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305 Marguerite Avenue - A Modern Day Shrine?

#305 Marguerite Cartwright Avenue, University of Nigeria, Nsukka campus to many of the staff and students of the University of Nigeria and others all around planet Earth may just be another house in the staff residential quarters of the University of Nigeria, Nsukka campus and to you probably. The house in question is quite historic. Why you ask? It has at one time or the other housed two literary heavyweights; foremost novelist and the acclaimed father of modern African literature - Chinua Achebe- and Chimamanda Adichie described by Nigeria's Femi Osofisan as "a new voice bursting out ... ". I was interested in this and thus decided to locate the house.

The Origins and History of Tibetan Singing Bowls

Where it all started The knowledge of singing bowl production would have spread throughout Asia along established trade routes. Many believe that the Buddha, Padmasambhava, crossed the Himalaya mountains from India into Tibet. He bought the teachings of the Buddha into the country and also the knowledge of singing bowls. Contrary to popular belief, singing bowls were not used during any religious practices but were used instead as begging bowls and for food. During this period monasteries only used the singing bowl as a chalice. Why were they produced? If the singing bowl was not produced for religious practice then the obvious question is: what were they used for?

The Death of Cleopatra

Female heads of state are few and far between throughout history, but when a woman rises to power, she leaves her mark. Cleopatra, arguably the most famous woman of the ancient world, was Queen of Egypt and lived from 70 or 69 B.C.E. to 30 B.C.E. Her legacy extends through history and legend, and she remains firmly entrenched as an icon of brilliance, seduction, and tragedy. It is her tragic death that has mesmerized historians and inspired artists through the ages. Supposedly by inflicting the bite of an asp or cobra, Cleopatra committed suicide after the death of her last lover Mark Antony of Rome and the defeat of their armies. The dramatic image of the beautiful queen withering beneath the fangs of a snake has long symbolized the anguish of total defeat after losing a bid for power.

Genghis Khan - A Look Inside the Cunning Mind of a Conqueror

Genghis Khan, although the product of an illiterate and barbarous people plagued by internecine wars, transformed the Mongol warriors into a brilliant military machine that frequently defeated the civilizations of China, Islam, and Eastern Europe. Legend claims that Genghis Khan was born with a clot of blood clutched in his hand, an omen of greatness. Regardless of omens, the cruel, creative, and cunning mind of Genghis Khan clearly was responsible for his truly legendary success. For example, in 1207 when his Mongol army had been stymied by the fortified city of Volohai, he proposed to the city leaders that he would end his siege if they paid him a bizarre tribute of 1, 000 cats and 10, 000 swallows.

Five Enlightening Aspects of Seneca Nation History

Based in what are now our Northeastern states, much history surrounds the famed Iroquois League. Ultimately containing six tribes, they figured most prominently in building a foundation for the modern government today. They structured an outline that would become, basically, the framework for the United States Constitution. They Were the Largest of the Five Tribes of the Iroquois League. The Seneca was the largest of the original five tribes that composed the Iroquois League (originally known as the Five Nations). The five tribes included the Seneca, the Cayuga, the Onondaga, the Oneida, and the Mohawk. The Iroquois League, or Iroquois Confederacy, would later become known as the Six Nations as another tribe, the Tuscarora, joined the alliance.

Who is Banksy?

He is believed to have been born in the year 1974 and started graffiti during the late 1980s. There are little facts available about him but his works are all over the world. His works are very amusing and his personality just shines through in his work. The art shows a satirical side of politics, culture and ethics. He uses a stenciling style when he does his graffiti work. It can be said that he does work for the sake of doing art. He does not sell pictures of his graffiti or do exhibitions in commercial art galleries. Bristol There was much movement and hype with the Bristol underground scene. Banksy was influenced and inspired by local artists. In 1992-1994, he was a freehand artist and he worked with other artists and writers like Kato and Tes.

Interesting Facts About Australia

Australia is a continent that many people are fascinated with, and for good reason. It is full of sites and places that thousands of tourists flock to each year. But there is more to Australia than just a lot of things to see. There are many interesting historical and present day facts about Australia, including: Australia was home to thousands of prisoners. When the British began to settle Australia in the late 1700s, their main motivation for doing so was to establish a land to send their prisoners to. The common practice of that time was to send convicts and prisoners (typically those who owed money or defied the government in some way) to the American colonies to work for a period of seven to fourteen years.

Spinoza, the Man Who Changed Judaism

Baruch Spinoza (1632-1677) was a Dutch Jew born in Amsterdam. He is more commonly referred to by the Latin version of his name: Benedict de Spinoza. Early in life he acquired a deep interest in the philosophy of Rene Descartes and other ideas that conflicted with Judaism. He was formally excommunicated from his Synagogue at the age of 24. He became leader of a small circle of philosophers and he supported himself with a "day job" grinding and polishing lenses. In perhaps his most famous writing, Tractatus Theologica Politicus (published in 1670) he made the fundamental error that is characteristic of modernism. This error was to divide faith from reason. Spinoza thus broke with the leading authority of medieval Jewish thought, the famous rabbi, Maimonides (1135-1204).

Mayra Veronica - A Brief History And Her Career

Sometimes changing homes and migrations to popular countries or content become very lucky. Most of celebrities come form unpopular areas and they get famous in a very short time. They may belong to Arabic countries or South Asian but they get popularity which makes them renowned all over the world. This is about Mayra Veronica who born in Cuba but shines as a model in USA. USA is the most popular place all around the world She is spending her life full of pleasure and happiness in USA where she dates, live, and be famous all around the globe. Her little Biography Mayra Verónica (born Mayra Verónica Aruca Rodríguez August 20, 1980 in Havana, Cuba), is a Cuban model and celebrity who was born in Cuba but acquired her fame in the United States.

Were Free And Accepted Masons

There are many varied opinions as to the disposition of Knights Templar since their demise beginning 1 April 1307. Phillip the Fair (King of France) issued arrest warrants and nearly all Knight Templar members in France were arrested on the same day. Which at that time was the first day of the new year. Now that you know what happened to Knights Templar in the end. Just how did they start? The Holy Crusades started in 1095 with good intentions. However, it is a matter of opinion as to who were the victors. Many good people on both sides died. When the fighting stopped most of the Crusaders returned to Europe to their respective countries. A small group of Crusaders remained in Jerusalem by Baldwin II.

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