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Staying On The Funny Side - Of Commercials

Have you seen the commercial for the kid's allergy medication? Two women are sitting in a park on a play date when one child runs up, sneezes, and both women, like gun slingers, pull out their emergency mommy medication. One mother has an oozing bag of mangled medications. The other mother pulls out her handy dandy pre-filled dose of medication and administers it to Junior and never misses a beat. Messy bag woman cowers in shame. Quick-dose mom flashes a condescending smile of victory. Freeze the frame right here because I have a problem with this whole scenario. First of all, find me a park where children are frolicking and skipping to the tune of laughing mothers.

My Talent

Here I am again, ready to take the plunge. Now that I'm back though, what do I have to say? Has there been months of pent up creativity, just waiting to burst out of my idea filled brain? or will it turn out (as i fully expect) that only the tiniest germ, has been lying, undisturbed and probably unperturbed, by the notion of being put into print. I wonder if R L Stevenson or Conan Doyle suffered in the same way, Had they owned olde worlde blogs, would they have been stricken with the 'curse of the empty brain cell'? Holmes would surely have found an answer to it, and Dr Jekyll would have found able assistance in his friend Mr Hyde, the answer would have come, but it may have been messy.

Ice Cubes

I am tired of filling the ice cube trays. Every tray I examine has just two ice cubes remaining. It is as if the perpetrator of this outrage, and she knows who she is, decides that as long there are two cubes left, it would be wasteful to fill the tray. One cube, apparently, can be sacrificed. Consequently, every time I wish to put ice in my beverage I am limited to two cubes, unless I want to fill two ice cube trays. I must then walk all the way across the kitchen and refill the tray or trays slopping water along the way that I will step in later in my stocking feet. I blame my wife, Kathie, for this because I know I have to fill at least one tray each and every time I have a drink.

A Love Story Which Ended In Marriage

Katie is my wife. I married her with in a week, fell in love and now I am her husband. These seven days are full of events of meaningful consequences, are they really? Day 1, I was fired by my boss and was feeling heart broken, naturally. There was a logical, psychological and real need for someone whom I could share this pathos. A single male, living alone, average looking with empty pockets fascinates 0.0001 % single women even with much worst financial or physical position. It was a mystery then, it is a mystery now, but that's how the world works. At 3:00 pm I sat on a bench near a busy shopping mall, doing nothing and thinking nothing and feeling nothing.

Does Alternative Comedy Have Mainstream Appeal?

Using The Comedy Club Ltd as a reference organisation, we will track the growth of regular comedy nights, the ever expanding corporate market for comedian hire and also media exposure for not only the acts, but the clubs involved in the alternative comedy circuit. Established in 1996 by Ian Franklin, The Comedy Club Ltd has gone from strength to strength and has seen the market change from booking comedy clubs in just bars, all the way to national hotel and health club chains. The Growth of Regular Comedy Nights Since the beginning, The Comedy Club has always set out to be an extremely flexible organisation, supplying a successful, fully promoted and advertised comedy night within 6 weeks.

Using Funny Bumper Stickers To Get Your Point Across

After the beginning of the use of bumper stickers, they have now really become fashionable and are admired by the large masses. They have become a popular means of people's sense of humor. Some of the funny bumper stickers have turn into classics and happen to be icons for long time. The fame and status of these bumper stickers is continuously increasing because they are nowadays used for other special purpose such as: 1) Campaign materials 2) To place political statements at the members of the politics. Lots of producers of bumper stickers have developed techniques for people to have their personal bumper stickers. You can find such producers and deal with them on the internet.

Are You Looking For Funny Videos And Commercials?

Are you having hard time getting a smile on your worried face in this busy life? Just relax and watch a funny videos online. An apple a day keeps the doctor away. This proverb is an old one. The latest version is as follows; keep smiling and keep the doctor away. The smile is cheaper than the apple. In olden times comedy plays made people laugh. Later on comedy films took their place. Now the short funny videos are in. The joy you were searching around the world was within you always. What could be the reason of the fact that Tom and Jerry, the famous cartoon is popular among all age groups? It makes people happy. There was once the ice age, then Stone Age.

Jangling Nerves Not Conducive to Productivity

Arrgghhh, it's that dreaded time again... HALF TERM! If I have to listen to Poooower Raaaangers SPD, Pooooower Raaangers to the rescue, break up Triple H and The Undertaker wrestling on my floor or tend to WWE/Raw carpet burns one more time, I'm gonna perform a couple of double choke slams of my own! As you can tell, I'm not in the best of moods. It's not all the kids' fault though. Some of it is self-inflicted... To Spam or not to Spam I decided that 2008 was the year where I was going to sever the umbilical cord between me and my 'puter a little. I was going to overcome my aversion to sunlight and get myself a bit fit! Enter one very expensive and posh gym/club/fitness centre (whatever they are called).

Alarms and Clocks

The earliest form of alarm clock was probably a big guy standing by a sundial waiting to shout: Oi -- wake up! Alarm is defined as a state of fear or heightened anxiety and comes from old Italian, all arme -- all arm -- a call to arms. Nature makes wide use of alarm calls. The raucous shriek of angry birds echoes through every jungle alerting of danger. In any back garden a stalking cat can be thwarted by the shrill cries of a startled worm-puller. The cowboy guiding his wary pony across the prairie pulls up short at the warning quiver of a deadly rattlesnake -- carrying its own alarm in its tail. Humans have adopted and adapted many ways of providing alarms.

Beaver in Argentina

25 pairs of beaver were taken to Argentina by someone interested in fur farming. They were under the radar of the local predators and there are now over 200, 000 of them in the wild. (Enthusiastic bunch.) They started eating fish. Maybe it was a case of what do you do when you can't find a nice poplar to bite into, but they are a rodent, so I guess it's not that much of a stretch. With a set of wood chisels for teeth the fish don't have much of a chance. I doubt if there is another predator around that would enjoy chewing through the thick end of a tree. Its vegetarian background gave it a pretty vicious set of tools to bring to the table. With the change in diet, the beaver started to grow bigger, and when they did that, they started making bigger dams, up to a hundred meters wide.

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