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Non-Prescription Color Contact Lenses - Cosmetic Contacts For a Dramatic New Look

Contact lenses have created a whole new look for those who wear glasses. They have allowed those with poor vision to see clearly without having to wear glasses, giving them confidence and raising their self esteem. They were a godsend to millions of people. Recent developments in contact lenses have led wearers to even change their eye color. For those who do not wear glasses, and still want the benefits of color contacts, non prescription color lenses are available to the public. Colored contacts without a prescription can change your whole appearance. You can go from blue eyes to brown to green if you choose. Color contacts are becoming increasingly popular because they can create a dramatic new look for those who want to change their appearance.

Buy Colored Contacts - Buying Discount Contact Lenses Online a Good Idea?

Today colored contacts have become quite popular, for those who need prescription contacts and for those who are just looking for a way to enhance their eye color. Many people are looking for ways to buy colored contacts as they become more popular. While many people believe that they have to have bad eyes to get these contacts, you can actually have perfectly good vision and purchase colored contacts today. However, you still will need to have a prescription so the contacts will be perfectly fitted to your eyes. So, if you are looking for a way to change your eye color and enhance your looks, you may be wondering where you can buy your colored contacts.

Colored Contact Lenses - Ways to Look Beautiful With Color Contacts

One of the big fashion trends that is growing in popularity today is the use of colored contact lenses. These lenses actually change your appearance by changing the colors of your eyes and totally transform the way you look. While you may think that these lenses are a great idea, you may be wondering if they are for you. There are a variety of different types of colored contact lenses available today, and believe it or not, you don't have to have bad eyes to get them. However, make sure that you have an eye doctor determine whether or not your eyes are healthy enough to deal with contact lenses before you try them. Here are a few tips that will help you pick out the right colored contacts for your needs.

Color Contact Lenses - Get New Eye Color and Look Beautiful

If you are trying to find the right color contact lenses for you, there are a variety of great things you need to know. You see, you want to make sure that you find the contacts that are colored in a way that will make you look wonderful. First of all, it is important that you know about the two main types of color contact lenses out there today. There are both enhancement color contacts and opaque color contacts available to you today. The enhancement contacts can make your eyes sparkle, make them appear brighter, and change the hue slightly. They are best for people who have eyes that are light in color. However, the opaque lenses can totally change the color of your eyes, and they are great for people who have darker eyes, such as brown.

Laser Eye Surgery - Feel Young Again With Lasik Vision Correction

Laser Eye Correction Treatment Millions of Canadians are discovering more about laser vision correction procedures and deciding to undergo the treatment. The lure of freedom from contacts and glasses is just one of the many benefits people seek when choosing a laser eye surgery treatment. From Winnipeg to Vancouver to Halifax, consumers have options as to who will provide the surgical operation and what kind of treatment they should opt for. There's much info on technical aspects of laser eye surgical treatments, but it's the human part of these treatments that people aren't too sure of so here's a look at what you'll be experiencing when you have your treatment and the nice results.

Armani and Your Eyes

Sunglasses and eyewear have continued to be fashionable to customers of all ages and backgrounds in the past few years. Designer brands have made their name catering to the vast consumer base of eyewear, and they have also been observed to start fashion trends in terms of sunglasses. Eyewear styles change per season. There is a very stiff competition among fashion design houses to bring out sunglasses that are both fashionable and innovative. Armani is one of the most notable names in the fashion industry, which also produces beautiful lines of eyewear. Giorgio Armani has gained a loyal following in the past years. He is a very famous Italian designer who, surprisingly, first wanted a career in medicine before shifting his career course to fashion.

LASIK - Safer Than Contact Lenses?

It's all over the radio these days a LASIK surgeon touts "some experts believe LASIK is safer than contact lenses". In reality this is a difficult statement to backup properly, given that we are really comparing apples to oranges. Why is this comparison difficult? Comparing LASIK to another refractive surgery procedure, such as PRK, is rather straight forward because the complications are similar for both procedures and the opportunity for complications is essentially nil after the patient is stable, typically 6 months to a year after surgery. A contact lens wearer, on the other hand, has a lower complication rate. When compared to LASIK or PRK contact lens complications are less severe and less frequent, however, a contact lens wearer's potential for complications will last as long as the patient is wearing their lenses, often for decades.

Can-C Cataract Eye Drops Reverse Cataracts in Both People and Canines

Over the last ten years, Dr. Mark Babizhayev and his team of Russian medical researchers have continued to observe the ongoing beneficial effects of this breakthrough cataract eye drop. In clinical trials conducted, it showed that patients instilled with two drops of the 1% N-acetylcarnosine (Can-C ) eye drops twice daily for a period of 6 months showed vast improvement in their pre-existing eye conditions. The effective rate was a reported 100%. These results led to the patent and manufacture of the product providing a long awaited, safe and effective alternative to cataract surgery. How do Can-C eye drops actually reverse cataracts? This eye drop with a proprietary form of N-acetylcarnosine acts as a carrier for the di-peptide, carnosine.

How to Get Rid of Pink Eye

Pink eye (medically known as conjunctivitis) is a medical condition in whihc the conjunctiva (the inner membranes of the eyelid and the outermost layer of the eyes) become inflamed. Pink eye can occur due to several reasons: bacterial or viral infection, exposure to contaminants or chemicals, allergic reaction to something or even chlamydia. The good news is that pink eye isn't really a cause of concern. Some forms of pink eye are highly contagious, but are nothing that a few hygienic practices cannot stem. Because conjunctivitis usually resolves itself after a week or so, heavy medical treatment is not necessary; in some cases, it can actually prolong the condition.

How to Get Rid of Puffy Eyes

Symptoms of Puffy or Swollen Eyes: * Puffiness or swelling of the upper and lower eyelids, usually in the morning. * Occasionally accompanied by itching and/or redness. * Not able to open or close the eyes. 1. Common Causes of Puffy Eyes: * Dehydration. When the body gets dehydrated it begins storing up water, which can cause puffy eyes. * Diet. Drinking alcohol or eating salty foods before going to sleep. Alcohol can cause puffy eyes because it lowers anti-diuretic hormones (ADH) in the body, but the levels will normalize and the puffiness will usually subside at about the same time your hangover subsides. * Insufficient sleep. * Allergies. If your puffy eyes are accompanied by redness and itching, the cause may be associated with an allergy.

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