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A Woman's Complaint - Guys Use the Words I Love You Too Lightly or Too Often

Do you find that your guy does not say I love you often enough, or use the words too lightly? Are you clueless about his feelings for you, when you do not hear these three words from him? Well, women often complain that men use the words I love you too lightly, or do not use them at all. Women do not like guys to use the words too often, as the words would not have any meaning anymore. However, if the guy does not say I love you, a girl will not feel loved. It is true that women want constant and continual love. I have a lady friend who had a boyfriend, and both of them had a great time dating. However, the guy has not said I love you to her, after few months of dating.

Does My Guy Friend Love Me? 4 Tips That Answers

Whenever I hear the question: "Does my guy friend love me?" 2 scenarios immediately pop into my mind: 1) Both of them would, finally, go into a serious long term relationship. Apparently, the guy friend was feeling the same and was just waiting for the right moment to move in. 2) Unfortunately, the guy feeling's aren't strong enough to move forward from the we're-just-friends section. And get this: that would be very devastating for the gal. I'd bet that women who sees their guy friend as more than a friend sees the same scenarios too at the back of their head. The emotional risk is so heavy that they can't blatantly ask: "Does my friend love me?" Good news is you don't have to!

To Love and Be Loved - The Essentials in Establishing Real Relationships

Everything in life hinges on relationship. Relationship building is essential in our life, work and closing sales. In fact, it is everything. Notice some people seem so naturally blessed at being loved and loving others? There is something alluring in them and others are naturally gravitated towards them. What are they doing right? Wait no further, let's break the code together. 1. Instinctively give, instead of receive The most powerful, influential and successful people you will ever meet always look for ways to do nice things for others. When you meet someone under almost any circumstance, one of the best questions you can ask is this, "Is there anything that I can do for you?

Is The Guy Clueless About Your Love Or Is He Simply Not Interested?

So what if you have met your Mr Right? Does he love you, or does he know that you are in love with him? Is he clueless, or is he simply not interested? These are some of the questions that have troubled women. Are you waiting for him to make the first move? Are you still thinking that if he is your Mr Right, he will find you wherever you are? If you are, then it is time to wake up. Being passive in love will only make you single for the rest of your life. What you see from the movies is unlikely to work in real life. If you are wondering whether the guy is interested in you, look out for the clues. Does he often ask for your help? Does he look at you more often than usual?

Does My Boyfriend Still Love Me - What To Look For

If there is one thing I can sense about the question: "Does my boyfriend still love me?"... that's doubt. And anybody who's been into a serious relationship before will agree that it's extremely hard when there are seeds of doubt, whether within you or your boyfriend. Everything may seem ok on the surface - both of you are having fun together; you freely exchange ideas; bees gang up on you because you two are really sweet with each other; etc. BUT all of these change when you're alone at your room. You simply can't rid your head of the uncertainty you're feeling, and you ask yourself: "Does my boyfriend still love me?" Whatever the reason why you're unsure about how you're boyfriend feels about you, here are some things to watch out for to clarify your confused mind.

Predictions about Love Matters - Dream Interpretation

Since love is the main reason why many people lose their mental stability, the wise unconscious mind that produces our dreams in order to preserve our mental health and help us develop the human side of our conscience, sends us many dreams with real information about the person we love. Predictions are part of the necessity to prepare the person to face the various obstacles that may appear. So, even though you may want to predict the future only because you care about the person you love, the unconscious mind gives you all the information you ask for in order to protect you from losing your human conscience. The wild side of your conscience (anti-conscience) uses love matters to provoke depression and despair to the human side and to destroy its consciousness through craziness.

How to Become The Stunning Lover Every Woman Runs After - 3 Explosive Secrets Finally Revealed

Love is one thing every woman is after specially when it comes to choosing a long term partner. But what does it really take to become a great lover? There are several factors which play an important role when it comes to becoming a great lover such as trust, respect for your partner, appreciating her etc. It might seem like a difficult job but it's not that difficult if you know how to do it right. Read on to discover some of the most mind blowing ways to become a stunning lover women run after... Show her that you love her- One of the most important aspects of making a woman feel loved is showing her that you really love her. Now this can be done in several ways and forms.

Add More Romantic Acts to Your Relationship

When most people think of romance, they envision classic romantic movies or lovers declaring their feelings in over-the-top ways. Actually, real old-fashioned romance doesn't have anything to do with this, and adding small, subtle, romantic acts to your relationship is, in reality, very easy to do. And you'll be amazed at how adding just a bit of romance into the mix will improve your relationship exponentially. Real romance is patient, subtle, and anything but over-the-top, which is why it isn't glorified or highlighted in modern media or pop culture. While the hero of your favorite romantic movie may do some extraordinary things to show his special someone how he feels, the truth about romantic acts is that the more flamboyant they are, the less they are to actually inspire real, long-lasting love.

Valuing Our Most Important Relationships

How is it that we abuse the ones most close to us? The people we most love and most value tend to cop most of the fallout when things aren't going well for us. It's a confusing and frustrating paradox -- those we wish least to hurt end up getting hurt, and people we don't really care for as much (i.e. those who may anger or frustrate us) get away scott-free. This type of situation happens regularly in marriage and sibling relationships where two people get close. It's like the boundaries evaporate and there's suddenly the opportunity and the option to transgress. I don't know the technical or psychological term for it, but I see it as a situation where relational respect has been compromised.

Love Is Just Another Four Letter Word

Love is just a four letter word to many people. It is used so frequently, it has kind of lost its meaning. In many respects, a person using the word "love" may as well use a four letter expletive, because they are meaningless, too. Just think of the times you use the word "love". You might say, I would love a cuppa, right now. Or, I would love a drink. Or, I would love to be having a holiday. Or, I would love to be lying on a beach. Or, I would love to have a bath. Or, I would love to have a baby. Or, I would love an icecream. Or, I would love some fruit. The list of examples just goes on. What do you mean when you say, I would love..? You could say I would like, because this is really what you are saying.

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