in your chair with your back straight and your forearms placed securely on your armrests. Press your forearms into the chairs; contract your stomach muscles as if you are lightening the pressure on your seat.

Office Ab Workouts

Ab workouts takes time and time is one luxury we seriously lack. Not to worry though, there is a way to squeeze some exercise into your day and that way is to simply exercise at your desk. Here is a quick routine that you can do right at your desk. It doesn't take up much time and you could effectively tone your lower and side abs. Firstly, this exercise can train the lower part of your stomach. Make sure that you brace your upper body by grabbing the armrests for balance. Raise your feet an inch off the floor for one second. Sit perfect posture on the front edge of your chair with your back straight and your neck relaxed. Raise your knees toward your chest and then return back to original position.

Ab Workouts For Effective Sides

Strong side abs can add powerful stability to your lower back. Symmetrical development of your abs and lower back is important. An unbalanced ab workout can greatly decrease the flexibility in your abs upper-thigh muscles leading to abnormal posture. Postural problems may increase the chances of injury to your under-developed back. Let us take a look at few ab workouts that tones your side abs effectively without enlarging your waistline. Firstly, you can do this to train the muscles on the side of your stomach. Be sure to twist your upper body in the direction of the knee you are lifting. Your knee doesn't have to contact your elbow, so don't bend over for more than a couple of inches from your waist.

Get Ripped Abs Without Getting Off Your Chair

While getting to gym is not an option for your busy schedule, you can make full use of the time in the office to train your abs without even getting off your chair. Simply follow these two simple and yet effective ab workouts to burn the flab and bring out the ripped abs. Firstly, you can perform this exercise to tone the sides of your stomach from a different angle which you seldom trained. Grab the left armrest with your right hand twist to your left and flex the left side of your stomach for three seconds. Grab the right armrest with your left hand. Twist to your right and flex the side of your stomach for three seconds. Keep your back straight and your neck relaxed.

Get Ripped Abs at the Gym

While training at home and office is fine, training your abs in the gym will get you to the next level. Besides, it's nice to be in the company of like-minded people and get inspired by hard bodies you admire. Let's take a look at this effective exercise that you can make full use of the gym equipments to rip your abs. Firstly, you can do crunches with the resistance bands to train the front abdominal muscles. The added resistance from the bands firm and tone your muscles. Begin in a seated position holding the handles of your resistance bands at neck level. The bands should be attached to the wall behind and above your head. Lean forward from your waist until you reach a 45 degree angle.

Get Ripped Abs With Plank Workouts

Plank workouts are easy to perform yet it can effectively train certain parts of abdominal muscles. You don't need any sophisticated abs equipment, not even resistance bands of any sorts. Let's take a good look at the plank workouts and start doing them now. Firstly, the Front Planks trains all of your stomach muscles and your back. Make sure that you keep your back straight and neck relaxed. Start from your hands and knees and then slowly drop to your forearms and the balls of your feet. Keep your elbows in line with your shoulders. And some people like to clasp their hands together making a triangle, rather than fingertips facing forward. Contract your stomach and back muscles but keep the rest of your body relaxed.

Effective Ab Workouts You Can Do While Watching TV

Doing ab workouts at home also means that you can watch your favourite TV shows or drama while working out. Although many bodybuilders claimed that television is a big distraction, we should make ab workouts more fun and enjoyable so that we will not get bored easily. We will be looking at two ab exercises which you can perform them while watching TV. When you are done with an episode, you might have already completed all your sets without realizing it. Firstly, the Shoulder Bridge trains your abdominal and back muscles. Keep your feet hip-width apart. Your heels should be directly under your knees, you arms to your side. Pull your navel towards your spine and, without arching your back, lift your hips towards the ceiling.

Power Up Your Ab Workouts With Reverse Crunches

If you are getting bored with the crunches and all the other usual ab workouts, there is a big possibility that your body have adapted to the same ab workouts that you have been doing. You should further challenge yourself by add more resistance to your exercises with equipment like resistance bands and weights. Let's take a look at how you can use them to bring your muscles to the next level. Firstly, you can use resistance bands with reverse crunches to train the lower part of your stomach underneath your pooch. Anchor the exercise band securely. Perform ten repetitions with perfect form. Move three seconds in both directions. Lie on your back with your knees bent and the resistance bands anchored to your ankles.

Get Ripped Abs by Raising Your Legs

What has legs got to do with abs? In fact, many ab workouts that can effectively isolate lower abdominal muscle used the weight of your legs as a resistance. We will be looking at two simple ab exercises that you can tone your lower abdominal muscles just by raising your legs. Let's start with the basic Leg Raise. Begin with your legs pointing straight up in the air with your knees slightly bent. Slowly lower your legs towards the floor. To prevent lower back pain, be sure that your lower back is flat to the floor. If you have never done this exercise before, bend your knees at 90 degrees. Find a range of movement that is comfortable, and be sure that your lower back does not come off the floor.

Train Ripped Abs Without Any Abs Machines

Do you ever wonder how actors like Brad Pitt can get in shape so quickly for some of their movies? If you think that they must have joined classy gyms or trained by well-known fitness trainers or used expensive abs machines, I'm sorry to disappoint you. In fact, you only need discipline and the correct ab workouts which we will go into details below to get the well-defined, ripped abs you dreamed of. Firstly, the Butterfly Crunch to train your front abdominal muscles. Although this exercise looks funny, it's awesome for your abs. Lie on your back with your arms crossed over your chest. Place the soles of your feet together as close to your body as possible with your knees bent.

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