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Yorkie Dogs: Exciting Small Dog Breeds

The Yorkshire terrier, more popularly known as Yorkie Dogs, belongs to the small dog breeds. They possess long and attractive silk coat which is advisable to be well-kept by brushing on a regular basis. Likewise, other sensitive part of this dog such as the teeth must also be brushed regularly if possible. Pet owners should know that when taking care of the terriers, they must have great amount of patience and attention and care to give.

Like many small dog breeds, the yorkie dogs need not be fed beyond that they need to take in. Overfeeding of terriers will often result in possible digestive conditions which can endanger its overall health. There are many excellent quality food products that can be bought for your pet dog; this assures youâ re your yorkie dogs will be getting their necessary nutrients and vitamins. Of course, it is a must that fresh water is always available for your dog to drink.

The Yorkshire terrier is belongs to adventurous and intelligent small dog breeds. They are very lovable and loyal to his master and the people around it, albeit at times it can be demanding when it comes to the attention that his master and the people around shower him. And while the yorkie dogs are very amiable, they can become irritated in the slightest provocation. It can be said that this tiny dog is very brave and will not hesitate to face possible danger when he encounters it.

As already mentioned, yorkie dogs gets along quite well with humans, however they are only comfortable in the presence of people that they already know. They display hostile behavior with total strangers and even other animals and house pets. These small breed of dogs might be temperamental and oftentimes hostile to others, nonetheless, they only have so much affection and loyalty to their masters.

With this dog a rather aggressive and seemingly menacing behavior, you might think that the Yorkshire terrier is not trainable. On the contrary, this small dog breeds are very trainable; they can easily absorb the training that is given them. Still, with their cute stubbornness as the terrierâ s trademark, you must have unyielding character as well as a wealth of determination in order to successfully train your yorkie dogs.

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