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The Merit Elliptical Trainer For Quality Cardiovascular Workout

The growing popularity of elliptical trainer machines indicates that more and more people seek a healthier lifestyle. However, not all can afford or have the time to go to health clubs or gyms. This brought about the production of elliptical trainers which makes possible quality non-impact cardiovascular workouts at home. The Merit Elliptical Trainer is the answer to the quality and cost concerns of people who would like to get a good cardiovascular workout.

The Merit elliptical trainer is the most affordable elliptical which can provide excellent quality workout for both upper and lower body. It is manufactured by Johnson Health Tech, one of the largest fitness equipment manufacturers in the world. Thus, the machine's design and engineering are superior and reliable. The Merit elliptical trainer aims to improve cardiovascular health which translates to overall improved endurance and strength. A healthier you can be achieved even at your own homes.

Merit Fitness, which is part of Johnson Health Tech, assures users that they can get complete cardiovascular training with the Merit elliptical trainer without too much pressure on the joints. It provides handle-levers linked to pedals allowing for simultaneous workout of the arms and legs. It enables the user to simulate walking, running, stepping and cycling while not experiencing impact on the feet, knees, back and hips. It also has a weight capacity of up to 275 pounds.

Users of the Merit elliptical trainer enjoy smooth machine performance. Its design includes a computer console with LCD monitor to keep track of time, distance, speed and calories burned. Plus, it has a thumb pulse EKG monitor. So easy to use, it is sturdy and durable. Merit Fitness makes sure that their elliptical machines go through thorough testing and quality inspection.

The features of the Merit elliptical trainer also include the option to be able to select the difficulty level of the workout. It is therefore compatible with all age groups who have different fitness needs. Furthermore, the machine is safe to use while watching television, reading a magazine or just listening to music in the confines and privacy of your own home.


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