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Choosing a Crystal For the Heart Chakra

All crystals are magical when you think about it. Magic can be defined as being part of any natural wonder of the Earth. The entire Earth is made up of one third quartz, and quartz is basically fossilized water, it is only natural that they would hold a magical drawing to humans who are made up of 98% water. A crystal has a magnetic field of vibrational energy. That energy can subtly change the electromagnetic field within our physical bodies when laid upon a person.

Using Chrysoprase as a healing crystal can provide a soothing feeling to a lonely and broken heart. The green chrysoprase crystal is associated with the heart chakra. It is especially important when using a crystal for healing, that the crystal be cleansed and charged before you use it.

This crystal, being associated with the heart chakra, can provide a link to foster emotional balance within a person by laying their trust in the Goddess. When that trust is built upon it allows a person to learn to go with the ebb and flow of life. This allows for change to come without the overwhelming fear.

The heart is the center of the higher self. It offers access to our creativity and astral body. This area works with the connection of self with that around the universe. The crystals that work with the heart chakra are extremely important as it is connecting you with your mental spirit; therefore, it is recommended that the crystal be cleared for a longer period before charging it. Preferably clearing is done with sea salt; both dry and water sea salt will work. However, it is my personal preference to cleanse any crystal with pure dry sea salt.

Although, it is most well known for its use with a broken heart, when facing emotional grief or trauma of any sort, chrysoprase can enclose the heart chakra giving it peace and strength to heal and have the courage to face the many difficulties that can come in life.

To use the crystal and obtain the best results, place the crystal on your heart chakra will laying down and focus meditation upon the crystal, thanking it for helping you become balanced emotionally and giving you the strength and courage to face whatever change is happening.


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