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What To Do In A Pet Emergency

Do you have a 24 hour emergency veterinary clinic in your vicinity? Do you know where its located? Many communities don't have access to 24 hour pet health care, so what do you do if your dog cuts his paw? You can be trained in pet first aid by the Red Cross. Knowing some pet first aid helps. Let's start with a simple cut on your pet's leg. Put direct pressure on the wound with clean gauze. Then, wrap a roll of gauze firmly around the leg. Be sure it's secure but circulation is still good. Tie the end of the gauze in a knot with the knot on top of the wound area for additional pressure. What about poisoning? If your pet has gotten into something toxic, the best thing to do is make them vomit.

Your Dog Health Care Must Include Annual Rabies Shots

Dog health care must include regular rabies shots, although many dog owners do not keep their pets' vaccinations up to date. The misconception is that since the dog doesn't run free, it's not important. Even though you keep your dog restrained on a leash or in a yard, you can never guarantee he will not come in contact with this deadly disease. Did you know that your dog can pick up the rabies virus simply by licking the ground? If a rabid animal has left saliva or other body fluid shortly before you passed, your dog is at risk. Much of the focus for many owners is on obedience training. Dog health care is often only an issue when the dog first arrives at the home or when it becomes ill.


Some stressful situations that can cause cat anxiety for your cat are: being alone in the house, or when visitors to the home, another new pet or family member, moving to a new home, visits to the veterinarian, adjusting to a new environment, and multiple cat households. Unfortunately, when cats suffer from stress and anxiety, they generally communicate it in a very clear way that can really turn humans upside down. One of the real signs that usually tell us is that they are not using the cat litter box. Cats with separation anxiety don't howl and bay like dogs and they don't chew on doors and windowsills in frantic attempts to escape. Their misery is far less obvious and it sometimes takes a sleuth of an owner to appreciate what is going on.


Cats find consistent routines and predictable environments very comforting, so try to keep your cat's activities on a schedule. Playtimes, mealtimes, and bedtimes should occur at approximately the same time every day. Cats with anxiety related elimination problems also may spray, but do so for other than hormonal reasons. Instead, something in their environment causes them to become anxious. Cats commonly start to manifest their stress or anxiety by what is politely called inappropriate toiletary behavior. Cats are very sensitive to their owner's emotions, so if you're nervous during thunderstorms, your cat probably will be, too. Learning to calm yourself will help both of you.

Do You Know The Importance Of Horse Blankets?

When you decide to have an animal at home or on your farm, it is important that you know how to take care of them properly. This may be easy if you have those domesticated animals that do not require much care. But what if you buy a riding horse and discover it is not as easy to care for the animal as you thought it would be? A lot of tack supply items are needed to take care of horses and one of the most important are the horse blankets. Saddle blankets are made to keep horses warm. These blankets are also ideal for protection from wind and other elements. These types of blankets vary in sizes. In fact, most of them are custom-made to perfectly fit around the body of the horse from his chest to rump.

Take Picture of Your Pet With A Lot of Patience

Taking pet picture is a big challenge to all and most of the owners of pet pictures that you can see on the internet usually have their own stories how hard it is taking picture of their pet. It is really feel good having a picture of your pet in the internet. Do brag how a pet looks like and how they are well taken care of. As mention above it is hard to take picture of a pet, especially for pets that are active and always on the move. You might have a lot of picture of different part of your dog; you might have a collection of your dogā s butt, tail, feet or ears. It is like a picture puzzle that once you arrange it you will have a big picture puzzle of your pet.

Its hard to say Goodbye

I deliberated about writing this article as I find it hard to talk or write about the loss of a pet in the past and I know how emotionally difficult it is for us to make that final call. Writing my thoughts down on paper does however help me clarify my feelings as it's something that has been paramount in my mind these last few months. Let me explain. Some 2 months ago my Jack Russell called Rex developed a back stiffness that was off and on until he started to slow up and battled to climb the stairs. I could tell that in his stiffness he was not in a lot of pain but just enough to warrant a visit to the vet and some x- rays and pain killers. The x -rays showed nothing but the pain killers worked and he rebounded.

How to Adopt an Older Cat Like the Experts?

If you bring home an older cat, he may be afraid of his new surroundings and confused about where he is. Give him quiet time to explore and get comfortable. Do not invite friends and neighbors over to look at him, because this may make him nervous. Show the cat where the litter box, food and water dishes, and scratching post are, and then let him settle in at his own pace. Talk to him in a soothing voice and give him something to eat. If he seems interested, play with him for a while so that he begins to bond with you. An older cat has a history that you may not know about. He may have left a loving family or a long time companion animal behind before he came to live with you, or he could have been mistreated or abandoned.

An Irresistible Attraction For Birds - Ponds, Fountains And Waterfalls

One of the most important aspects of attracting birds to your yard is to provide fresh water. Most bird species need water, not only to drink but to bathe in. If you provide flowing water you have the best avian magnet you can find because most birds can not resist the attraction of moving water. Birds will flock to a waterfall or stream or even a fountain much more readily than they will a still pond or bird bath. My wife and I built a pond and waterfall (what is known these days as a water feature) seven years ago and we love it. Our pond is about 12 feet in diameter and holds about 1000 gallons. In our pond we have several Shubunkin gold fish, many, many frogs and a multitude of water plants.

The Saluki Dog Breed is the Persian Greyhound

The Saluki is one of the noblest of all hounds, and one of the most ancient, being many hundreds of years old, and possibly thousands. It is regarded as the original stock from which many other breeds in the west have sprung. This breed is considered by many to be the oldest in the world, and is thought to be the oldest purebred dog in recorded history. The Saluki is the royal dog of Egypt and may be as old as human civilisation. Their mummified bodies have been found alongside the Pharaohs and their pictures appear in ancient Egyptian tombs dating from 2100 BC. Carvings of greyhound-type dogs with the breed's distinctive feathered ears, legs and tail were even found in Sumerian ruins dated around 7, 000 B.

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