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Honey Does My Butt Look Big - Never Mind I Love My Big Rounded Butt

Lately I've been working with an increasing number of black women dating white guys. The funny thing is that their struggles and the questions they ask me about dating white guys remind me of myself a few years ago. I am a "typical" African man's woman with a guitar-body shape, and even at a very early age, I knew that I drove guys crazy with every "calculated' movement of my body especially my rear side. And being somewhat of an athletic tom-boy, I had so many opportunities to do just that. I was in their face but just out of touch kind of thing. I probably would have been slapped with a sexual harassment suit here in Canada --and that is why I have toned it down.

The God Given Gift of Love

Cupid is going on strike because humans have lost the essence of what this beautiful word means and when people dared to fall in love in the good old times, before the word 'love' disappeared from young people's vocabulary and was replaced by the 'f' word. Actually it is not confined to young people alone and it is really an epidemic plagued throughout all ages but alas what shall we do? Ah it would appear that the public at large are greatly influenced by TV and movies and so we shall cling to these two media entities for improving and reaching out to the world at large. Judging by the movies that are not making it to the box office and are somewhat low budget movies but have a more moral theme than the blockbusters there is reason for hope.

Choosing Love

Your judgments are not about others. They are about you and your conditioning. No one has "the right" conditioning. We all have our own, and no one has exactly the same conditioning, which helps explain why getting along is so challenging. To make things worse, we all think our conditioning is the right conditioning, or at least better than someone else's, or we wouldn't judge others and try to change them. This is our stance because we are programmed to have this stance. Like a fish in water, we don't see or examine certain programmed assumptions we have as human beings. One of the deepest and most unconscious assumptions we have is that what we think is true.

Finding Love in All the Right Places

Because we want love on our terms, many of us don't find it, or what we get is a person and relationship that matches our conditioning as much as possible. This kind of relationship is not necessarily the one that will make us the happiest, oddly enough. The ego thinks it knows best about relationships and will settle for nothing less than what it wants, but what it wants is just not a good guide for happiness. This is a profound and not-so-obvious truth: What we want in relationships is not always what will make us the happiest. Following our desires is not the key to happiness. It is what we think will make us happy, but it isn't what actually makes us happy.

101 Romantic Gestures

These romantic gestures are quick and easy ways to show your love. Often times the most romantic gestures are the small acts we choose to do every day. This extensive list of 101 romantic gestures will help you be more creative in how you show your love. 1. Massage her feet 2. Clean her car 3. Stick a post-it love note in the kitchen 4. Snuggle 5. Make a romantic mix CD 6. Dance under the stars (with your mix CD playing from the car) 7. Hide love notes in her house and car (make sure she'll find them fairly soon) 8. Have an undisturbed conversation (turn off phones, tv, computer etc.) 9. Light every candle you have to set a seductive, intimate mood 10. Pick up a pie or cake for dessert 11.

Breaking News You Should Get First - Discover How I got My Love Back

When I lost my love, it was a very bitter pill for me to swallow. Especially When I remember all those things we used to do together, the fun we used to have and all that. It was a very difficult moment of my life and worst still; the trauma was just too much for me to bear. At first, I thought my love will wane or atrophied with time. But I was wrong. I later realize that I care more for my love during this period than ever before. I then began to reason within myself that is is much easier to win back my love than go into the unknown to find a new love. I therefore picked up myself and stop brooding over the broken relationship. I go about as though nothing has happened.

Love - Reconciliation And A New Beginning

After fights, problems, jealousy, etc., the relationship is broken. You love him or her, but at the same time you don't want to stay with him or her and you feel like you are being stupid for loving this person... You want to be free, find someone else, who will be sure to understand you better and be nicer to you, but... Why do you have to separate from the person you loved so much? Why did your love suddenly disappear? Has it disappeared forever? Or was this only a temporary cold period, because of what happened? You should not think about separation as a solution just because something unpleasant happened. Take your time, don't be hasty. Are you going to throw out everything you felt?

What Would Love Do?

The state of being in love sometimes triggers different emotions and behavior in a person. Love has a capacity of transforming a person overnight due to hormonal changes which influence the way a person feels. But what would love do? Love can break your heart to pieces. If expectations in a relationship are not met hearts are shattered to smithereens. Love is not a simple issue. It is full of complexities and absurdities. When two people are in love they develop a bond that is sometimes hard to break. They feel they are one. They are usually so much into each other and they get an impression that they cannot stay without each other. When such strong love is betrayed, the heart break is enormous.

Is True To Say That Love Comes and Goes?

Everything that has a beginning must definitely have an end. When it comes to love, the grave puts a period to a love shared and cherished for a long time. But this is not the case nowadays. Love has become like a passing wind, temporary. Is it true that love comes and goes? A strong and powerful attraction which is perceived to be love turns out to be the complete opposite. It is a misconception from the word go. This strong attraction is not love but lust. Once the desires of the loin are met, it marks the beginning of the end. Their is nothing to look forward to. It was just the heat of the moment. The passion is spent. The two souls part ways immediately.

Innocent No More

Nothing is what it is anymore. A point has been reached where everything must be psycho-analyzed. A smirk is no longer a reflection of enjoyment or satisfaction it's an indication of nearly concluding ulterior motives. A giggle is not laughter but rather mockery and fatigue is mistaken for frustration. Why so? Where have our innocence gone? Innocence helps to preserve the joy in our lives. In fact a lot of the joy and excitement in life thrives on the preservation of innocence. It seems ironic at times how knowing can corrupt enjoyment. It is innocence to not have to think twice all the time or to have to rethink your behavior. Nobody wants to get into the habit of second guessing themselves;

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