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The Cat As A House animal

Among the many domesticated animals in the world, the cat is one of the few that has managed to keep its independence. Many people really like felines as pets, mostly because they are independent and have their own lives to lead. The cat can be attached to its owner but still retain its wildness.

There has been a lot of proof that the cat has enjoyed domesticity early on. Ancient Egyptians and other cultures and races have long established ties with this remarkable animal. These animals have also been revered and sometimes ostracized depending mainly on who they are with. As companions to queens and kings, they were seen as deities but as companions to witches, the cat was looked upon as an evil animal.

Relationship Between The Owner And The Cat

There are many different kinds of cats. Shorthaired, long haired and hairless are among these kinds of felines. These animals also have a variety of faces and characteristics that go along with the different kinds of animals that they are.

Between the owner and his cat, there will always be a strong bond but one must always bear in mind that this animal has always retained its independence and singleness throughout the years ever since its being a kitten. In spite of this, many owners enjoy their cat's natural temperament and natural beauty and dignity. Many cat owners even appreciate their pets' individuality and dignity instead of being put off by it. Owners often treasure their pets due mainly to the fact that the animals can also be very lovable and naughty at times.

One could say that the cat is a very individual animal compared to the other popular pets like dogs and horses. They can actually live without human interaction or interference by using their skills and prowess. The cat is also descended from a long line of big cats that exude grace and confidence in themselves. Their lineage is quite long and also varied. There are several varieties of domesticated felines and also wild ones all over the world. Many of these animals feature in legend and folklore as well as superstition.

The role that a cat can play in the lives of its owner and family depends on how much importance you give it. Just like all other animals, they often respond to love and attention from their owners. This means that they can and do reciprocate the love and attention you give them.

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