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Stand-Up Comedy With Funny Man and Break-Dancer, Lawrence Leung

We get down and funky with award-winning comedian, Lawrence Leung, from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. He's successfully made the complex topic of science an enjoyable and entertaining experience by incorporating break-dancing and quirky experiments in his live acts. So what really goes on inside the mind of an 'Albert Einstein-cum-Eddie Murphy' type of person? Lawrence takes us on his intimate journey. Interviewer: What were you like as a child growing up? Lawrence: I remember being a curious child. I wanted to know how things worked so took apart telephones and clocks. Sometimes they didn't work again so I got into trouble. I used to climb trees just to see the view from the top.

Comedy in Manchester

It is understood that Davenport Productions have now completed a second draft of their new Sketch Show which is running under the working title of 'Escape to Friendship Beach.' The Davenport team say, "initial aims have all been completed and we're very pleased with the outcome. We hope some of our favourite characters and sketches will be unleashed on the public soon." Davenport Productions are a new comedy writing team hitting Manchester. Davenport Productions in South Manchester is the home of a newly formed writing partnership. The Independent Production company consists 4 friends and colleagues who share the same writing and production interests. With an aim to combine their own ideas and perspectives into a collaborative style, producing new and fresh visions for comedy and satire within television and radio.

Memorial Day Humor

Memorial day is a very special holiday. For some, it is a somber occasion for remembering fallen heroes who gave their very lives for this country. For some of us, it is a glorious victory day that we celebrate. We are happy we live in the USA. We are happy that we have family members to share this day with. We are particularly happy that we have a three day weekend. Woohoo! Enjoy your Memorial day weekend to the fullest. Memorial day makes a wonderful holiday to get into the patriotic spirit of celebrating. Many do this in a wide and varied variety of ways. I will elaborate. You'll enjoy. I hope. There is the party. Memorial day is a time to throw a party.

Pre Memorial Day Musings

It is the day before Memorial Day and as occurs many times during my days, thoughts of WWII still surface. After so many years I often wonder just how much of my memories are real and how much unreal; I have decided there is some of both in most thoughts. Memories that once made me waken at night, scared and shaking, have passed; letting more pleasant memories prevail. I realize now that there were times in the Marine Corp, and after, when I was a little nutty. The attitude of "don't give a damn" and "I can't die until I am at least 40" has pretty much gone by the wayside. The 'until 40' thought helped me immensely back then; however, the year I turned 40 was a bit uncomfortable, especially when my new company car that year was a coffin colored bronze.

Was Mozart Murdered?

Inspired by the film AMADEUS, many people have heard the rumor that the great Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart may have been murdered in 1791. Here are some curious facts about Mozart's final days that are not well known, and which completely contradict the theory that Mozart was poisoned by rival composer Antonio Salieri. It is rumored that Mozart was having an affair with Magdalena Hofdemel, a beautiful young piano student into whose home Mozart had been invited many times to play chamber music. They were family friends Some have conjectured that Magdalena was Mozart's true love, and that the Maestro had long before abandoned his greedy wife Constanze for the more sympathetic Magdalena.

Children Smoking In The 1930's

My Mother was a Saint; she must have been to have put up with me and my smoking. Yeah, I was a hard core smoker when I was around 11-12 years old. Cigarettes? Oh no, could not afford them, but there was other good smoking materials just laying around for the taking. Dry cedar bark crushed and rolled up in a cigar shape in a piece of newspaper or printed circular worked just fine. However, there was one teeny little problem that was a dead give away. Take a puff and the cedar bark and newspaper wrapping flared up; usually slightly singeing my eye brows. When Mother saw my burned eye brows, she would kindly ask if I had been smoking. Of course I said "no", and then the fire works began.

Beethoven's Bad Mood

Great composer Ludwig van Beethoven was known for his cantankerous household habits. During his lifetime he moved dozens of times, often the result of a dispute with the landlord. Beethoven was known to play the piano loudly, and many complaints were registered by neighbors about the great composer's strange hours. He was famous for his disputes with his housekeepers, and had trouble finding anyone who would work in a household in such constant turmoil. There were complaints by neighbors of loud crashing noises as Beethoven threw plates and books at the maids he had hired to serve him. Beethoven often accused the maids of stealing coins from him. And the Maestro's dining habits left much to be desired.

Laughter Is My Business - Make It Yours Too

I remember loving to laugh as a child. My mom was the "sense of humor proprietor" of our home, and making her laugh, was especially fun, as she was a tough audience. Especially when I was in trouble, which was a majority of the time. Though the basic principals of laughter are the same as they once were, in a nutshell, one person's tragedy is another person's comedy, aka slipping on a banana peel, still holds true to a certain degree. But audiences have gotten tougher, savvier, and more demanding, and rightfully they should. We live in a different world than our ancestors. We suddenly woke up in a world that was not quite as predictable as we were taught it would be in grade school.

Why I Hate A Cellphone, And What I'm Gonna Do To It

My job demands that I carry a cellphone 24/7. And it calls me 24/7 as well. In the night, it calls me out from my warm bed to remote sites, in a thunderstorm, with icy winds and lightning splitting the trees alongside me, and hail bouncing off the road. No, it is not my friend. When I lie down with a headache, it wakes me up 5 minutes later with a worse one. Foreign people with thick accents try to communicate with me when I've just been woken up from a deep sleep. Yes, I have some really unhealthy plans for that cellphone. With a rather large truck, I shall attempt to wheelspin on the phone. I am also going to catapault the cell at high velocity into a solid, extremely unforgiving concrete bastion.

Hector Berlioz And The Train Wreck

The great composer Hector Berlioz was known for his ornate dreams of grandeur, which many thought bordered on insanity. He invented orchestra instruments when the normal ones weren't big enough. For example, Berlioz often assembled orchestras that numbered into the hundreds of players. For one such ensemble he needed more bass, and, after all, who doesn't? But the great Hector Berlioz decided to invent the "octobass, " a giant string bass that played a full octave below the normal string bass, and had a bow so large that it had to be outfitted with a device resembling an oarlock. It was eight feet tall. Berlioz doubled and tripled the usual requirement for wind and brass instruments, sometimes using twelve French Horns instead of the standard four.

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