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Caring For Your Fresh Kitten

Cats are, in general, independent and individual animals that we humans have come to love as our pets. In spite of the many years, centuries even, of negative depictions, especially during the witch hunts and the generalization of them being aloof and cold pets, many people have come to realize that cats are warm and beautiful animals.

The Source Of The New Kitten

People who seek to have a new kitten for their pet have a lot of things to look forward to with their pet. Basically, a pedigreed kitten can be bought from a reputable breeder who has had a lot of experience with the particular breed that you wish to have. You might want to ask veterinarians or a friend regarding which breeder is suitable for your needs. Try not to focus too much on pet stores who may have gotten their kitten from kitten mills. These places usually have no regard whatsoever about the pedigree of an animals and its health as well as the health of the mother cat.

For those who wish to get an ordinary cat or kitten, and have no interest in pedigrees, animal shelters are abundant with stray cats and abandoned kittens. Supporting your local animal shelter will help keep the kitten population in check as well as help the strays and abandoned ones a new home.

Taking Care

Basically, a new kitten would need a warm place to stay and somewhere that it could call its territory. It would be best to define these things initially in order to set the rules. If you do not want your cat to go to certain places in your home, then do not encourage its presence in these parts of your home. Although, this is highly unlikely, most pet owners like to have their pets almost anywhere in the home.

You might like to bring your new pet to the vet after its purchase or several days after. This is to ensure that you know its health and will be aware of anything regarding how to care for it. A basket or a blanket on the floor is something that will serve as the comfort zone of the kitten as well as its bed. It is best to maintain fresh water in a spot in the kitchen for its convenience. The dispensing of kitten food needs to have a regular schedule.

Play is important for any pet. Cats are no exception. Your new kitten would bond with you as you play with it and spend time with it. The responsibility of getting a pet is something that should be taken seriously.

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