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First-Aid Tools In The Adventure Of Any Emergency For Your Puppy

Puppies can come down with all types of diseases and certain conditions can be set right by an emergency first aid kit that contains all the essential cures. It is always sensible to include in your first aid kit:

1. tweezers,
2. alcohol wipes,
3. scissors,
4. peroxide,
5. gloves,
6. thermometer,
7. towels,
8. ice packs and
9. Meat flavored baby foods.

Other pertinent information that you can incorporate in the event that you misplace your first aid kit are:

‚ your name,
‚ phone number,
‚ address
‚ vet‚ s name and phone number

Correct actions that you need to take into account for the different types of injury:

‚ In the event of bleeding from your puppy, always apply direct pressure to stop the bleeds. Applied to the bleeding part for at least ten minutes and then bandage the wound.
‚ For injury related to burns as a result of electrical, heat or chemical, there will be swelling, blistering and redness in the region of the burns. Running under tap water for twenty minutes can be effective for the wounded region and after that you can apply an ice pack under the wrap of towel to the wound. Call in the vet as soon as possible.
‚ When diarrhea occurs, the puppy will be in a distress state so you have to stop providing food for twelve to twenty four hours. To avoid dehydration, water is to be fed on a regular basis. If diarrhea prolongs, seek the vet advice.
‚ Another scary prospect is your puppy having a heatstroke and the signs are vomiting, breathing rapidly or short of breath over and above high body temperature and weakness. The right procedure to carry out is to wrap the puppy in cool wet towel but call the vet immediately when the temperature rises to 103 degrees.
‚ You have to seek the help of a vet when there are broken limbs. Check that there is no bleeding and also look out for any signs of shock. For the fractured limbs, use a piece of wood and do not try to set it but gently send the puppy to the vet.
‚ When your puppy is bitten by other animal, wash the wounded area with saline and then use gauze to wrap it. Gloves are compulsory when you are washing the wound so as to avoid any infection.
With an emergency first aid kit and all the proper steps that you need to take in the event that your puppy is afflicted with the different types of injury, it will reduce the amount of panic and indecisiveness.
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