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My Dog Peed Inside. Instantly What?

My Dog Peed Inside, Now What?
So the act has been done, and now you canâ t go back after Fido has peed in the house. When your canine companion decides to use your carpet as a toilet, it can be disturbing and confusing for both you and your pet. Youâ ve got to act, but what should you do? Should you spank him? Should you tell him no? Or will punishing him damage his puppy psyche? Never fear, like any other challenge this one is surmountable, with time, love, and a whole mountain of patience.
Step #1: Go Outside
The first thing you should do when your puppy pees on the carpet is to take him outside. Yes, thatâ s right, even before you clean up his mess you need to take him to the yard. If you can catch your puppy and stop him in the middle of his business this is even better, because he will have some elimination left for the outdoors. Taking your puppy outside after an accident is a crucial step because he needs to associate potty with the outside. If he goes when you take him out to the yard praise him generously, this will give him the positive reinforcement that will make him want to go potty outside again. Try hard to avoid scolding your dog for accidents in the house. This could lead to him or her thinking that you hate to see elimination at all, which could cause your dog to start hiding his or her potty all over the house. If itâ s going to happen inside, you at least want it in plain sight where the mess is easily cleaned up.
Step #2: Clean the Carpet
The next step is to clean the carpet. If you have a partner living in the house assign one person to potty-outside duty, and the other to carpet cleaning to ensure both get done in a timely manner. You want to remove the scent of the accident as completely as possible, because the scent will attract your dog to eliminate in this place again. Instead of scrubbing the spot, gently pat it with a towel to soak up the excess accident. Then use a carpet cleaning agent of your choice, usually sprayed on and left for a couple minutes. When this has soaked in, gently pat the area again. Never rub, because this will spread the scent around.
Another alternative to manual cleaner is to buy a steam cleaner. If you have multiple pets this is probably a good idea, because they also tend to track in a lot of dirt. Sometimes the cost offsets the time you would have spent manually cleaning the area.
Tips and Tricks
One thing you must remember is that small puppies have small bladders and bowels, and canâ t hold their potty needs in for very long. They have to go several times during the day, and this is something that small puppies simply cannot help.
Also feed your puppy high quality food. In addition to helping him grow to be big and strong, quality food will also help keep his system regular which will in turn help keep his potty needs regular. High quality food also helps preserve the health of your dog in the long run, resulting in less vet bills and a longer life.
Just like a real baby, puppies do best when put on a schedule. Feed your puppy at the same time(s) every day, and take him potty on a set schedule. A good basic schedule would be when you wake up in the morning, after the first meal, in the afternoon, after his dinner meal, and right before bedtime. This way your dog will be in a routine that feels comfortable to him, and lets him know when to do his business.
The final trick is simply to have patience. Puppies are complex beings, not just dumb toys bought for our amusement. Like any person, a puppy will take time to learn something new, it wonâ t just happen overnight. There will be multiple accidents, and sometimes you may want to tear out your hair. Resist the urge to swat Fido in frustration, and think about the fun your parents must have had potty training you. In the end itâ s simply a phase that will fade with time. Enjoy your companion, and let him enjoy you.

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