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What Puppy Mills Do

You may have heard the words "puppy mills" on the news, or seen reports of them on the internet. These reports are often just a few seconds mentioning another puppy mill under investigation. These reports do not often give the whole story of what goes on in a puppy mill.

Humane societies, animal rights groups, and other concerned citizens are constantly investigating puppy mills. They seek to educate the public about them and garner support for more aggressive action against them. They see the horrors that go on behind the doors of puppy mill operations.

Puppy mills are operations whereby purebred puppies are bred in great quantity. These breeding facilities are designed to produce the greatest number of puppies possible, for size of the operation, and get them out to pet retailers as fast as possible.

These puppy mills supply pet stores and online pet retailers. Many people buy their dogs from places that say they do not buy from puppy mills, when in actuality they do. That's why buying from a quality breeder or adapting a pet from an animal shelter is a safer route for purchasing a pet.

A puppy mill is usually an overcrowded facility. Often dogs spend their entire lives in a cage, or from cage to cage. They rarely, if ever see the outdoors. They also get little or no exercise during their daily existence. They are solely used for breeding purposes and when they are no longer suitable as breeders they are usually killed. If they are not killed, they are abandoned or sold to another puppy mill that feels they can get more days of use out of them. Once in their new environment they are subject to the same abuse.

Puppy mills are breeding grounds for not only puppies but disease as well. There are many puppy mills that are dirty, unkempt, and overcrowded places, that rarely see a visit from a veterinarian. These conditions, because they are so unhygienic, cause diseases and infections to spread amongst the dog population. It is for reasons such as this that humane societies and other groups are working hard to have these puppy mills outlawed in North America.

Puppy mills also over-breed, which produces puppies with health and behavioral problems. The breeding dogs are also under great stress health-wise as all they do is eat, sleep, and breed in an endless routine. They are made to do this until they are physically incapable of doing so anymore. Add to that the fact that the food in puppy mills is of poor quality and you have health problems waiting to happen.

When it comes to puppy mills one of the cruelest aspects of them are the lack of love and human touch the dogs receive. Like humans, these dogs crave touch and contact. They rarely if ever receive the touch of a friendly warm hand caressing them and praising them. Their days are mundane ones in cramped quarters, followed my more days of the same.

This is what puppy mills do. These puppy mills exist because of pet retailers only concerned about a continual supply coming their way. On both ends of the chain there is very little or no concern for the dogs and puppies they produce. The only concern is more production for more profit. The profit motive in society is not the culprit here. The culprits are puppy mills and pet store owners who choose to conduct their businesses by this system. There are ways to make a profit breeding dogs; it's the decent, reputable, respectful, and humane way, which quality dog breeders choose to live by.


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