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Betta Lover's Guide by Marcus Song ‚ Your Guide to Healthy Betta Fish

Having healthy and beautiful bettas with rich colors and dramatic fins dancing in the waters is always a pleasure to watch. Swimming in your aquarium, these minuscule creatures add an unparalleled beauty to the d√ cor of your room with a lovely array of colors.

However, all this turns worse when bettas get sick. Mostly there are fin rot popping out from your fish. It also requires a lot of money to be spend on maintaining a bettas‚ health. Moreover, it‚ s a hassle to keep the water clean. But even after doing so much, you might find your favorite fish lying dead. But even if they live, you need to work hard to bring them back to health. All in all, it can be very hard to keep the bettas alive.

With great care, your bettas might survive an average lifespan. They might stop eating for days or fins might split within a week. In such a situation, you feel it‚ s better to give up. There exist a way out of this in ‚ Caring for Betta Fish: An Insider's Guide For Betta Lovers‚ e-book by Marcus Song, incorporating the knowledge gathered from well-known betta experts. In addition, Song shares his individual experience of breeding and maintaining betta fish.

Marcus Song‚ s eBook provides an inexpensive way to take care of the bettas. He provides illustrations on how to keep the bettas happy and healthy. Information in the Betta Lover's Guide allows you to explore everything you can do to keep your bettas in the best of health.

Betta Lover's Guide is a result of extensive experimentation by Marcus Song. He discovered all the hidden secrets though his research from almost all the books on fish. The secret reveals the ways to have lively, jolly and long-lived bettas with an affordable expense and without doing much work.

Betta Lover's Guide provides important suggestions like ideal water temperature required for the betta‚ s tank (recommended by experts), ways to avoid the accumulation of ammonia, finest food and treats for the fish, maximum life expectancy, safer ways to stop the bettas from jumping out of the tank and several other important elements for your bettas. For cleaner waters, Marcus Song suggests an easy way of using a decorative plant to get rid of the ammonia and the nitrates.

In order to provide a complete fish care, Marcus Song also adds a Troubleshooting Guide, which lists all the information divided by symptoms of the illness. It suggests the possible causes of the symptoms and the possible solutions. Once you get acquainted with the secrets of Betta Lover's Guide and know how to take care of your dear little pets, the colorful swimmers will once again start filling your heart with joy.

This article was written by Tad Novara. For more information go toBetta Lover's Guide


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