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The Need For Sense of Humour in Life

What is life without a sense of humor? Man would be nothing but a reasoning animal without it. Many a life has been inspired by the ability to laugh in a tough situation and smile at the miseries of life. The drudgery of life is often relieved by these little glorious moments of humor. The capacity to see the flip side of life in the day to day situations and to come out of the bottlenecks of life , with a smile is indeed a great blessing, a great gift of the Gods. Charlie Chaplin had often said that he would not have survived the greatest battles of his life with out the great sense of humour he had. He could come out smililing in the hardest moments of his life. He laughed at the ironies of life, the very bitter sarcasm that life is.

Oscar Wilde, P.G.Wodehouse, and many great authors, great humor writers- all of them did suffer greatly in life but their sense of humor saved the day for them. Life and the drugeries of everyday living cannot be changed by crying or crimping about it. What next is the big question. In this question for solutions, if one can keep a cool head by being sensible and light-hearted about the situation, definitely the chances are that solutions would emerge on its own. Gloominess, depression and melancholy can only add miseries to life. But humor can brighten life, inspire the mind and spark the brain to look for way outs.

That is why sense of humor is a must for a healthy living.

Look at all the successul personalities. They were never fazed by the vagaries of life. They overcame the vicissitudes of life through hardwork and the ability to see the lighter side.
Progress in life can be achieved through these qualities only. The depressed man, never did go very far. Robert Bruce would have given up long back if he had no will to succeed and the ability to look beyond the seemingly gloomy and murky impasse.

Cultivate Humor, thou shall then not perish in the gloom of life.Rise, Shine and Smile.


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