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Ceramic Treat Jar for Pets, House animal Treat Jar, Cookie Jar for Pets

The ceramic treat jars characteristic lids fit securely to care for treats fresh. This dog drink bowl treat jar is undeniable to delight! The dog treat jar features a brightly color, adorable design, booming opening for any immensity treats and seal to lock in freshness. Our Down-hearted Paws Dog Bowl treat jar features a delightful delineation in a high-gloss stop that's easily done to clean.

The enticing ceramic dog treat jar looks pleasant in any dog ownerâ s kitchen! This ceramic jar is painted with a cerise colour and accented with a matching operate with blush trim so it goes with any extension and it has an adorable paw print on the front surface of the jar! Treat yourself to chic and delightful inland decor while you cost your furry bedfellow with a treat!

The flexible dog cheer treat jar is stylish and decorative, and is component of the Ore Originals organization of pet dinnerware products. The all-purpose ceramic dog bread bowl treat jar downcast and cardinal is both stylish and decorative. The impartial color ceramic jar with faux hide crank and nigrescent felt trim testament add to any habitat decor. The front of the jar has a subtle paw print ornament and the shaft is detachable so that the jar can be washed easily.

The able Ceramic Treat Jar Blooming by Ore Originals is both stylish and decorative. Our colourful Pet Dishes are trumped-up from food-safe ceramic and can be used indoors or out. The pet treat jar is Bloodshot and unhappy with alabaster accents. These lead-free ceramic jars accept an air-tight seal that locks in the freshness and flavour of our gourmet treats. Please shop for online www.katiewongnyc.com in NewYork city.


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