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Lasik Eye Surgery Basics

Deciding whether you want to undergo LASIK eye surgery is a very important decision. An even more important part of the process is deciding which lasik eye surgeon you want to have perform your laser eye surgery. Why must you do your research about LASIK surgery? Quite simply, if you are going to allow a surgeon to touch you eye with an ultraviolet laser, I think that this requires some thought. So as a good first step in your journey to learn about laser eye surgery, here are the basics that you need to understand. LASIK stnads for Laser In-Situ Keratomileusis. This LASIK vision correction can help people to fix astigmatism, to correct farsightedness, or to correct nearsightedness.

Is Your Eye Doctor Really A Doctor?

There are many types of eye care professionals, and most people assume that they are all about the same. Only ophthalmologists are actually medical doctors, trained and licensed to provide you with the full range of vision care, including eye surgery. Optician An optician can fit you for eyeglasses and sometimes contact lenses. They do not prescribe your corrective lenses, but help you choose frames and make sure the lenses fit properly in the frames. Some opticians actually mill the lenses, and some evaluate and measure your eyes to fit contact lenses. Optometrist Optometrists have a doctorate degree in optometry, but they are not medical doctors. They specialize solely in vision and the eyes, but are not trained to understand whole body health to the extent that ophthalmologists are.

Cosmetic Colored Contacts - Special Effects Lenses

People are forever changing and with that change, some go to great lengths to change themselves physically as well as spiritually. Going on a diet, taking up a hobby, starting a health kick are all changes that everyday people are constantly making and now they can even change the color of their eyes with the use of cosmetic colored contacts. Cosmetic colored contacts are not reserved for those that have problems with their sight but are made to appeal the masses. They come in a wide variety of colors and many different styles that is sure to please even the fussiest of buyers. If you worked in the movie or theater industry, chances are that you would have been in contact with cosmetic colored contacts at one point or another.

Lasik Eye Surgery - Finding The Right Surgeon

Improving your eyesight has become very popular in recent years, and following that, Orange County Lasik eye surgery is quickly turning into many residents' choice of medical procedure they are going for in priorities. Eyesight problems like astigmatism and myopia have been increasingly common among individuals with the increase in usage of televisions and computers. With the advent of Lasik, these medical problems can quickly become a thing of the past. However, one factor that has limited the take on rate of Lasik eye surgery in Orange County has been the cost of such a procedure. Having Lasik performed on your eyes does not come cheap in general for most people, as it could set a person back an amount from $500 to $2000 per eye.

Oh My Eyes Hurt From Chronic Dry Eyes

Chronic dry eye problem is caused, when tears produced by the eyes are insufficient to moisturize and protect the eyes. There are some environmental factors, which are responsible for chronic dry eyes problems such as weather, pollution and dust. When people suffer from chronic dry eyes problems, they experience problems such as continuous irritation in eyes, inflammation and a feeling of pricking in eyes. Severe dry eyes problem is one of the most frequent difficulties faced by many people who are working on a computer. The most common symptoms of this problem is burning, itching, irritation, redness, blurred vision that improves with blinking, excessive tearing and increasing discomfort after periods of reading, watching TV, or working on a computer.

Lasik Surgery Benefits - What Lasik Can Do For You

First of all, before you get the proper Lasik procedure done to you by a qualified physician, you need to make sure that Lasik surgery is a proper procedure for you. If you do indeed have a qualified physician then this step in the process is null and void. He or she will be the one to tell you if you fall into the category of people whom Lasik eye surgery will help. If problems with your eyesight are severe, then Lasik will not help you. The procedure is designed to help those who need minor corrective vision. In the Lasik surgery operation, a thin flap is cut from the surface of the cornea but is left partially connected to the eye. The cornea is folded back to expose the layer of tissue beneath it.

Laser Eye Surgery - How Does Laser Eye Surgery Work?

Have your spent years wearing glasses or contact lenses? Do you dream of never having to wear you glasses? Even if you do not need to wear glasses all the time but your vision is not 20/20 perfect you may be interested in the medical procedure known as laser eye surgery and how it works. How Does Laser Eye Surgery Work? Laser eye surgery is preformed by a medical doctor as an outpatient procedure. Overall you can expect to spend about an hour having the procedure done but be warned, you will not be able to drive yourself home. Normally a person only receives a local anesthetic for the surgery because it is over so quickly anything else would be overkill. You will have to wear an eye patch or sunglasses for about 24 hours and for a while reading may give you headaches but in one day or two you will have 20/20 vision again.

Acuvue Bifocal Contact Lens - See Clearly At All Distances

Did you want to see clearly at all distances? Get rid of bulky eye glasses and awkward frames? Get relief from eye strain, eye fatigue and headaches? Acuvue bifocal contact lenses are the answer to these problems and much more. Let's take a look at the benefits and what these contact lenses can do for you. Who should wear Acuvue Bifocal Contacts? - If you suffer from presbyopia (the inability to focus on close objects) - Reading glasses are not just convenient in some situations, with acuvue bifocal contacts just put them in and forget about it - Does your lifestyle or occupation require you to combine close and distant work? These lenses would be perfect for teachers, artists, photographers or those golfers among us - Once you get into your forties, you will eventually develop presbyopia.

Facing a Corneal Transplant

Corneal Transplants are some of the most common transplants in the United States. There are annually over 40, 000 transplants being preformed around the US. Over 90% of all transplants preformed are successful and after the procedure sight is restored. The Medical term for corneal transplants is Keratoplasty. There are many reasons why one would need a corneal transplant the two most common reasons are below: Keratoconus Fuchs Dystrophy These can cause cloudiness in the cornea often alters the natural curvatures of the cornea. They also reduce the quality of vision. In addition to these medical conditions these are a few other reasons for corneal transplants: Trauma Chemical Burns Bacteria Fungi and Protozoa Often local anesthesia is used during this procedure.

Laser Eye Surgery - Orange County

Having a corrective eye surgery procedure is something that many people are not too sure about. They are usually unsure about it because they are either not familiar with the procedure, and or they don't know how to find a good doctor to perform the surgery. Laser eye surgery Orange County doctors do a good job of helping people feel comfortable and confident with this procedure. In Orange County there are many good eye surgeons that people can choose from. You don't have to live in Orange County to have the laser eye surgery Orange County experience. In fact, there are some people that have such great confidence in the doctors that practice there that they will fly from wherever they live to have their procedure done in Orange County.

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