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Do You Love and Respect Old Glory?

Do You Love Old Glory? Old Glory got its name in 1931. Ship Master Captain William Driver of Salem, Massachusetts was presented a beautiful flag of twenty four stars. As the banner flashed in the breeze, he exclaimed "Old Glory! " Everyone should know the history of our flag. Why? Because it is our banner to the world. It says: This is America where freedom is loved and inalienable rights are guaranteed by our constitution. It says that we will fight for this representation of our country. It says, many have died or suffered in defending our flag and country. You can read about our flag at and many other sites on the Internet which are easily found by a simple search.

From Expressionism To Impressionism - Art Of The Individual And Society

Themes of inner disturbance and energetic frenzy are characteristic of the Expressionist movement in art, whose chief artist was Vincent Van Gogh, a moralistic, religious Dutchman. Van Gogh's works were largely autobiographical. Other Expressionists, including the Norwegian Edward Munch and the German Kirchner Bridge group, also produced intense, confrontational images. The subjective, personal truth of tortured feelings and private obsessions was placed before the viewer without the traditional aesthetic distance. Convoluted, undulating forms, crude drawings and shrill colors drew attention to the inner battle and the conflict between individual freedom and societal constraint.

The Thomas Jefferson Affair - The DNA Evidence

Thomas Jefferson is one of the most famous figures in American History. The third President of the United States, Jefferson was one of the Founding Fathers, establishing a republic United States all those years ago. He is still remembered today in history classes for his role in establishing modern America, and is hailed as a national hero. Yet certain allegations made about Thomas Jefferson at the start of the 19th century have lead to increased speculation about his private life, thrusting DNA testing to the forefront some 200 years later to determine the facts. Thomas Jefferson is credited as having written the Declaration of Independence, and is given iconic status in the US history books.

Surrealism - Exalting The Unconscious

The Surrealists looked to the art of children, the art of the insane and primitive art for inspiration in preference to art produced in a careful and labored way. The untrained and self-taught artists were prized. The two major types of Surrealism that emerged over time were abstract and veristic. Abstract Surrealism, exemplified by Joan Miro (1893-1983) and André Masson, utilized organic scribbles and curvilinear images with biomorphic qualities. Miro's work, such as The Farm (1921-22) was particularly marked by vitality, high color, flat patterns and animal forms. Veristic Surrealism, on the other hand, achieved an other-worldliness through a highly refined technique.

Who Was The Real Marie Antoinette

In 1770, in a ceremony on an island in the middle of the Rhine river, Marie Antonia, Archduchess of Austria officially became Marie Antoinette, future wife 15 year old Dauphin, the future King of France, Louis XVI. She was only 14 years old, her mother the Empress of Austria arranged this marriage as means of promoting peace between the two countries and Europe at large. Her future would be one that would never include returning to her home or seeing her mother again. In the ceremony on the island, she finds herself having to shed all her clothes and leave behind anything Austrian, only to be re-dressed in French fashion. She does this with grace and commitment to help her future husband care for the people of France.

Get in Touch With the Hippie Culture

The term hippie is often misunderstood by many. When thinking of the word or term hippie, many people often picture a bunch of people with beards and headbands with peace signs and bell-bottom jeans. Well, there is much more to the definition of what a hippie or the hippie movement is. The term hippie was popularized in the 60s, and is said to be derivative of the word hipster. The hippie movement originated and was popularized in the United States of America. Since the 1960s, the hippie movement has been spread worldwide and you will most likely see many people around the world wherever you go favoring the hippie movement. The hippie movement was all about peace and love and freedom.

Kenya's Natural Born Aeronautical Engineer

The story of Morris Tito Gachamba is fascinating and sad in equal measure. Born 75 years ago in Nyeri, he dropped out of school in Standard 3 because he could not cope with mathematics. That notwithstanding, Tito has attempted many engineering feats, the most outstanding being making his own airplane which he flew for 5 minutes before it crashed into a tree injuring him. For all his troubles, during Kenyatta's rule he earned himself a stint in prison for trespassing Kenyan airspace, endangering his life and endangering the lives of others. Nobody saw the gold that lay in his contraption. That did not kill his dream though. He has since tried other engineering feats and his current dream is to make a glider.

Saving the World Does Not Mean Equalizing Every Living Human

So many folks want to save the world and they point to the bottom 1/3 2-Billion people who live on less than a dollar a day. Of course, they do not tell you that things are pretty cheap in these places and there is not much to buy anyway. So many people wish to save the world and they think that means taking from wealthy societies and giving it to poor ones. This is a bad omen. You see, taking from those who productive and giving to those who are not Yet productive, means the unproductive have zero incentive to become productive and care for themselves. Not long ago a gentleman wanted to join the Online Think Tank and he stated that his biggest concern was: social awareness to the quality of life for all people in countries to have needs met equally" Okay I thought and asked him;

Videoke in the Philippines

Videoke is a very popular form of entertainment in the Philippines. An entertainment in which amateur singers or just anybody who wants to try singing, sing along with recorded music using a microphone. On video, the voice of the original singers are removed or muted and the lyrics are displayed with corresponding moving cursors and changing text colors so that one can easily follow the song. These serve as a guide to successfully deliver the song. It can be in a plain TV with an attached player or it can also be a videoke machine wherein you press the corresponding buttons to enter the number of your song and then play it. It has become so famous that wherever you go, you'll find videoke bars.

When the Mindless Masses Bore You - You Can Always Become a Bar Tender and Study the Species?

We know that so many super intellectual individuals with unbelievable IQs, check out of society and take on remedial jobs. In studying this phenomenon, it appears that the very high IQ people look at human endeavors and society and just shake their heads at it all. Almost to the point that they do not wish to participate and follow the mindless masses, who incidentally bore them silly, and if we consider this, we ought not be too surprised. Of course, some super intellectual and high IQ people become bartenders or psychologists and instead of participating in society they simply study the species from the outside looking in. Some might say that this withdrawal and approach to society and culture is unhealthy and yet they might counter that human endeavors are boring and redundant;

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