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Consideration Of Art-Based Activities For Our Children

A recent report by several independent researchers concludes that participating in the arts nurtures the development of social, personal and cognitive skills. Programs based on Arts can improve academic achievement and decrease the tendency towards delinquency. It helps youth form positive attitudes about themselves and build self-esteem. Arts programs involve communication, interpretation and understanding of complex symbols, much like mathematics and languages. Thus it fosters higher-order analytical skills and skills of evaluation and synthesis. Many of the programs make the child regularly use multiple skills thus making him dynamic and versatile. Development of imagination, judgment and philosophy are fringe benefits of an arts-based activity.

The Secret Diary Of Your Child

Many years ago it was considered quite usual for children, mainly older children, to keep diaries. Although the tradition of keeping regular diaries has dwindled amongst children in recent years, there has of late been an increase in the idea of similar ways of recording thoughts, feelings, friends' details and other pearls of wisdom. These can be called diaries, journals, secret books or other such tomes of secret wisdom, and these come in a variety of different types. The emphasis for most of these journals or diaries is that they are for secret thoughts and notes, and the whole industry is very much geared towards giving children this secret way of recording their thoughts, or of storing their notes and recordings in ways that will prevent adults from being able to see what they are writing.

Nutritious Art Activities For Kids

Artwork and Crafting may enhance the creativity of the children. From here they will be able to discover new ideas and employ them on their art or craft activities. Toddlers and preschoolers are the most to enjoy art period. These activities may lead to a lot of opportunities to learn certain topics. Nutrition can be discussed during art activities and through this you can impose on how to have goodp and balanced eating habits. Do the food pyramid out of a huge piece of card board; make a triangle divide it into 5 food groups, including the fats as well as the sweets section. Label each portion with the recommended daily allowance of foods. Let the kids do the tearing of images from magazines or utilize food stickers and place them on the corresponding food group.

Childhood Obesity

One Family's Story of Change Not so long ago, a typical Saturday at the Taylor household consisted of video games, fast food dinner and banana splits for dessert. Evenings were spent cuddled up in front of a family DVD, munching on popcorn and guzzling soda. "I guess I figured we were really spending lots of quality time together, " says Michelle, whose sons are nine and eleven. "I never realized that I was actually damaging my children's health." A recent trip to the pediatrician woke Michelle up to the damage the junk food and sedentary activities were causing. Both sons are considered overweight (their body mass index is over 90% for their age). The pediatrician pointed out that if the boys didn't get their weight under control, they are more at risk for developing diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

The Activities Designed For Children During Weddings

Children may always be present during ceremonies such as Weddings. The decision will still depend on the Bride and Groom whether to invite children during the ceremonies. There are joyous moments as well as hazardous ones once you invite children during weddings. It will be more fun to invite the important people in your life, their children is also welcome to attend of course. Letting these important individuals learn that they are special for you would be very rewarding and being included in some special occasion in your life would make a great mark on these people. There are things that you can do to let the children be busy with during the wedding receptions.

Educational Activities For Children

Educational activities that parents could implement to children don't involve solely the toys that they gave them. Toys may be educational such as the jigsaw and other toys which may let the children think well and use their logic. But you can also do some educational activities aside from giving your child toys to play with. You can do simple educational activities just by asking them to help you with the household chores, therefore, it is not always playing but you can educate them some values as well. The development of the Gross Motor Skills of the children is very vital. This skill would let a lot of movement of the muscles, arms, legs and the body that can be done through walking, running, throwing, lifting or kicking.

Cyberbullying - A Dangerous Trend

What was once confined to the school yard has expanded into cyberspace, and these days, cyberbullies are causing more than just hurt feelings. Studies suggest that more than 42% of kids have been bullied while online. With serious results in many cyberbullying cases, including suicide, it is a concept that definitely deserves the attention of computer users on a worldwide basis. What is Cyberbullying? Cyberbullies use various aspects of technology to threaten, harass, or embarrass other internet users. Victims are often teens or preteens who live in the same area or attend the same school district as the cyberbully. On a fairly frequent basis, cyberbullies send e-mails, instant messages, or text messages to the intended victim's mobile phone or computer.

Teenagers in Thongs - Is It Right Or Wrong?

Teenagers in thongs is not something that most parents really want to even think about regarding their own teenagers. Thongs are very revealing articles of lingerie, or swim suit style. Therefore, when it comes down to whether they are a good idea for teenagers or not would seem to depend totally on how and where the thongs are to be worn. First, let's look at what a thong actually IS. Most people are familiar with g-strings. While a g-string is one tiny strip of material going down, the thong is wider and has a bit more of a triangular shape. And yes, they are quite revealing. While a lot of parents don't realize it, there are many teenagers in thongs running around today.

Fad Diets and Teenagers

Teenage girls and diets go hand in hand, and so many times it is the fad diets and teenagers that is worrisome. There are so many different diets out there making incredible promises of dropping pounds and inches without having to change a thing in your life. Teenagers being as impatient as they are, especially when it comes to improving body image, will try anything that sounds quick and easy. As parents, we need to make sure that our teenagers are doing everything they can to take care of themselves. This includes watching out for those fad diets that target teenagers. While not all diets are bad ones, the eating programs that guarantee immediate results with little to no effort, are definitely the ones to avoid.

Taking Kids Out To Dinner? It's An Education

California principal Jacqueline Sanderlin picked up the tab. And not for books or educational toys. She picked up the tab for dinner because she decided that "exposure is the key to education." And it wasn't just any dinner either. She bussed seven students who'd been participating in her after-school etiquette program to one of the swankiest restaurants in Beverly Hills--Lawry's The Prime Rib. They sat at Table 46. Not bad, considering that kids at George Washington Carver Elementary in Compton qualify for free lunches the rest of the year. Sanderlin's definitely on to something. Dining is not only a great socializing experience for your kids, it's education in the broadest sense.

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