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Training in Reflexology

Training in reflexology may be the ideal choice for those students seeking an innovative and natural healing arts education that can be completed in roughly six to eight* weeks. (Programs may vary in length.) Depending on the training in reflexology you elect to pursue, know that typical instruction includes introduction, theory, and history of reflexology; basic anatomy and physiology, reflexology application and techniques, business management, and CPR/first aid, among other studies. Overview Training in reflexology involves demonstrating and applying learned techniques of the healing art. Also known as "zone therapy, " reflexology addresses specific zones of the feet, hands, and ears.

Ayurvedic Healing Through Stone Massage And Earth Elements

Done with compassion and love, external snehana promotes a softening of the impurities and the release of negative emotions embedded deep in the body's cellular structure. If the massage strokes are done properly and focused towards one or more of the five terminal ends of the body, then terminal clearance can be achieved. Another form of Ayurvedic massage is shila abyhanga. In Sanskrit, shila means stone, abhy means to rub and anga means limb. Together, they form the word for stone massage. Heated stone massage is a form of thermotherapy, otherwise known as a form of swedhana, one of the modalities used during pancha karma - the internal and external rejuvenation and detoxification of the body, mind and spirit.

Five Powerful Strategies For Turning Your Healing Arts Practice Into A Thriving Business

5 Powerful strategies for turning your Healing Arts practice into a thriving Business. Do you have a gift in the Healing Arts? Do you want to make a thriving business using your gifts as a healer? Strategy # 1 for a thriving Healing Arts Business: Identify you life purpose. What are your unique gifts and abilities? Strategy # 2 for a thriving Healing Arts Business: Discover the power of quality collaboration. Make alliances. Seek support. Are you a solo practitioner? Are you a lone wolf trying to attract clients from within your den? Strategy # 3 for a thriving Healing Arts Business: Practice the art of being and staying in balance. All you all work and no play, or the other way around?

Traditional Healing From Nontraditional Methods

Since the very beginning of the human race there have been healers. Throughout the centuries every culture around the world has formulated its own form of medicine and practices to cure the ills of its people. Traditional Chinese Medicine for example, focuses not on specific physical body parts, but instead on the purpose and function of those parts. Many people hold to the belief that these time-honored and indigenous practices have no place in a modern society with its technological advancements and scientific breakthroughs. The simple fact remains though, that a large percentage of people around the world have no access to modern medicine. They rely solely on ancient healing techniques to keep themselves and their families healthy.

Visualize to Manifest Healing

I have used this visualization with many cancer patients over the years. Everyone has a different experience with it but my experience is that most people are able to access this place. I suggest that you visualize yourself traveling to an inner healing temple. Whether you believe that these places exist or not, really doesn't matter. It's an exercise and a powerful and effective one. In this inner healing temple there are many different healing masters. Those who are most able to help you will come to your assistance. Illness is not something to get rid of. It's our greatest teacher. Healing is not about curing, it's about allowing ourselves to grow spiritually.

Thetahealing - Is It Right For You?

Like chess, it is easy to learn the rules of ThetaHealing yet takes diligent practice to really master the skill. ThetaHealing is often described as an attainable life-altering miracle. It is a method of supercharged meditation and prayer that teaches you how to utilize the fundamental creative life energy of the universe to change limiting conscious and subconscious beliefs, to read what is going on inside the human body, to perform physical and emotional healings, to download teachings about anything, and to manifest anything you wish in your life. It is an incredibly powerful, easy to learn, and versatile modality-the Swiss army knife of all healing methods.

Health Claims For Bio-Magnetic Therapy

The medical applications of magnetism are no longer just relegated to such things as high tech diagnostic devices, like the MRI, and magnetic dental implants. The health claims attributed to magnets have many people donning magnetic jewelry, "sports magnets" and other forms of "bio-magnets." Some studies have indicated that bio-magnetic therapy may provide an alternative form of therapy for injuries. There has recently been a resurgence of interest in using the basic principles of magnetism to treat pain and discomfort. Various athletes wear flexible coated magnets in lumbar supports, in knee braces, wrist bands, elbow supports, ankle supports, sewn into clothing or in their shoes.

The Healing Arts Make a Happier and Healthier Human

Many folks are confused as to what the healing arts include. Oh sure, they can name a few like acupuncture, massage, and perhaps one or two other holistic type, shamanistic things. But often to most the healing arts seem mysterious and a little like magic. Well, I suppose taken to the extreme, it makes sense that some practitioners and patients do cross that realm often enough. Yet, the healing arts work, because they work with the body and not against it. You see, the human body is an organic engineering marvel, there is no doubt about it. Your body can do things that are simply incredible. There is much more to the healing arts than meets the eye, as the healing arts motivate all your sense and go deep into the psyche and the work at the cell level.

An Overview Of Energy Therapies

Energy techniques, sometimes known as meridian therapies or energy psychology, are simple but very effective way of dealing with high intensity emotions. Imagine your emotional wellbeing as a stream, the water gently flowing round your body. Every time something happens that upsets you it's like throwing a pebble in the stream and the water now has to flow round the pebble. The more arguments, stressful events, unhappiness or anxiety you experience, the more pebbles end up in the stream. Eventually, the stream becomes turbulent as it tries to make its way over, through and around all the pebbles, wasting a lot of energy along the way. If you use energy techniques on all those stressful events and emotions it is like taking the pebbles out one by one until the stream can flow smoothly again.

The Easiest Way To Start Using Alternative Medicine Healing

The first step is knowing what you are trying to heal. Alternative medicine healing can be used to heal internal & external health issues, regardless of how mild or severe the health issue is. Natural remedies will in most cases bring about a full recovery, but it is guaranteed that if it doesn't heal you 100% it will at least make you feel a lot better. The second step is finding out which remedy healing you can use to bring about healing. This is the only part of the natural healing process that can be difficult. It is difficult because there are so many resources available and it is hard to just find one book that has everything you want without all the "filler.

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