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Eight Steps For Cleansing The Chakras

Just as it is important to cleanse your physical body from time to time, it is also important to perform cleansing on the chakras as well. You can not see your chakras, however they are your energy centers are are just as much a part of your body as your lungs or colon is. These are eight easy steps and are a great way to start cleansing the chakras. 1.) Start off by closing your eyes. Begin to focus on your breathing, Breath deeply through your nostrils, and then exhale through your mouth. 2.) Visualize a white light coming down from above and flowing through your body, sweeping away and cleansing yourself of all negativity. The negativity is drawn out from your body and moved away into the earth.

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The Feelings of a Affectionate Dad

‚ Ask of me what you will, ‚ He said as He gently pulled me on His knee. My eyes were closed but I knew it was the Father. I was cocooned in a brilliantly white, warm, peaceful embrace. My hands were glowing hot and I knew instantly that I had received the gift of healing. I would have loved to stay there forever. It was heavenly how His love flowed over and through me. This happened years ago, but I remember it as if it was a few minutes ago. In fact, over the years whenever I have felt down, defeated, sad or lonely, I would picture myself back on that lap of complete surrender. Isn‚ t that the heart of the Father? I did not utter a word nor think of anything other than the feeling of perfect peace at that moment.

The Competence Of Social Traffic Explosion On Your Marketing

Social Site Secrets Made Easy Social Marketing Masterclass Your Social Traffic: Social Traffic Explosion So many people have been saying for months now that using the social marketing sites like MySpace, Facebook and the others is a great way to get traffic. But there's been a problem and that's been that nobody has ever showed you how to do actually do it. Not only that but a lot of these social sites don't like you posting your website links and affiliate links all over the place so you can sometimes end up getting blocked or just not getting any traffic. http://SocialTraffic-Explosion.com Well I found myself in the same position - I knew a little bit about social marketing, enough to be dangerous.

Communicating with God: The Extravagant Activity of Communicating with All knowing

You don‚ t need to be a Christian or a church regular to be communicating with God. We need Him more than ever because life carries with it a lot of challenges. And these challenges can sometimes be too much for us to handle alone. In order to make it through in one piece, you will need the help of others. And more often than not, you will need the help of the One who has given you life. But there‚ s no need to be overwhelmed. Communicating with God is an opportunity for you to understand more of yourself and what life has in store for you. It is a journey of discovery in itself. God works in mysterious ways. You may not always understand what His plans are, but know that He only has your best interests in mind.

Does My Minor Biz Committal a Website

Question: Does my small business need a website? Wrong Answer: No, it's too small. Correct Answer: ABSOLUTELY! It is a frequent misconception that your small business is "too small for a website". Quite the contrary: If you own or operate a small business in Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, New England, or anywhere, for that matter, it is imperative that you have a presence on the World Wide Web. Consider this true story: Jane and her family are relocating to Maine. Their daughter competes in the equestrian sport of eventing. They will need to find a suitable stable for the horse within a reasonable distance to their new home in Maine. Ideally, the stable would have a reputable on-site event trainer.

What Act I Sell

Working Online - What Do I Sell? When you start your online home business the first question you will ask yourself is "What do I sell?" You can't run any type of business without a product to sell.There are really three options for you when starting your business.Firstly you can create your own product. This is an option that most people do not start their business with. Creating a product can take a lot of time and be very expensive. It can also take a lot of research in order to identify a target market to create your product.Many new Internet Marketers make the mistake of creating a product without doing any research, certain in their belief that a market exists.

Personality Review

Most of the systems of Numerology take into account only the Birth number. Month and year of birth are ignored. In India an ancient system of Numerlogy existed. It is based on the Vital or Life Number. Vita in Latin means Life. This Vital Number is based on the ownership of planets. Your personality characteristics, fate and planetary positions at the time of your birth are closely inter connected. Indian, Western, Chinese, Egyptian and Korean astrologers as well as Numerologists have established this fact. The Occidental System - The Pythagorean Method In the West it was Pythagorus who founded Numerology ba- sed on the Fadic Number.It was in numbers that Pythagorus found the mystery of the Universe.

Electional Astrology

All Astrology evolved from Electional Astrology. Astrology was founded by the Sages for knowing the auspicious hours for any divine project. ( Jyothishastram Vadathrathya Kalam Vaidika Karmanam ). Einstein's greatest discovery was the dscovery of Time as the Fourth Dimension. The great physicist Hermann Minnowsky elaborated furthur that the Universe is a Four Dimensional Space -Time Continuum made up of the three dimenions of Space and the Fourth Dimension of Time. All the acts of creation, preservation and destruction are imbedded in the womb of Almighty Time. Time Eternal alone is the preserver, creator and destroyer. Positivity and Negativity, Auspiciousness and Inauspiciousness are all invested in Time.

The core of Indian Philosophy Mythology

Arise, awake, Seek out The Great Ones to know Truth ineffable As dangerous as the Razor‚ s edge So is the path difficult to cross I walk on the Razor‚ s edge alone The path is narrow, the way Unknown Go and seek out the Seers Whose body is full of Bliss Who enjoys Immortality Whose body knows the warmth The subtle warmth of the Serpent Power As it rises from the Base Chakra To the Crown Chakra! The cows symbolise the Upanishads They were all milked by the Lord The milk thus obtained is Geetha, The Great Song of Eternity The Upanishad sung by the Lord The Science of the Absolute The Scripture of the Yogis The Lamp lit by the Lord At the altar of humanity To save humanity from Evil To take man to immortality To Eternity & Peace Heavenly!

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