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Winners Guide on TUNNEL ing Affiliate Marketing

If the article title seems to have amused you, you got it right. I am here to talk about TUNNEL products and marketing them as a result of which you will be tunneling affiliate marketing to dig out money. What do affiliates look for choosing a product? Its common that we look at products that has good commissions and that has got less rejection(returned) rates. That is the basic that everyone should look at on first hand before choosing a product. But, this is not the only one that should be looked at for choosing your affiliate product. What is a tunnel product? You might have heard this term Tunnel or funnel quite often in this arena. A tunnel/funnel affiliate product is the one which has one product in the front end sales and more than one product in the back end sales.

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Auctions [14]

How to Create a Viral Traffic Explosion Using the Power of Ebay!

Ebay is not only a great place to sell your unwanted old stuff or to start an online business, it is also a powerful traffic generation tool. A high percentage of visitors to Ebay are actually looking for stuff to buy! That's buyer traffic.That's buyer traffic. Here's how to create a viral visitor explosion using Ebay: 1. Create An Info Product Create an info product such as a meaty content packed ebook or a series of tutorial videos that teach people how to do something. One way to get an info product instantly is to acquire resell rights to a product. This gives you the rights to resell the product and pocket all the cash. 2. Burn It Into A CD Burn your product into a CD.

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Talk Radio Station - The Latest Destination to Advertise your Business!

Guess the hottest spot on the Internet to advertise your business? No, it's not on a blog, forum or a website. It's on an Internet talk radio station. Quite simply, a talk radio station is the latest hotspot on the Internet, the place where all the action is. If you are not already taking advantage of it, you're missing out on something! Let me explain. Most of us love and enjoy listening to the good old radio. The times have changed and so have the ways we entertain ourselves. This is the age of the Internet and online entertainment. Our habit of listening to the radio has found a new platform - the Internet. That's right, presenting the e-radio, the latest avatar of the radio in this cyber era.

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How to Increase Your Website Opt-ins by 50 Or More!

Earlier this year AWeber held a very limited, invitation only training session for Internet marketers. I was one of a lucky handful of people who participated. However, unlike the other folks involved, I took mountains of notes. I'm sharing AWeber's secrets (and proven data! ) with you right here, right now. The quotes are word-for-what what AWeber told us. We also interpret what they said, just to make everything crystal clear... AWeber Lesson #1 "Forms never stand alone in isolation. Consider the context. Opt in forms are part of a larger sales process. Again, consider your overall business goals."The core idea is that you should not ever just whip up an opt-in form and expect success.

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Advertising Your Vacation Rentals Online - Pros and Cons

Advertising on the web is one of the most important ways to promote your vacation home rental property. To get the most out of your advertising dollar and get the most exposure you must advertise on multiple web sites. Failure to do so will eventually result in your bookings falling off; remember that there is increasing competition on the market for vacation homes as vacationers drift towards private rentals instead of hotels. So how can promoting your vacation home increase bookings? Simply, multiple listings can do the following: 1. Increase the number of hits your listing will get as more web sites exposes your listing to a wider audience. The type of prospective clients will also expand as different web sites cater to different types of vacationers.

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Blogging [14]

Do You Need a Small Business Blog?

Do you need a blog for your small business? My answer to you is yes, you absolutely do! Here's a few reasons why I think you need one (based on the meeting from this morning): 1. Blogging gets you in touch with your customers. While your website is your online brochure to get your company message out, your blog personalizes your business and humanizes you to your potential clients. 2. Blogging is free. It doesn't cost you any money and can be a welcome addition to any of your current marketing campaigns. Emily uses her blog to showcase the events her company attends. 3. Blogging is instantaneous. You can post something and it's live on the Internet right away.

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Domain Names [14]

How to Use a Domain Name Generator

A domain name generator enables you to come up with good domain names which you can use to create your site. There are many sites that provide for a domain name generator and you therefore should not have a problem getting one. One example of a site with a domain name generator is name boy. There are many factors to put in mind before you generate a name especially if you want a site that will enhance or start your business. The generator provides a step by step guide, to make sure that you come up with the name that will suit your business. It is always vital to have a catchy name which is short and concise. This means that you should not have a name that people will have to struggle before they remember.

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E Books [14]

Powerful Ebook Writing - 6 Maximum Steps to Excel With Ebook Writing

Everybody would like to excel in ebook writing. Well, who wouldn't be if dominating this multi-billion industry means achieving your financial freedom? Here are the 6 maximum steps to excel with ebook writing: 1. Improve your writing skills. This is the first step that you need to take if you want to make a lasting mark on this field. You must be able to communicate your thoughts and ideas in a very smart-sounding but easy to understand way so you can easily earn the trust of your clients while making it hassle-free for them to get the message that you are trying to get across. 2. Choose "timeless" topics. By this, I simply mean write about topics that can offer practical information that can be used over and over again.

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Ecommerce [14]

Ecommerce Vs the Real World

Have you ever noticed that the online world mirrors the real world, but some elements just seem to perform better online? Of course the downside is you don't typically get to see customers or those who you're buying from, but the upside is you can travel around the world and world-class travelers can visit your online business. With gas prices these days this may be an incredibly solid reason to understand the online world and what it can bring to your doorstep. When you do travel you are likely to spot billboards for businesses and organizations - they are all over the place in many cities and along well traveled roads. In an online environment you have banner ads.

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4 Email Marketing Techniques to Build a Profitable List

Your e-mail list is the #1 asset to your online business. The key to online success over the long term is to build a highly response opt-in list. Here are 5 techniques to help you get started today. #1 - Give Something Away for Free It's a normal human response to give something away for something in return. By giving away something of great value, your prospects will be dying to share their e-mail address to solve their problems. You can give away e-mail courses, PDFs, videos, podcasts, special articles, or anything of value to your target audience for their e-mail. Remember: it must be solve a big problem, and your subscriber must have THAT problem!

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Ezine Marketing - The Fast Track to Profitable Ezine Publishing Revealed

You can market a profitable ezine in many forms. The real benefit of an ezine is that it really doesn't follow a standard form that may often be found at other publications. This means that you can really do whatever you like. As you create a profitable ezine make a conscious effort to really think outside the box." Yes, it sounds cliché but it is how to succeed in a publishing world that loves conformity. Find a hook To publish a profitable ezine you need to find a hook that others may have missed. Think about your readership. What really drives them? Do they have the attention span of a flea or are they so "high-brow" that they need to be one of only a few in your demographic that know about the ezine in the first place (or at least think they're the only one.

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What is a Lead Capture Page?

If your new to online marketing chances are you are probably wondering what is a lead capture page, and why do you hear so many people talking about them. Well you are in luck, because today I would like to explain to you what a lead capture page is and why it is so important to have one. Lead capture page - A lead capture page is designed to tease someone and only show important facts and leaving the reading wanting to find out more information. This is when the person reading the lead capture page can then enter in his or her name and email address into the small form on the page. Once the person enters his or her name and email address into the form you now have what is called a lead.

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How You Can Manage Your Directory Submissions?

Do you own a website or a blog? If you are a webmaster then I am sure that you are always trying to promote your website. There are thousands of websites on the world wide web but not everyone of them are generating revenue. If you want to make your website successful then you have to spend some time and money. There are two things which can make you successful online. The first thing you will need is targeted traffic and second thing is quality content. There are lot of websites out there which have quality content but it is a difficult task to generate traffic. Websites do not make money because they do not follow a proper link building campaign. There are many sources of traffic but one of the biggest source is search engine.

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List Building [14]

Build Your Online Marketing Business - Know Your Customer List and Needs

You've started your online marketing business. You have the customer list. You kept it because they have bought things from you in the past. However what have they bought from you lately? Do you know what they need? Do you know if the product they bought from you is meeting their current needs or are they looking for a better product to help them meet their current needs? The bottom line here - do you know your customer list well enough to know what they need and then supply them with a product that will meet those needs? Suffice it to say that not every customer on your list is going to need the same thing at the same time. As a result having more then one product to offer is always important.

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Using Pay Per Click in Your Affiliate Marketing Business

There are four basic types of search engines, and PPC (pay per click) is one of these four. PPC is an extremely effective way to drive targeted traffic to your site. Forbes Magazine states that around 8 billion dollars will be spent in PPC advertising in 2008. Below is a basic overview of how PPC search engines work. PPC search engines create listings which are based on keyword phrases that people are using in their internet searches. Webmasters who are seeking to market their websites will bid against other webmasters for each keyword phrase. Each of these phrases will have a number one spot, then a second and third spot, and so on. The winning bidder for the number one spot will show up at the top of the search for that keyword phrase.

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AdSense - Fail Or Succeed With This One Step

If you have a rock solid method for choosing niches and keywords, great! If otherwise, you will not have success with AdSense. I know those are strong words. However, failing to do this step correctly will be the weak link in your entire AdSense venture. If done correctly, you at least are on the road to success. If done wrong, your entire effort is doomed from the start. I am not talking about using free keyword tools or even a paid subscription to a tool. That is not what doing keyword research is all about. Sure, those free tools are great to brainstorm with; I use them for that purpose myself. However, I will not trust them for picking the keywords I actually use to optimize my sites with!

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Paid Surveys [14]

Get Paid to Take Online Surveys - And Avoid the Scams

It is undoubtedly true, that the one area of the GPT (get paid to) online market place, which seems to be most vulnerable to scammers is that of online surveys. The scams generally work like this: they offer you "magnificent income potential", "more money than you've ever earned before", "the chance to give up your boring day-time job" and so on, with equally outrageous claims. They state eg: "for just $29.95" they will provide you with directories of companies wanting your opinions, with nothing more to pay. What they neglect to tell you is that the fee they charge is non-refundable, and the charge is often per directory, so the "nothing more to pay" only applied to the one directory they sent.

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Podcasting [14]

Why and How You Can Take Advantage of the Podcasting Revolution

Today, many webmasters are interested in developing platforms that will attract business owners and consumers. As an example, many social networking sites now offer a variety of tools that can be used to promote products as well as conduct financial transactions. That said, few sites take advantage of podcasting as a means of accomplishing the same goals. Consider the fact that Ebay has more or less reached its maximal growth potential and is on the decline. At the same time, Yahoo is on the verge of being bought out, and Google adwords will soon be facing stiff competition from other forms of internet marketing. To many web platform developers, this translates directly into wondering what the next craze will be.

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Productive Product Creation - Latest 6 Responsive Methods to Jumpstart Your Product Creation

This article is for people who are seriously considering creating their own line of products but just simply don't know where to start. If you are one of them, you can surely make use of these latest 6 responsive methods that can tremendously help you jumpstart your product creation endeavor: 1. Keep yourself abreast with the changing market trends. Know what's in and what's not so you can easily figure out the best products to create that will sell like hotcakes online. Make it a habit to watch TV (particularly those channels that offer infomercials), read international magazines, or surf the internet on a regular basis. 2. Consider your budget. If you are like other people who are just starting out with this endeavor, you might also not have huge budget to start up with.

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Product Launching - Keep Your Eyes Wide Open

So you've developed a product and you have high hopes for the success of this venture. Those who have tested the product love its design and function and you're excited about what the future might hold. The truth is you have had several individuals ask if they can place a link to your site from theirs. Initially you are amazed at the response and readily agree. After all, this will help with link building strategies. It may surprise you to learn that I think your marketing vision may be too small. If you have enthusiastic support from the start you might consider making their enthusiasm something to be rewarded. Encourage those who are most interested in the initial launch to consider becoming an affiliate.

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RSS [14]

How to Make Money with eBay Product Feeds

RSS has been around for sometime already but the newness of the technology is still taking a little time to catch on. Larger businesses with the likes of and eBay already offer RSS feeds that give subscribers the option of enjoying the latest news, products and information while it is still fresh. If you have a niche website that sells particular related products you can find eBay site builder software or Amazon site builders that will allow you to add these product feeds to your website with very little effort. If you want to start making money using RSS product feeds then looking for RSS site builder software is your first step. Naturally you will have to have a look into how RSS product feeds work and the best ways of taking advantage of them.

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SEO [14]

Here's a Quick Way to Submit Website Or Blog to Many Bookmark Sites

There are so many stories online that tell you about how there is great businesses to be made online. The only problem is that there are many times that maybe hundred times that which contradict those winner stories. These stories we seldom hear about. Many have tried to launch a business enterprise on the Internet but only a handful will succeed. What are some of the key factors to achieving success online today. Well for one it takes good business sense, some help from others, Most of all sheer determination, eagerness to succeed, and a certain willingness to learn, and most of all invest in alot of Hard work. Some say you should have a bit of money invested, but not that much really.

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Key Factors to Increase Search Engine Traffic

Some weeks ago I explained you the difference between Social Traffic and Search Engine Traffic and I told you it is recommended to work on build Search Engine Traffic because with a little work it grows up month by month without having to put as much effort on it as the Social Traffic need. Here are some key factors to increase this traffic: * Write content constantly, do it daily or almost daily. This is due to two reasons. First one, Search Engines love webs/blogs that update content often so this sites usually rank better than static ones. Second reason, if you have a lot of content there are more chances of being a result of a search, don't you think it is logical?

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Security [14]

How Did They Steal My Product?!

"The goal of education is the advancement of knowledge and the dissemination of truth." - John Fitzgerald Kennedy Selling digital products online is a great way to make money without a lot of manual interaction. However, there is dark side to this gleaming system. Easily people can and are STEALING your products. There are people out there that want your product, but don't want to pay for it; It's sad but true. Now we all know that search engines play a crucial factor in the successful sales of your products. What you are about to find out is how they are also a powerful tool for would be thieves. "When Bots Attack" As many of you may know, search engines use bots to spider your site crawling over every bit (or rather "byte" for you techies) of data on your website.

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3 Killer Ways to Explode Your Site Promotion Campaign

Here's a secret that might surprise you: traffic generation IS easy! Now, I know you might probably be saying, "Fabian, you are probably getting tons of traffic. Of course generating traffic is easy to you! " You see, the main problem is that most people don't take enough action! Not enough to generate massive traffic numbers anyway. The secret to traffic generation is to take action. Continually test traffic sources. When one doesn't work, say "Next." Do it until you find the traffic generation methods that work for you. With that said, here are 3 killer ways you might want to use to explode your site promotion campaign: 1. Article Marketing Article marketing is one of the old 'warhorses' of online marketing.

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How to Explode Your Traffic With Social Bookmarking

What if I told you there is a way to get traffic to your site - without building one way links to your site - without submitting articles to directories - without submitting to directories - without using pay per click - without search engine optimization - without relying on the big bad search engines. In fact, this powerful new technique has a short learning curve and can send visitors to your site almost instantly! No this isn't a myth or some fantasy, but an exciting new way of driving traffic to your Website called "Social Bookmarking" WHAT IS SOCIAL BOOKMARKING? To put it simply, social bookmarking is a collection of Websites indexed by humans. Unlike the search engines which rely on complicated algorithms to index relevant Websites for each topic, each site has been "bookmarked" by a human who found it interesting or helpful.

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Social Media [13]

The Secret to Harnessing the Power of Social Media

I think advertising is going crazy at the moment over SMO using guerrilla tactics, fancy viral videos, flash games, and a multitude of other fickle engagement strategies to get people talking or thinking about their brand online. There is a false perception, I believe, that if you can get a lot of people to view something, that automatically translates to success. But how is it successful? It's not that difficult to get people interested in something - I watch funny youtube videos all the time. However I think that frequently, advertisers do not understand the difference between interest and action. You can release a viral video and get 100, 000 people to be interested in it, but few may act on it - or even know that it is associated with a particular brand.

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Social Networking and Communities

Social networking brings people together into communities online where they can communicate and share their interests and opinions with others who are interested in hearing what they have to say. Communities of internet users group together on many well-known social networking sites to include U-tube, MySpace, and Facebook among others to become connected. This technology takes the fear out of having to meet new friends and acquaintances face to face and provides a more comfortable atmosphere for discussions. Social networking also allows those who have limited connection with others a way to feel involved with the world. This must be one of the main reasons millions are signed up and using these services each day.

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Spam Blocker [13]

Protect Your Email from SPAM Bots

One of the easiest ways for your email to get snatched up by a SPAM bot is to have it on your website. Still, many businesses these days fall into the trap and then wonder why they are getting 15-20 SPAM emails a day. Fortunately, there is a quick fix that will allow you to have your email on your website, but in a way that the SPAM bots cannot recognize. The way to do this is to create an image file of your email address. SPAM bots are designed to skim through text and code to find email addresses, but they cannot understand an image as it is referenced in the code by it's path. The only thing that is important to remember though is while the image is not decipherable by the SPAM bot, it's alt tag may be.

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How to Increase Traffic to Your Site

While there are a number of important facets to having success online, generating traffic to your site is by far the most important. You could have the best web site on the internet, but it is worthless if nobody knows about it. The marketing aspect of internet marketing is crucial to having success. It is not always easy to generate traffic to your site. This is especially the case when you are first starting out. Luckily, there are several ways you can go about generating traffic. While there is not one right way for everyone, this allows you to find what works best for you. Looking at an affiliate marketing opportunity can be a great way to promote your internet marketing business.

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Are Your Videos Getting You the Conversion Rates You Deserve?

Video Marketing works. This is a well known fact across the internet: videos attract people. So with so many people using videos to attract people, is there a way to make your own video stand out of the crowd? Before, people would have to pay highly skilled webmasters to add a unique twist to their videos. They do that because it shows that their video isn't like any other video out there. When people see a YouTube video, they easily recognize that it is from YouTube, and is therefore available to everyone. It is the same with camtasia videos. They all have the same border, button layout, color, everything. It's rather bland and turns people off after they see YouTube or camtasia in the corner of your "special" video.

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How To Embed Flash Video On Your Website - Embed Flash Video Quickly And Easily

Are you wondering how to embed Flash video on your website? It can be quite confusing looking around the internet for a solution. There are codecs you can experiment with, expensive software you can try, complicated instructions to follow. And will you get the results you're looking for after all that effort? I must admit I had no clue about this when I started. I wasted hours messing around and still ended up converting my videos to the wrong format. Some of them ended up too big, so it took hours to upload the finished product to the internet. Then people lost patience waiting for them to download, so there was no point having the videos up there in the first place.

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Web Design [13]

How to Create Custom Widgets

Creating custom widgets can allow you to spruce up your website or web design without totally overhauling it. Scroll bars and button and text boxes, all things that some people take for granted as something that does not really matter in a design can be some of the most stand-out items on a website. Creating good one takes thought since you have to make sure it stays within the theme of the design but they can be a bit more extravagant than their more static friends such as the background. Just imagine using a cupid's arrow as the mouse's cursor on a certain site. Not only would it fit the theme of finding love that the website had but it would surely capture your attention, and you might even think to yourself, hey that is pretty neat.

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Joomla Training Video - Which Course to Choose

Joomla is the ultimate content management system. It offers flexibility that other web development systems just don't offer. With this flexibility and power Joomla offers it can often be overwhelming for the new or intermediate web developer. Thankfully there are courses out there that offer quick training solutions for novices. These training solutions make learning Joomla in as little as a days time a very realistic possibility. Here we discuss what criteria make for the ultimate video training course for Joomla. The first thing one should look for in a Joomla course is the overall package. What does it have to offer? Do not be impressed with twenty-five individual videos if the content of those videos is lacking.

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Web Hosting [13]

Choosing the Best Web Hosting Plan

Are you a newbie to this website thing? You may be aware of the fact that for the growth and success of your business you have to do what the competitors are doing... gain an internet presence. This would naturally call for a website. Choosing a hosting firm can be confusing enough with the great number of web hosting companies. This problem is still confounded by the fact that you need to choose the best web hosting plan. There is no cause to fret as these things can be learned. Here are several pointers that can help you in choosing the most suitable web hosting plan. First off is to consider your needs and what the website is for. This is important as you will have to consider the disc space offered by the web hosting plan.

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