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Significance of House animal ID tags

We all love our pets and thatâ s a fact? They have been our faithful companions, friends and protectors. In more recent years our dogs have become more than pets and are now, at times, almost accessories. There are even some people that treat their pets as part of their families, where they dress up their pets with colorful outfits such as jumpers, dresses, hats and even shoes. You can find a lot of luxurious products specially made for our pets in the markets today because there is a demand for the finest apparels, pretty collars, dog carriers and other pet products today.

Even celebrities shower their pampered pooches with gifts and designer labels to showcase their pets. They say that if you love your pets you want to give them the best of everything and some people have taken it to the next level. I think that one of the most important things that a pet owner should give his pets is safety. For those like me who love pets like they are members of the family this obviously makes sense because losing a pet is one of the hardest situations you will ever have. You should never take any chances when it comes to your petâ s safety. Thatâ s why I always make sure that my pets always wear their ID tags so I can make sure that whatever happens to them their ID tags can serves as identification to my pets. The ID tags of my pets have their photo engraved on the front and all the relevant details on the back. I even micro chipped them so if they accidentally escape my lawn I can easily track my petâ s location.

When you decide to buy a pet ID tag you should always check for the productâ s durability. Readable tags are always important in locating lost pets. A basic pet ID tags should contain a petâ s full name and address but you can find a lot of customized pet identification tags in the market today which can be designed using various machines and systems such as pet tag color matching system. There are so many choices available when it comes to personalizing a pet tag but always remember not to buy some cheap plastic dog collars that the pet may chew and render unreadable. An engraved pet id tag is often easier to read and last longer compare to ink printed tags. Pet tags can help ensure that you will have a good chance of retrieving your pet should it get lost.

There are about 2500 dogs go missing every week in the UK alone and a staggering 38 percent of missing dogs are actually stolen. If you really love your pets then it is only vital that we protect our pets in every possible way. I know that most of us consider our dogs more than a pet; they really are part of the family. So always make sure that your dog is wearing an ID tag, never leave them unattended in public areas, check for holes in your lawn or fence that they can escape through and be aware that there is a very real risk of pet theft.


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