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Introducing Just out Cat Allotment 2

The next stage to introducing a new cat into your home is to permit the cats to spend time together. Carefully supervise their reaction toward each other. It is good to bring the cats together when they are likely to be relatively calm, such as after a meal or a strenuous play session. Keep a squirt bottle handy in case the cats begin to fight. As the cats become more familiar with each other, allow for longer periods of time together.
Be sure to consider the layout of your home. Some cats like to sit up high, on shelves and on kitty condo perches. A frightened cat will want to hide inside, under, and behind things, so make sure there are hiding places. Keep feeders, water bowls, and litter pans out in the open so the cats do not feel trapped when accessing these areas.

This two-week acclamation period should prove to be an advantage for both cats. It will help the older cat get use used to the idea of having another cat on its turf while the new cat will be busy adjusting to the new home. Since a new home often means a different feeder and litter pan as well as new routines and environments, starting off in a small, cozy space will help keep stress level to a minimum. Itâ s important the new cat have its own litter pan and bowls so that sharing food or illness wonâ t an issue. If the new cat were to come down with an upper respiratory infection, as some feline adoptees do, they wonâ t be sneezing on the other cat or sharing germs via a communal water bowl.

Things have proceeded well. Both cats are eating normally and appear playfully curious about the other. And so comes the day for their first meeting. After feeding the cats and trimming their nails, as with children there comes a time when you leave the room. Leaving the door ajar, we know that it will be up to the two of them to take the next step. Aware that a little hissing, swatting and chasing is to be expected, you will have to step in only if World War III were to start.

Thanks to your careful selection and a slow, cautious introductory period, no one gets hurt and that a little patience, and a lot of love is all that is needed. With love and understanding, they will be playfully chasing each other around the house and napping in a shared patch of afternoon sunlight. Their well planned introduction should result in perfect harmony between the two of them.

We plan to post articles that are informative and helpful to other cat lovers. Having been "owned" by cats for years, we know they can be demanding, but also be very entertaining and fun.
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