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In the past years since the first href="http://petfoodspecialists.com/categories/15/collars-leashes-tie-outs/">‚ shock
became widely available in the United
States, these increasingly popular electronic containment and training
collars have been refined by different companies to produce more
effective results in ways that have proven not only to be humane, but
also gentle. Our training methods are great cases in point. While the
technology behind modern top dog training collars has come a long way, some
veterinarians and consumers harbor misconceptions about these products
and their effect on dogs based upon their impressions of older, crudely
designed systems of past decades. To the contrary, studies in recent
years offer conclusive evidence that the proper use of modern
electronic dog fences and top dog training collars does not lead to adverse
effects on dogs. In fact, it offers dogs a new found freedom they never
had before while remaining safe and secure in their yard. A wide range
of credible experts believe that the average dog owner with basic
training knowledge can effectively and humanely use electric dog
fencing and electronic training collars for behavioral modification,
obedience href="http://petfoodspecialists.com/categories/35/training/">training
and href="http://petfoodspecialists.com/categories/21/containment/">containment
needs. The safety and effectiveness of modern electric dog fences and
electronic training collars are supported by The Humane Society of the
United States, The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to
Animals (ASPCA) and the International Association of Canine
Professionals, International Association of Canine Professionals, among

Responsible dog owners want to make sure their dogs are safe, that they
do not create nuisance and more important do not cause accidents. Each
year thousands of electric dog fences are installed by caring dog
owners. These fences work by providing a static electrical stimulation
to the collar of a dog to deter him from crossing established
boundaries.So many presume that the use of electronic collars involve
harsh corrections. This does not have to be the case as is proven in
the¬ approach. Many containment systems have been taught to
the dog using a much stronger jolt early in the training program. The
dog will sometimes relate this strong stimulation to many things and
what he learns we can never be certain, plus it generates a high stress
level not conducive to his education. With¬ the trainer
guides, shows, gains understanding, and develops an appreciation from
the dog of boundaries and where he is safe to play and have fun. We
applaud this move by the producers. It is responsible, far sighted and
shows compassion to the dog. More than that, it alleviates the concerns
many dog owners have that the experience of learning the containment
fence will¬ hurt their dog. The new href="http://petfoodspecialists.com/categories/35/training/">training
programs for those who want to keep their dogs safe and happy in their
own yards, a electric dog fence is an excellent investment.

We understand that older products were often unreliable and difficult
to use humanely. But we feel that href="http://petfoodspecialists.com/categories/21/containment/">new
employed by responsible manufacturers has led to
products that can be and are being used safely and effectively to
preserve the safety and well-being of many dogs and strengthen the bond
with their human companions.

To get more information about what is good for your dog, get free tips
and videos at http://petfoodspecialists.com
We love our pets http://petfoodspecialists.com

To get more information about what is good for your dog, get free tips and videos at http://petfoodspecialists.com

We love our pets http://petfoodspecialists.com


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