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Twenty First Century Dads Are Smokin'- In More Ways Than One!

I grew up in one of those families where labor was clearly defined along gender lines. My Pop, the sensitive (but macho) laborer-type, worked outside the house while mother did all the inside work and raised the kids. Pop knew how to enjoy the fruits of Mom's labor, and we knew if that if he found his way to the kitchen chances are he would end up hungry most of the time. As I grew older I remember being surprised and amused to see him washing the dishes, surely times had changed. But Pop still couldn't cook or tend to anything quite so "domestic." The only real in-door kitchen memory I have of my father was when I would regularly wake him at 3am to bake in my "Suzie Homemaker" oven;

Are Bratz Dolls a Negative Influence on Little Girls?

I remember when I was a little girl, oh about 11 years old, I had a really good friend named Chris. From the 3rd grade on, we went to school together and I used to spend practically every other weekend at her house. My family was poor and my mom didn't really dress up much, but Chris' mom did! She had the feather boas, the high heel slides with the feather puffs and tassels, along with the most glamorous dresses. Boy did her mom have some sexy dresses! But that was the fun of it all. Chris' mom would dress up on Friday and Saturday nights and go out on the town, leaving me and my friend Chris (along with her two younger brothers) home, with instructions that we were not to go outside or leave the house for any reason whatsoever.

Flower-Themed Art and Craft For Adults and Children of All Ages

A creative child is a happy child. Being creative is an instinctive human need. There are so many ways that this need can be met as creativeness can be applied to art, craft, music, gardening, sewing, knitting, making sand castles, building a den, making model planes and so on ... the list is endless. So many children spend free time being entertained by television and computer games. These may be fun in small doses, but can never replace the joy of creating something themselves. Not many of us have the talent to be world renowned artists or architects, but the personal satisfaction of what we make or create ourselves is priceless. So with this in mind and knowing that I fall into the category of "keen but unqualified", I set about building a website to help other ordinary people, adult or child, to get involved with painting and crafting at all levels of ability.

Take Your Vitamins Honey- Helpful Hints For Parents

Yelling, kicking, screaming, hiding, are all characteristics of a child who does not want to take their vitamins, especially if it means swallowing them or having to taste something "yucky." Products geared towards children often have a terrible aftertaste or do not have the nutrients that your child may require. Many children are in need of supplements, vitamins, or medications on a daily basis; which may not come in forms suitable for young children. Below are easy ways to get your child to take their supplements without a fuss. Mix it in If the product is in a capsule, simply open the capsule and mix it with a small amount of liquid (perhaps a Dixie cup).

How to Build a Kid's Friendly Online Game Website

Designing an Online Games Website for kids requires some considerations in order to make the website friendly to kids. Below are some points that can help website designers: 1. Don't make it too educational - Remember it's a Game not Homework. 2. Keep the Layout and the games locations in the page with minimum changes as possible. 3. KISS -Keep it simple .., Try to make the layout simple to navigate for the kids without the help of their parents. 4. Don't pop-up Advertisement windows, The Kid will lose focus of your site, and the parents won't like it either, instead use ads as part of your page. 5. Try to use screen shots of the game, instead of just links.

What Types of Camps Are Right For Kids?

Camps. Have you ever noticed how many different meanings one word can have? For example, there is the military training camp, a boot camp and even a training camp. Or perhaps the word reminds you of times where you used to play cowboys in the neighborhood and pretended to sit around a campfire. It may even remind you of some of the great times you and your family had when you went camping at some remote lake. The purpose for setting up a camp can be for different reasons also. Some may be done strictly for pleasure, like summer camp or camping with the family. There are also some that are for training purposes, much like a military boot camp, and sometimes it is necessary to camp in certain areas to carry on research.

Protecting Children in Cyberspace

One of the greatest advancements of the 20 th century was the development of the Internet. This global communications system has revolutionized the way the world shares information and conducts commerce. It is a remarkable tool that has truly made the world a much smaller place. With a few clicks of a mouse, a person in Idaho can instantly be connected with another person in Bangladesh, sharing text, images, video, and audio virtually in real time. The ability to do research, share information, diagnose disease, and engage in commerce has been forever changed by the phenomenon that is the World Wide Web. But with any unregulated medium, there is a dark side.

Advantages Of Joining Texas Summer Camps

Texas summer camps offer an educative experience of the outer world to students that no other summer camp can offer. They offer a real world look into a working ranch and a different way of life in the wide-open country. This is something that few children in today's world can experience and being able to do this via Texas summer camp is a great opportunity for them. A Texas summer camp will allow the students to ride horses, work on the ranch, get into close contact with wild animals and develop their own working knowledge of a new way of life in the southern states. Many Texas summer camps offer programs that build confidence and self-esteem in the child.

How To Create A Classic Toy

It is easy in today's modern world of electronic gadgets and shiny plastic to overlook the classic toys that have been around for generations. You can still find them, usually tucked away in areas labelled 'Classic Yesteryear', or in toy shops that are themselves tucked away in small corners of old towns, as though the town grew up around them, like a grain of sand inside the pearl. These classic toys have not become classics simply because there are still generations old enough to remember them from when they were young. Classics usually earn their status because they combine the three essential elements for any toy, which today's toy manufacturers sometimes need to remind themselves of.

Mathematics And The Benefit Of Music Toys

Musical toys can certainly become irritating after a while, either playing the same monotones electronic tune over and over again, usually not being allowed even to play the fully ditty, but restarting the first bar over and over again as your darling little one keeps pressing that exciting button. The alternative is that the delightful chorus is being composed and performed by none other than your own dear sweetheart of a cherub. It was so kind of his aunt to buy him that drum set for Christmas wasn't it? The problem is, though, that music, and musical toys, are very important to the development of a child. Music has so many beneficial factors, and many more that we can only hint at but cannot yet define why they have such an effect.

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