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Canada: Making the most of solar cells!

As a renewable energy source, the sun"s infinite supply of rays is second to none. Solar cells are designed to capture solar energy and transform it into other forms of power such as electricity. Like so many other forms of alternative energy, Canada is taking strides to claim a perch near the top in the solar cell industry. Solar cells operate via the photovoltaic effect. Voltage is created when electrons are transferred from one material to another. When this transfer occurs, voltage is built up between two electrodes. As photons in sunlight strike solar cells, materials such as silicon absorb them and electrons are freed from the material. This flow of electrons creates electricity.

Existence Eyesight

Treewords in the sap current of forest talk. Birdsong and wing phrases of avianspeak. Wolf-tongue eloquence. Floral linguistics. Rustling leaf poetry. Watery oratory of riverflow and oceanwash. These lines are drawn from an entry in Earth Vision, a travelogue of spiritual ecology, a work begun in 1987 and completed in 2007. Currently in e-book form, The EV travelogue visits 70 sites across North America with artistic photographs and poetic prose. The Earth Vision project went on to produce five books with a theme of spiritual ecology, as well as ongoing treatments of current environmental issues, in the form of articles. In 2008, Insight21 was launched, a sister project to Earth Vision.

The Spiritual Ecology of the Boreal Forest

Reporting on the spiritual ecology of any given arena of nature becomes a fairly daunting ambition. Consider, for example, the starscape of a boreal night, or the endless conifer forest, or the billions of songbirds celebrating residence through the light-steeped boreal summer. Any of these aspects, while enticing on a journalistic level, wordlessly fill the soul with an experience that transcends estimation. And the depth and intricacy of nature reflects the nature-human interweave. Boreal terrain typically has acidic, shallow soil over rocky shield, interspersed with rich peat bogs and permafrost - a landscape that underlies a high level of genetic diversity.

Why the Bees are Dying

A report from Earth Vision, The EV project - taking nature to a new level by Josef Graf From the perspective of spiritual ecology, some of the suspected causes merely stand in the foreground of the disappearing honeybees - EMF radiation; GM crops; and diseases and pests - while artificial incursions of modern bee-keeping on overall hive ecology are recognized to prevail at the root of the issue. Varroa, an old story retold Diseases and parasites, such as the invading Eurasian varroa mite, when looked at in the same light as other modern agricultural issues, actually presents itself as a red herring for anyone in pursuit of the central cause of bee decimation.

Fall Gardening

Several gardeners don't even consider fall gardening because of the wintertime frosts that may cause an early appearance. Contrarily, fall gardening will upshot in superior vegetables and will hold out crops long after spring planted plants are ended. Vegetables raised from fall gardening are some of the times fresher and milder than those raise in the summer and provide a new taste to the same old vegetables. What you prefer to produce during you fall gardening will depend on your free place and what you wish to eat, just as though spring plants. Even the crops that love the heat, such as tomatoes, sweet potatoes, okra, and peppers, will develop until frosts hit, which may be be pretty late in the year in southern areas.

Credit Edict is on Your Side

Credit Law is on the Side of the Borrower Whose Side is the Law On? Many people assume that credit bureaus are government-supported organizations that are backed by a whole lot of laws designed to protect creditors. Well, it may surprise you to learn that this assumption couldnā t be further from the truth. Apart from the government simply recognizing the need for credit reporting, credit bureaus have absolutely nothing to do with the government. Instead, credit bureaus are just huge bureaucratic business companies that exist to make a profit by selling information about you. And you may be surprised to learn that they donā t bother to verify the information they sell about you.

Preparation For A Tornado

From March to May of every year, the southern states are occasionally plagued by disastrous weather phenomenon known as tornadoes. For northern states, the risk comes during spring to the onset of summer. Tornadoes are considered as storms. And you know that no storm is not violent. The dangers caused by tornadoes are not due to the gustiness of the winds but by sudden and unanticipated occurrence. Unlike hurricanes, which are comparatively more powerful, the onset of a tornado can not be easily tracked. Satellite weather systems can not easily spot them because of their sudden development and their relatively smaller scale. Thus, people can only tell that there is a tornado when they actually see one.

How To Survive A Tsunami

Tsunamis used to be the stuff of movies and until it's devastation in Asia, most people didn't think it was possible for tsunamis to occur in that magnitude. With that realization, people have become aware of the risk and possible consequences of this natural calamity. What is a tsunami? Tsunamis are not caused by strong winds but by tectonic displacements (earthquakes, volcano eruptions, landslides) that occur on the seafloor. Earthquakes that produce tsunamis are those that reach 6.5 or more on the Richter scale. The average speed of the waves is 300 mph and can last from 5 minutes to an hour. In open sea, tsunamis usually go unnoticed, having amplitudes of just 1 meter or even less.

Preparing For An Emergency Volcano Eruption

Volcanoes are truly fascinating features of nature. Most often, they are adored for beauty and wonder, like the perfectly structured cone of the Mayon Volcano in the Philippines and the monstrosity of Mt. Fiji in Japan. Volcanoes are almost like beautiful mountains except for they become disastrous. Volcanoes are also mountains, but they are different in sense that the geothermal activity within them are active and are occasionally subject to destructive processes. There are two kinds of volcanoes. One is dormant and inactive. Such volcanoes are like normal mountain and do not erupt. The other type id the destructive of the active volcanoes, which occasionally erupt.

Your Garage Door And Hurricane

Often being the largest opening on most homes, the garage door is usually the most vulnerable to failure under high wind pressure such as hurricanes, tornadoes and storms in general. The pressure of the wind can destroy the garage doors during a storm that allows water and wind to enter the house. This can cause significant damage to furniture, electronic equipment, the contents in general as well as the house's structure. The garage door is often overlooked when strengthening the structure against high winds. Massive building failures and strong winds have convinced storm-prone communities that residents must be prepared to employ active or passive reinforcement systems for their garage doors.

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