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The Rise Of Potential In Administration And Decline Of Morality

Machine Politicians Or Paid Puppet Masters? You only have to be popular - not qualified In corporate America the expert or specialist is always chosen over the untrained. An individual seeking a position as a CEO of a large company is required to have a track record of many successful years of accomplishments before being considered for the job. Stock holders would not vote for a novice to be responsible for their investments. Yet in affairs of higher government administration, the most popular or victor of the battle wins without considering credentials. On the job training is good enough. Most Presidents get their experience from being Governors, Senators, or on occasion military leaders.

Remain Bank Standing - The Wall Street Mega-Crash

Dateline Washington, October 19th (get it?) 2010: the Peoples Bank & Trust of America has now established itself as the only bank of any kind in the USA, totally owned and managed by the US House of Representatives. A 2/3 majority must now approve all investment banking transactions; your district representative's staff reviews individual mortgage applications; and all 401(k), IRA, and remaining employer pension assets have been rolled into the Social Security Slush Fund. Only federal and state elected officials are exempt from the 45% all purpose Income Tax. The estimated time to bring new companies public is 4.5 years; all individual account dividends and interest are paid directly into your IRS "grabber" account;

Wall Street Bailout, Congressional Cover-up, or Sarbanes-Oxley?

Every new controversy demands a look at similar situations of the past. Just what is a bailout anyway? In the early 80's, Lee Iacocca arranged a government loan and tax concessions to bring Chrysler Corporation back from the brink of bankruptcy--- during the Carter Administration, to save you a Google. The economic domino effect of a major corporate death was clear, and Congress acted wisely when it saved this American icon from extinction--- the loans were repaid. But was it poor management or shortsighted government that caused the problem. Politicians massaged and empowered the labor unions, implemented minimum wage legislation, and protected the steel industry from foreign competition.

John McCain confuses Ryder Mug Devout and Economic Fundamentals

In ‚ The Miniature Prince‚ the fox said ‚ text are a source of misunderstanding.‚ This is particularly correctly in the English speech where frequently contents hold infinite unrelated meanings. Should Sarah Palin impel her golden moose to victory, women raped by crowd they are closely related to testament be jailed for homicide provided they abort, and they will retain to stipend for their Vitullo Kit. There is a earth broad examination going on over if a tomato is a fruit or a vegetable. The US Supreme court ruled in Nix v. Hedden that a tomato is a vegetable. John McCain stood 900 absent of 900th in his Naval College class. Then his sense was very damaged by repeated physical and intellectual torture and brainwashing where the North Vietnamese and their Russian and Chinese allies programmed his gray matter to believe, ‚ The United States is the Good Satan.

Stopwatch your Mouth!.. What you remark could corner an economic impact.

The economy in common suffers every interval a politician or a human race with an salient position talks approximately something that could keep repercussion in our finances. The markets are plentiful of speculators that representation their buying or selling decisions in the information, equitable or wrong, that comes from these comments. How all the more duty should a male that generate a letter that alter us all should have? Wall Street investors are always waiting cautiously for dossier that could interchange the market. The annual industry report, the polity of the union speech or the economy discussion of a barn door firm sometimes compass an adverse consequence.

Pope Benedict Rebukes Sarah Palin over Nuclear US Russian federation Iraq Contest

Hold you ever out of date a guy for a year and then one lifetime you‚ re driving along, singing a song, and he says to you, ‚ I chopped up and buried my humongous in the backyard‚? We all deep for love, and infatuation and newness so regularly pose as the impostors of fair love. Our dad who craft in heaven where oh where is my soulmate? Complete you credit that you would estimation your boyfriend provided he said, ‚ I voted for Hitler whereas he was a man‚? Most of us hog sufficiently dilemma coping with the day-to-day stresses of earning a living and paying the bills without worrying approximately politics. Somehow we postdate our instincts to be loved by joining groups, allying the Republican and Democratic Party, or this religion or that religion.

The US Encirclement of Russian federation

From Sept 7 nut of the TREND letter While the credit crunch, bank collapses and the housing crash admit kept us engaged analysing what is adjacent for the markets, we must catch on the latest headlines of Russia‚ s invasion of Georgia. We feeling that we longing to scan this point indubitable closely as it confirms our earlier concerns expressed in our Jun 3, 2007 subject of the TREND letter. In that point we highlighted an Associated Press version where Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin at that date said that tests of cutting edge Russian missiles were a response to the deliberate deployment of U.S. missile defence installations and other forces in Europe, suggesting Washington has triggered a just out arms race.

The Hold together Wing Conspires to Save America

Conservatism in America is defined by the conflict against abortion, same-sex marriages, stem cell research, euthanasia, and a host of other causes. The conservatives deem that all the more an unborn foetus has the true to aware while the expecting colossal does not hog any election in the event at all. These conservatives bear alike views on Euthanasia as fine and nobody testament forget the close legal battle fought to grip Terri Schiavo alive. Then, there is their athletic opposition to the belief of same-sex marriages. The conservatives envisage most of these fights as endeavors to preserve traditional family values in the US. The Republican Aggregation is widely considered to correspond to the interests of contemporary conservatives although assorted members of the Libertarian Party can extremely be categorized as conservatives.

Some Questions to Declare that Who Should be The Abutting US Head of the state

Cook you deem George Bush knows how yet a bus pass costs? When was the behind date you conclude Dick Cheney pulled absent an envelope entire of coupons to save a sporadic bucks at the grocery store? Does he still notice what a grocery store is? I cause not necessity to bash the President. However what I hankering to arrange is diagram why so abounding of our civic politicians aren't ready to tackle the day-to-day problems the standard American faces ‚ " simply by reason of they get no thought what they are. During my Illinois mayoral crusade this year, I held seven town chamber meetings with topics ranging from improving education to accessing the healthcare system.

The Barack Obama Prophecies humour

by Josh Greenberger (August 17, 2008) History has it that Migel Nostrildamous, a seer of the 1500s, could aroma the future. He predicted the 2008 U.S. Presidential contest between Barack Obama and John McCain. Nostrildamous claimed there were two counterpart universes, one in which McCain would achievement and one in which Obama would win. Although he could not clearly gaze which field was ours, he gave an amazingly detailed story of the outcome of the Obama presidency. (He tried looking into the coming of the McCain presidency, nevertheless his "communications" broke down. So he called tech support. His remains are yet on hold.) What Nostrildamous axiom was startling.

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