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Building Cats. Eight Tips For Interest Indoor Cats Convivial

The number of house cats is increasing. More and more cat owners are deciding that it's no longer safe for their cat to go outside unsupervised; cars, other animals, poisons and malicious people are just some of the reasons.

Indoor cats can lead very happy lives, but they do need to be entertained more than outdoor cats. If house cats aren't stimulated enough, they'll get bored and may become stressed or exhibit cat behavior problems such as scratching the furniture and ignoring their litter box.

Here are 8 tips for keeping your house cat happy and entertained:

1. Make sure he has plenty of cat toys. He should have toys in every room. To add interest, split his toys into two or three batches and rotate them every few days.

2. Get him some good cat furniture. A scratching post is a must. Two or three in different areas of the house is even better. If you can afford it, cat trees and cat condos are great for entertaining house cats. If you're on a tight budget, you can make a cat condo using boxes, carpet, logs etc.

3. Use catnip. If your cat likes catnip, sprinkle it around his scratching post, bed and other favorite areas.

4. Provide seats for your cat near windows. Cats love to watch what's going on outside, and to sit in the sun. Window views at garden or street level are likely to provide more entertainment than those at higher levels in the house.

5. Grow some cat grass in a pot. This is a good substitute for eating grass outside.

6. Get a DVD specifically made for cats. Yes they do exist! Some cats love them and some aren't interested, but they're relatively cheap so it's worth a try.

7. Use a computer screensaver with swimming tropical fish. Some cats love this - it's like ultimate cat TV.

8. Teach your cat to walk on a leash. This does take some time and patience, but if you can do it you can then take your house cats outdoors in total safety.

Liz Allan has over 20 years experience of caring for cats. For more information on cat care and behavior and kitten care, visit her website: http://www.cat-behavior-explained.com

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