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Reflexology and Massage

The technique In reflexology, apart from the initial soothing strokes you do not massage the feet; instead, you apply precise pressure with your thumb or forefinger to each specific point. You can use either a static pressure or a "walking" technique, in which you bend and then straighten your thumb to move it forward. Hold the foot firmly with one hand, and work with your other thumb, using the edge of the thumb, just by the nail. Press firmly for about 3 seconds, then move on. Work systematically first on the right foot and then on the left. Do not use oil for reflexology because this will make your fingers slip. Just lightly dust your partner's feet with talcum powder or use nothing at all.

Pain-Free Muscles - The Massage Secret

Living Life Without As Much Pain: The Secret World Of Massage A sedentary person is still prone to gravity and kinetic forces, the basic stresses everybody experiences..even with massage. One might even build the case that a sedentary life invites more inflexibility, more muscle soreness and spasm than is introduced by an active lifestyle. So even couch potatoes can benefit from the therapeutic wonders of massage. Yet it is the athlete and those of us who pursue physical activities and workout programs that can best utilize massage in keeping joints and muscles flexible, functioning and optimally pain-free. Thus a massage therapist is to the human body as the mechanic is to an automobile.

Massage Chairs, Your Personal Massage Therapist

Your back pain is increasing day after day and you missed your appointment with the massage therapist because of the work pressure or family matters. Does this sound familiar? What if you could relieve all your pain and stress without having to travel to the medical center, and without wasting a lot of money? A massage chair can be the solution. It gives you with a special sense of relaxation and if you try it once, you'll never want to sit again on a normal chair. The efficient massage provided by the robotic chair covers all the areas of your body, starting with your neck, to shoulders, back, and spinal cord reaching to the feet. The massage chair usually plots your shape and regulates the massage session, pointing on special acupressure places in the body.

To A Woman's Heart? Start With Her Feet

From personal experience and conversations with my girlfriends over the years, I realized what was missing when our significant other would give a foot rub. I give credit to the boyfriends out there for caring to make the effort, especially when unprovoked. But for the most part, going to a professional salon seems more satisfying in some ways to us woman. So relying on personal experiences and conversations with my girlfriends over the years, I realized what was missing. The giver of the foot massage has the right intentions, just missing a few key pieces that salons make up for. So for those who really want to maximize the pleasure of a foot massage for their girlfriend here are a few tips.

Emotions - Massage For Babies

Babies and children who are massaged appear to experience fewer emotional or psychological problems later in life. They are more confident, independent and secure, and are more well-balanced. Acording to Stuart Korth, founder of the Osteopathic Centre for Children, nine out of ten children suffer some trauma in the birth process. I Strongly agree that every child should be checked at birth to reduce and normalize imbalances and restore and maintain health. The cranial approach to osteopathy is a gentle, safe and non invasive form of treatment. The osteopath's highly developed sense of touch is used to identify and correct disturbances and limitations both within the bones of the skull and throughout the body.

Baby Massage Oil

A light vegetable oil easily absorbed by the skin such as sweet almond oil is perfect for your massage. Remember to use only cold pressed, unrefined vegetable oils. Mineral oils are not suitable as they tend to clog pores and do not penetrate easily. The following aromatic recipe may be used -as a general massage oil. I suggest that you make up a 50 ml bottle. 1 drop of Roman chamomile 1 drop of lavender 1 drop of neroli 1 drop of rose Diluted in 50 ml of carrier oil Do not be tempted to use more drops of essential oils - babies and young children require a low amount of essential oils. Too much is harmful. Suggested routine There is no definitive sequence for massaging babies, and you will develop your own routine.

Massage - Essential Oils For Baby

Arms and hands The baby should either continue to lie on his or her back or if old enough may sit up. Hold the baby's hand and gently and slowly effleurage from the fingers to the shoulder. Glide down again. Gently twist your hands in a corkscrew motion progressing from the wrist up to the shoulder Open the baby's hand. Support the back of the hand, and using your fingers gently effleurage over the palm using circular movements. Massage each finger in turn by gently unfolding them one after the other. Slowly and gently circumduct the wrist clockwise and anticlockwise. Flex and extend the baby's elbow gently and slowly. Completion: Hold the baby's hand and repeat the effleurage from the fingers to the shoulders.

Chair Massage Can Benefit Attendees at Washington DC Conventions

Washington D.C. is our nation's richly historic capital, boasting several world class convention centers and important landmarks, attracting thousands of people each year for business, educational pursuits and leisure. Washington D.C. offers a wealth of historical attractions, guaranteeing an abundant stream of visitors and the wide selection of available accommodations makes it an important meeting place for conventions and the like. Conventions and trade shows are a proven method to bring industry professionals together, but long hours spent in meetings and demonstrations can result in added stress and those who have trouble adjusting to a time change or an unfamiliar environment often have trouble staying focused and alert.

Health Spas in South Africa - What Makes Them Unique?

Imagine a smoked ginger and crimson skyline towering down over a diverse natural landscape of wild flowers, untamed wildlife and restless waters. Imagine lying gazing at this distinct setting whilst enjoying the pampering and revitalization that goes along with South African traditional customs and massage techniques. A spa experience in South Africa has often been viewed as being one of the most unique and beautiful experiences that one can wish for. So what makes it so unique and what can one expect at a South African spa? Spas in South Africa can be simple, uncomplicated and traditional as well as both sophisticated and chic. There is a little bit of everything for everyone.

Touch - Healing your Body Through Touch

Sometimes we might concentrate so much on our spiritual lives that we overlook the wonders of being present in our physical form. When we are more aware of the fact that our bodies are also important in terms of our personal growth, we may find it easier to nurture them. One of the most powerful ways to do this is through human touch, for a loving, comforting touch allows us to access the part of ourselves that yearns for a sense of oneness with the world around us. Even simple forms of touch connect us not just to our bodies but also to the energetic presence of other people. There are so many ways to incorporate touch in our daily lives, one of the easiest being a heartfelt embrace.

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