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Expatiation Gerbil Natter

OK OK â gerbils donâ t talk. There are some ways of telling certain things though. If you are aware of these things, you will be able to give them the best care you can. Become familiar with gerbil noises. If your gerbils are squeaking, itâ s usually not a good thing. They squeak to tell each other off. Have you ever heard a gerbil chirp? Gerbils talk to each other by chirping. You might even think you have birds in the house when you hear them chirp. Clicking noises probably mean your gerbil has a respiratory infection which you will have to deal with right away.

You might notice your gerbil vibrating when you hold and pet it. Yes, this is like a cat purring, your gerbil is happy when he does this. It wonâ t make any sound; youâ ll just feel the vibrating. Have you seen and heard tapping noises? This can be a mating sound or a warning of danger and is caused when they thump their hind feet. If many gerbils are thumping, that is them trying to warn each other, if only one is thumping, the gerbil is sexually excited. If they are patting their feet frequently, you need to see what could be scaring your gerbil and fix the situation.

If you can determine whether your gerbil is stressed or content, you can take proper action. A stressed gerbil could get sick. Pay attention to the different gerbil noises, it is very important to be able to talk the gerbil talk.

Gerbil behavior will tell signs too. If you see your gerbil licking the side of the tank, check the water. Gerbils even wink; this is usually a good sign. Havenâ t seen your gerbils wink? Try winking at them, they just might wink back. Also try talking to your gerbils. That will help them get used to you and assist in the taming process.

As long as you donâ t ignore your gerbils, you will learn all the little quirky ways they communicate with each other and with you. So pay attention, get amused, educated and have loads of fun!

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