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Why You Really Need Quantum Theory

The cool thing about quantum theory, is that you can now prove your off the wall theories with science. For example, if an object travels at close to the speed of light, it actually, physically gets shorter. So if your car is too long for your short little garage, get it up to close to the speed of light, and it will fit in! (Briefly, that is) But wait! It gets better! Because traveling at close to light speeds also shortens time. In fact, when you get to the speed of light, time stops altogether and then starts going backwards, so that you can get back before you left, and watch yourself going. It's at this point of the discussion that my wife normally goes to make coffee, and she doesn't come back!

An Elephant Sat On The Hood Of My Car Part 1

It was 1981 or 82 and we had decided to visit some friends in Southern California. We weren't much for traveling in those days. Not that we didn't enjoy it; we just didn't really have the money and living in Phoenix during the summer, driving 500-600 miles in 115 degree weather just wasn't very appealing. But Janice and Andy had been insisting that we visit since they were such good friends of ours before they left our neighborhood due to his company transfer. Jane and Janice, in fact, were attached at the hip the 7 years they lived two houses down and the kids played together virtually every available moment. Jane convinced me that July this was the year to visit our good friends.

How Did I Get A Demon Boss?

I had a boss who was difficult and had some weird habits. I wished for a better boss. Then him and the secretary ran off together, and we got a new boss. OK, so the new boss refuses to speak English, because he doesn't like English speakers. So how bad can that be? Oh, I see: we are not allowed to speak English either. That kinda sucks when we don't know any other language! It turns out the staff have turns being in trouble. It's not that you did anything wrong. In fact, you may have worked your tail off the whole week. It's just your turn to be picked on, and given the worst jobs, and be implicated in all the mistakes made by others. This would be hilarious if our minds could absorb the totally illogical.

10 Not So Famous Quotes

Throughout the years, there have been many unforgettable quotes by famous statesmen, heads of industry, and game show hosts. Who will ever forget John F. Kennedy's inaugural speech where he said, "Ask not what your country can do for you, but ask what you can do for your country." Or, Nathan Hale, as he spoke before his destiny with the gallows, by uttering the now famous quote, "I regret I have but one life to give for my country." Who will ever forget Franklin D. Roosevelt, as we entered World War II, when he told the people of the United States, "December 7th, 1941, a day that will live in infamy?" But, do you know that there have been many quotes that have gone unnoticed throughout history?

What Do You Get For Being Very Successful At Failing?

To be a really good failure takes commitment, dedication and the grit to overcome minor successes to get to that really BIG disaster. I used to think that luck had something to do with it. But then I realized that luck kinda works some days and not other days. In my case, luck must have got stuck on OFF. It's more like when I was born, my Mom must have been shifting between two parallel universes, and I fell in the crack between them. Successes happen in the universes on either side of me, and I get this vague sense that success is possible, but not in this life, baby. Failure can be quite a blast. I mean, it's a sure thing. You don't have to lie awake at night thinking about whether you're going to get it right in the morning.

How Did I Quit Smoking?

I loved smoking since i was 18. I still cherish those heavenly blessed moments when relaxing in my easy chair, apple juice glass in my left hand, cigarette in my right hand watching wrestling on my television with sun rays knocking at my window and entering with my permission to give such soothing effect on my whole body, and the tobacco olfactory along with the white fumes of smoke in my room making it a wonderful place to live and praise blessings of God. Life was roaming along in a very pleasant manner. I used to think that the last thing on earth for me will be to quit smoking but it turned out quite the opposite. I met jade when I was 19.5 years old.

The Great Ruse at Foggy Hollow

Nicholas Bear (barrister by trade) and his lovely wife, Maude, lived in a frilly little stone cottage down by the stream in the wild berry thickets of Foggy Hollow gulch. Velevty roses and lacy lobelia neatly lined their brick curving walkway to their home in the woods. Window boxes beneath leaded windows dribbled fanciful pink verbena to the dancing snapdragons nipping happily at them just below. Leaping salmon topiaries flanked their arched entry. During the days, Nicholas tirelessly fought for justice in the courts in the land of beardom. In the evenings, Nicholas returned home to his sweet little bride of 30 years, Maude. After dinner, he would retreat to his den, sinking deeply into his barracuda lounge chair.

Anatomy Of Wife

Wife is a living creative. It has two hands and two feet. She uses her hands to throw the household utensils on her husband. Sometimes she hurls iron forks and even heavy things on him .she uses her feet to go on shopping and attending functions. She is often seen at the shopping centers however you can see her in house too when she invites her friends to show them the obedience of her husband. It has two eyes that contain a fluid which she keeps on overflowing from her eyes. These are called tears but in fact these are borrowed from the crocodiles. This fluid works as a catalyst to convince the so called husbands. It has two ears that are used to hear the backbiting of the neighbors or the close relatives of the husband.

Do Not Panic I Am Not Islamic

This is a funny little story, if not a some what sad reflection on the state of today's society, it is all about the months after the July terrorist bombings in London. Enjoy! The UK as a whole was saddened and frustrated by the terrorist attacks on the transport system of London. Many people died and many more were injured. The pictures of the smiling bombers entering the train station with their big back packs, is one that I shall never forget. The bombers were seemingly normal Asian men from England, how could they do this to their own country? More importantly for the British people was the fear that other people from an Asian background may be planning further atrocities.

My Journey at Birth

It all began many years ago, too many to mention, in a hospital in Youngstown, Ohio. They called it a delivery room, but I could never understand that because they were actually receiving me. Anyhow, I was very comfortable in the womb, just floating around, at easy in my little water filled balloon. All of the sudden, someone burst my bubble, I mean literally burst my bubble, and left me high and dry. I mean I wasn't bothering anyone, and even if I was I didn't mean too. The walls which once used to protect me, began to nudge me towards a tunnel. Slowly I am squeezed down this tunnel so dark and scary. Then, I saw a light, there really is a light at the end of the tunnel!

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