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What To Study For In A Siamese Kitten

The Siamese cat is one of the most common cats in the United States of America along with the Persian and Himalayan kitten. Because of this, there are many pet stores and random breeders who produce Siamese kittens for the sake of profit without any regard for the kitten's health and well being. A Siamese kitten can look adorable but have a multitude of problems inside if bred in an unhealthy environment.

Clear Eyes

The Siamese kitten should have the striking blue eyes that all Siamese cats have. This is one of the trademarks of the popular breed. If you notice the eyes of the Siamese kitten you are inspecting to seem a bit off like having a problem focusing or have much discharge, it is best to bring this to the attention of the seller or not to choose the Siamese kitten at all since this may have problems later on. Of course, these problems may be resolved later on or may have an easy solution from the veterinarian.

Most of not all Siamese cats have the appearance of being near cross-eyed. You can expect the Siamese kitten to be like this. This appearance of being sometimes cross-eyed is something that is common in the breed.

Smooth, Clean Coat

You can expect the Siamese kitten you plan to get to have a smooth and clean coat. There are long haired and short haired varieties of the breed so the type of coat may differ from each other but the smoothness should be there as well as the cleanliness. Bumpy areas and some dark droppings on the coat can indicate parasites or a case of skin problems. It is actually relatively easy to resolve skin problems but there may be cases of skin allergies.

Cleanliness is something that is relatively natural to a cat. Your Siamese kitten should learn early from through instincts to clean its coat well and keep it in good shape. The usually color for a Siamese kitten is a very light creamy color to a golden brown with the obligatory darker areas in the tail end, ears tips, paws and parts of the face.


The Siamese kitten is usually curious and inquisitive. This kind of behavior signals a healthy dose of being a cat. Shy cats may have some problems with socialization which can later prove to be a problem when introducing the Siamese kitten to other cats or other pets.

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