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Are Sunglasses Necessary?

People buy sunglasses for different reasons. Some do so hoping it will improve their appearance or make them look like a Hollywood movie star. Others wear dark glasses to conceal their identities while a few purchase them simply for fun. The majority of those who invest their money on a pair, however, are not only making a fashion statement. Their main concern nowadays is protection from the harmful rays of the sun. Manufacturers who realize this are not making things easy for the consumer. They offer all kinds of lenses coated with sweet promises to catch the buyer's attention. But does it really matter which brand you buy? Are all sunglasses the same? Do they give the user any protection at all?

Other Risk Factors For Cataracts

While constant exposure to ultraviolet (UV) light is harmful, experts consider this as merely one of the factors in the development of cataracts along with heredity, malnutrition, injury, certain diseases, and the use of steroids. Two other groups at risk for UV damage are those who've had cataract operations and. those taking certain medicines that increase their sensitivity to sunlight. In a cataract operation, the cloudy lens is removed, leaving the retina extremely vulnerable to UV radiation. But if the diseased lens is replaced with an intraocular lens implant which blocks UV, there's no need to worry. Photosensitivity is likely to occur in some people taking anticancer drugs, water pills, tranquilizers, antidepressants, antihistamines, birth control pills, Retin-A, anti-diabetic or high blood pressure medications, and topical antiseptic creams.

Lasik Eye Surgery Cost - Are Lasik Prices a Scam?

Determining Lasik eye surgery cost is difficult when you're doing your due diligence and looking for the most affordable option because there doesn't appear to be a universal standard cost across the board. Really, the only standard among Lasik centers is quoting per eye. The problem with determining average cost stems from several factors including the attractive specials often advertised; some quoting Lasik per eye at just a few hundred dollars. If you're considering these then be sure to read the fine print and find out for sure if you really will qualify for Lasik at the cheap price. The truth is, Lasik eye surgery cost usually balloons out to more realistic levels by the time pre-screening has been completed.

Laser Eye Surgery Orange County Q A

Anyone thinking of having a laser eye surgery Orange County procedure will naturally have many questions. With any kind of surgery there is always an unknown, and by answering some of the more common questions, people are able to feel more confident in a laser eye surgery. One of the main questions people always have about a laser eye procedure is, "How risky is it?" Risk is a very important factor to consider when it comes to your health and the truth is that with laser eye surgery, it is usually extremely low (below 1%). This is mainly because of how accurate and precise lasers are. Any complications that may occur will usually arise because the patient was not screened properly to see that they meet the health requirements to ensure the surgery's success.

How Safe Is Lasik Eye Surgery In The Elderly Years?

It's a pretty well-established fact that most people experience a decline in the quality of their vision when they hit their forties. And, with a very large population of baby boomers now in their forties and above, the demand for corrective eye surgery to help improve these common vision problems has been on the rise. But many senior citizens question if it is worth it to have Lasik eye surgery in their later years. The answer, according to experienced ophthalmologists and laser eye surgeons, is that people are eligible for it at just about any stage of life. Those experiencing problems with their eyesight can enjoy improvement with correction laser vision surgery.

How Risky Is Laser Eye Surgery?

Risk is one of the main factors that people look at when they are considering any kind of surgical procedure. Laser eye surgery Orange County Doctors make a concerned effort to inform people about the risks involved with corrective eye surgery and they ensure that every possible measure is taken to minimize any potential risks. Is there risk in getting laser eye surgery? Sure. There is risk in any surgery, but with a laser eye corrective procedure, they are far lower compared to normal risks associated with other kinds of surgeries. The reason for this is because of the screening process doctors, especially laser eye surgery Orange County doctors, will put their patients through before they will perform the surgery.

Computer Eye Strain And Why Should You Care For It

When you sit in front of you computer screen for a long time, you stretch your eyes and may suffer from various problems. These strains and problems are called as computer eye strain. As your body feels stress after a heavy workday, your eyes also feel strain after looking at a computer screen for hours together. Computer eye strains may be of different types and you may experience different problems. Though basically people experience the same Computer eye strains, but you may also experience something very specific. Some of the strains that may show up after a whole day staring at the computer screen are pain in the eye, blurry eyes, dry eyes, headache, false near sight (pseudomyopia).

The Technical Specifics Of Computer Eye Strain

If you are working for a long time in front of your computer, you get computer eye strain. Computer eye strains are of different types While working in front of computer, you do not blink. This happens to everybody. Your focusing system is locked on the computer screen. When you blink you need to refocus your vision. So, while working on the computers, you tend not to blink. You probably know what happens when you do not blink for a long time. Your eye start burning and it becomes watery. This causes dryness in your eyes and your eyes dry out. So actually not blinking enough makes your eyes to dry out. When you blink you produce tears in your eyes. In the upper lid of your eyes there is a lacrimal sac with horn muscles.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome For The Eyes

Carpel Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) is one of the many repetitive stress injuries that happen in case of computer users. In CTS, you face problems in your wrist. Carpel tunnel is a narrow passageway found in your wrist. In this passageway, you will find the median nerve and nine tendons, which offers you the ability to feel. When you continuously type in computers for a long time, your carpel tunnel tandons swell and compress therby causing damage to the median nerve. This condition is known as carpel tunnel syndrome. Signs and Symptoms of CTS Heavy pain in the wrist Heavy pain in the forearm Sometime pain in your shoulder and neck Fingers and hands may look swollen Fingers feel numb You may find grasping of item very hard Sensitivity to heat and cold may be absent in hands CTS as its impact on different fields.

ICL Surgery, The Clear Alternative To LASIK

700, 000! What does that number mean to you?? To an American LASIK surgeon in Michigan, it is the number of LASIK surgeries done in the USA every year. But not everyone can have LASIK... and not everyone WANTS LASIK surgery. So what can a person do to reduce or eliminate their dependence on glasses. Enter the permanent contact lens, also called the implantable contact lens. Made by Staar, the ICL is a tiny, soft lens that is inserted in the eye to correct nearsightedness. It is intended to be permanent, but may be removed at any time if a change is needed. There are definite advantages to this lens. It is soft, tiny and removable. Contrast this to LASIK where a permanent change is made to the eye.

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