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Dog Familiarity Simplified: Duteousness Experience

Obedience Training is one of the best things you can do for your dog or puppy. Contrary to public opinion, obedience training is not some method by which a dog learns to perform some necessary but artificial activity on command. One very good reason for implementing obedience training is to establish a foundation from which you and your dog will learn to successfully relate to one another.

Most behavioral problems are correctable with proper instruction and patient, consistent training by the dog owner. Obedience training doesn't solve all behavior problems, but it is the foundation for solving just about any dog behavior related problem. Training is most effective when dogs or cats are rewarded for the good or desirable things they do while being ignored, redirected or corrected for showing unwanted behavior.

Obedience training with your dog can be a lot of fun. Training opens up a line of communication between you and your dog. Training dogs should be fun, enriching and bond-building for both of you, if it isn't, then you need to learn more about reward-based dog training for the benefit of both of you. Dogs are social animals and without proper training, they will behave like animals.

A well-trained dog will be a likable member of your family rather than a nuisance that creates problems in the home. A dog trained for obedience is a content, balanced and happy dog. Obedience training can be critical in nurturing the human-animal bond; its basic elements sit, down, stay, come and heel help shape a good canine citizen, and trained dogs have an easier life than.

Dogs are pack animals and are genetically programmed to enjoy following a benevolent leader. When your dog obeys a simple request of "come here, sit," she is showing compliance and respect for you. Most dogs love performing these tricks (obedience commands) for you which also pleasantly acknowledge that you are in charge. More than just a pet, your dog is part of the family.

Obedience training is the key to having a dog that is an enjoyable pet. Obedience training is one of the best things you can do for your dog or puppy and yourself. Obedience training is the key to reliable, responsible off-leash dogs. Dog obedience training is not about giving commands and pushing dogs to work hard instead of enjoy life, it's quite the opposite. Now, we understand how important canine obedience training is. Whether your dog is young or old, large or small, calm or hyper, obedience training is a positive step toward lifelong dog and owner happiness.

Dog obedience training is an important first step in the dog training process, and it is crucial that it is done correctly. For a good guide on dog obedience training, visit DogTrainerPro at www.DogTrainerPro.info.


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