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The Truth About Benefits of Natural Healing

All natural remedies are really just an expression for a much larger list of natural holistic healing cures. When people refer to all natural remedies they really are talking about Acupressure, Reflexology, Home Remedies, Homeopathic Medicine, Aromatherapy, Essential Oils, Magnet Therapy, Healing Crystals, Acupuncture, Healing Herbs and Iridology. Any one or all of these types of organic healing can be considered "all natural remedies." O.K... So... All the natural healing methods listed above are really good ways to heal yourself. That being said the not so shocking truth about the great benefits of all natural healing is that they work and quite easily too.

My Fascination With Emu Oil Products

My love affair with emu oil products started out through a fascination I have with tattoos. I started researching different ways to care for new tattoos and somewhere I had picked up the connection between emu oil and tattoos. I started researching emu oil and became fascinated with all I was finding out about it. I couldn't believe what I was reading. It all seemed too good to be true. Could this oil from this flightless bird from Australia really do all they were saying that it could? I had to find out. I found one manufacturer that wanted over a hundred dollars for an emu oil concoction for the face to prevent wrinkles. This was not what I was looking for.

Reflexology - The Anecdote for Lower Back Pain?

For Americans, back pain is one of the leading causes of health distress. According to the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS), Americans spend about $50 billion annually to treat lower back pain. Though there are common OTC medicines from which one might choose to treat this common ailment, consider this -- a recent study on reflexology shows promise to help in healing this painful condition. What is reflexology and how can it help treat back pain? Reflexology is an ancient healing art that is both energy medicine and bodywork. Founded on the belief that specific "reflex areas" on the souls of the feet, palms of the hands and ears correspond to specific areas and organs of the body;

Careers in Healing Arts

There are many exciting training opportunities for careers in healing arts today. Prospective students can explore natural healing careers in massage therapy, herbal medicine, holistic health, reflexology, naturopathy and chiropractic, among others. Careers in healing arts like massage therapy can be achieved through any one of the many available bodywork training programs. Depending on the course in which you enroll, you can anticipate between 300 and 1, 000 instructional hours in massage therapy. Commonly taught modalities include deep tissue massage, sports massage and Swedish massage. Additional studies frequently involve anatomy, pathology, physiology, CPR and first aid, kinesiology, hydrotherapy, reflexology, and more.

Just for the Zen of It - Integrating Oriental Medicine and Western Medicine

I've always had a penchant for the Orient ever since my days of adolescence when my beloved grandmother, an antique collector, presented to me a unique glass paperweight containing the image of a mandarin official. I was captivated by this noble, but cryptic figure, in full robes from half way around the globe! From then on, I was hooked on the mysterious Far East. My interest grew over the years as I studied various oriental cultures, including their philosophies, martial arts and healing arts. All oriental medicine is rooted in the ancient concept of Yin and Yang, most often represented by two rain drop, or fish-like, shapes that form a circle. These two opposing and cyclic forces are regulated by the flow of "Chi" (Ki, Qi, Prana) or vital energy though the body along specific meridians.

Common Herbs Used in Wiccan Rituals

Since the dawn of man, humans have looked to their natural surroundings for food, shelter and medicinal treatment. Wiccans step this one step further by utilizing the powers inherent in herbs, crystals and stones for use in magic spells and divination rituals. Here is a list of herbs commonly used in the practice of Wicca. Angelica root: Traditionally used in Chinese medicine for the blood, this herb is used in magic to build creative feminine energy. It is aromatic and can be used to flavor a drink. Balm of Gilead Buds: The resin from these buds (extracted by letting them soak in olive oil for a couple of weeks) can be used in matters of necromancy, divination and concentration.

Essential Oils - Goldenrod - The Name Means to Make Whole

Goldenrod (Solidago Canadensis) is in the daisy family of botanical plants. The essential oil is obtained by steam distillation of the flowering tops. Most people find this a hay-fever producing plant more a pest than a help but read on to find that it has some great healing properties. The same goldenrod that causes autumn allergies for millions has been used for centuries as an herbal medication by millions more. The botanical name Solidago comes from the Latin term solidare, to make whole. The plant grows 2 to 3 feet high, with alternating leaves and panicles of golden flowers on top. A little history-during the Boston Tea Party, colonist drank goldenrod tea instead of English tea which gave it the nick-name "Liberty Tea.

Essential Oils - Blue Mallee - Traditionally Used Like Eucalpytus Globulus

Blue Mallee or (Eucalyptus polybractea) is another eucalyptus in the myrtle family of botanical plants that comes from Australia. We get this oil from steam distillation of the leaves. Traditionally Eucalyptus polybractea is used in the same way as Eucalpytus Globulus. The Australian aborigines used the disinfecting leaves to cover wounds. The leaves and the oil were used especially for respiratory ailment such as bronchitis and croup and the dried leaves were smoked like tobacco for asthma. How Can We Use Eucalyptus polybractea to Help Us Today? This eucalyptus has antiviral, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, expectorant, mucolytic and insect repellent properties.

Essential Oils - Blue Gum - The Best Medicinal Eucalyptus Available

Blue Gum (Eucalyptus globulus) is the strongest and the most common form of medicinal eucalyptus available. Normally this oil is rectified (redistilled) before use because of one component- isovalraldehyde which could trigger a strong coughing reflex. We get the oil from steam distillation of the leaves. This is a beautiful tall evergreen tree that grows up to 300 feet in height. The young trees have bluish-green oval leaves while the mature trees develop long, narrow, yellowish leaves, creamy-white flowers and a smooth, pale grey bark often covered with a white powder. Traditionally for centuries, Australian aborigines used the disinfecting leaves to cover wounds.

Spiritual Healing

What is Healing? Healing is a natural process that every human being is going through. Every single human being is healing himself in some ways during his life. Some people are aware of the healing they are making in their lives, while others are not aware at all. However, life is always directing us and testing our development. Just look at yourself few years ago, and you would notice how much you have learned. Notice also that you haven't learned so easily, but this is the nature of learning. We learn through our mistakes. We learn after we experience the uncomfortable. And one specific way we experience the uncomfortable is through disease. Disease is a tool of life to make us learn a certain lesson.

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