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Looking for an excellent dog center in Los Angeles? Look no more as K9s Only is all set to give your K9 companion an all-inclusive destination right at the heart of the city. Setting the worldwide standard for K9 care, K9s Only can give you just what you and your beloved K9 needs.
K9s Only was started by Bobby Dorafshar as a dog training center in Los Angeles in the late 1980‚ s. In 1990, he opened Advanced K-9 Services that was a dog training and dog boarding business as they wanted to make every dog that stayed with them feel at home. Advanced K-9 Services evolved into the K9s Only today that is housed in a larger, state of the art facility to accommodate every Los Angeles dog‚ s training and boarding needs. Nevertheless, the environment remains as friendly as ever both for the human and canine clients. You can be sure that each dog continues to be given all the love, attention and playtime it deserves whenever it‚ s in the facility.
K9s Only basically offers five main services: training, boarding, daycare, grooming, and wellness. Dog training is essential because more than correcting bad behaviors and building confidence and a more positive personality, it also establishes a deeper bond between you and your dog. K9s Only offers various training programs that depends on the needs of you and your dog.
Aside from training, K9s Only also offers an excellent boarding facility for your dog. With a luxurious and safe environment, you can be sure that your dog will get only the best amenities and the most comfortable stay in the facility. Among the boarding features are Climate controlled comfortable rooms in varying sizes, spacious indoor/outdoor dog park, relaxing Bark-a-Lounge with large beds for snuggling, luxurious suites with plush bedding, and TV's and personal toy box.
If you simply to give your dog a day‚ s fun and luxury, you can do so with K9s Only‚ s excellent daycare services. You can simply drop off your dog while you‚ re running errands and you can be sure your dog is taken cared of for the day. The doggie daycare is open from 7am to 7pm on weekdays and from 8am to 6pm on Saturdays. You can let your dog simply have fun in the playing areas or let him indulge in luxurious and all-out grooming services. K9s Only houses an expert dog stylist that grooms your dog with the utmost care and respect, bathing, brushing and styling him in maximum time. Among the features of K9s Only dog grooming services are organic shampoos and conditioners, lavender and oatmeal baths, hand drying, massage with deep conditioners, proficiency in show dog styles and mastery of mutt cuts, and teeth cleaning. Now wouldn‚ t your dog love these?
Indeed, one of the real highlights of the facility is their Wellness Center and Day Spa that offers the ideal combination of ancient Asian healing philosophies and modern Western techniques to give your dog pure rejuvenation and relaxation.

The Wellness Center has four multifunctional treatment rooms with K9 relaxation lounge areas, endless pool, massage, Reiki, and more. For more information on the K9s Only, you can visit their website at http://www.k9sonly.com.


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