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The Folly of HRT

On the 2nd June 2008, The Medical Journal of Australia reported that the reduction in breast cancer among women over 50 years is mostly due to the decrease in the use of HRT, or hormone replacement therapy. This new Australian research discovered that there were 600 less cases of breast cancer a year now that fewer women are using HRT. The use of HRT had reduced by 40% and followed the release of results of the Women's Health Initiative trial in 2002 which found that HRT caused increases in breast cancer, heart attacks, blood clots and strokes. So how have we arrived at this point where the decrease in the use of a drug for menopausal symptoms has resulted in less breast cancer cases as has been shown in this new research?

Laboratory Refrigerators - Be Sure

When it comes to buying equipment for medical labs and pharmacies, one has to be doubly sure, before investing, especially when it is in Laboratory Refrigerators. This is because, laboratories need to store a large number of samples and fluids for testing, and if these aren't kept in the right temperature, they will get spoiled. Hence, it is always advisable to go in for a well known brand, like Aegis Scientific. The refrigeration requirement for medical labs and pharmacies is higher than that of households. Therefore, an Undercounter Lab Refrigerator becomes a necessary addition for such setups. These refrigerators are heavy-duty units that are capable of maintaining very low temperatures.

Aloe Vera - Health Benefits Of Aloe Vera

Are you looking for the health benefits of Aloe Vera? In this article, I will tell you about the benefits of Aloe Vera and it's other positive uses. The benefits of aloe vera are manifold. There are large numbers of health benefits of aloe vera plant that has been utilized for medical purposes in all over the world from about 3500 years old. For most people, the health benefits of aloe vera juice outweigh any risks, however it is important to use this supplement wisely and pay careful attention to your body's responses to it. One of the most important health benefits of aloe vera juice is its operation as an anti-bacterial and anti-fungal agent, helping to prevent the onset of disease in the body.

Why Become a Physician Assistant

There are many pros to the Physician Assistant profession. The occupation is listed as one of the top 10 in the next decade by the Bureau of Labor and is expected to increase 27% through 2014. There are over 136 different PA programs where PAs earn degrees from associates to masters with the majority of programs offering a masters degree. Income is excellent, as are working conditions. Physician Assistant Salaries range from the high 30's to the low six figures for experienced specialty Physician Assistants. Physician Assistants work in emergency rooms, hospitals, clinics, prisons, long-term care facilities, private solo and group physician practices, Rural Health Clinics and many other public and private areas.

What Does It Take To Get In?

To apply to the Duke PA Program you must use the CASPA or Centralized Application Service Physician Assistant. After you have finished that application and submitted it, Duke will send you an e-mail that gives you authorization to access the Duke supplemental application. In addition you must have 1000 hours of direct patient care experience. Duke is very specific about what this means so read their website to be sure you have met that qualification. You will need three recommendations, one of which must come from someone who has seen you provide patient care. For the 2009 year you must complete CASPA and the Duke supplemental applications after May 1 and before Oct 1, 2008.

Physician Assistant Income Potential

According to the Bureau of Labor - Physician Assistants in 2008 graduated from 136 different accredited programs. After they pass the national certifying exam (NCCPA) they are able to practice. Ninety programs give masters degrees on graduation and the other 46 give either a bachelors or associates degree. In 2004 the median annual income was $69410. For new graduates it was $64536. The lowest 10% earned $94880. The middle 50% were between $57000-$83500. Those working in hospitals had median income in 2004 of $70310, those in physician offices and outpatient clinics $69210. In 2004 there were 62000 PA jobs. There were more jobs than PAs to fill them as many PAs held more than one job.

The Advantages Of Becoming an Occupational Therapist

As the demand for occupational therapists is on the increase, plenty of openings are available throughout the country. The greatest advantage in becoming an occupational therapist is that you can improve the lives of individuals belonging to all age groups, introducing a constructive change in their day to day existence. Occupational therapists can work in private and public hospitals, community centers, rehabilitation centers, businesses, schools, universities, research labs, mental health facilities, nursing homes, pediatric facilities and more. Occupational therapists work with students having learning disabilities and behavioral problems. They deal with premature babies in pediatric hospitals, kids having cerebral palsy, Down syndrome and other disorders.

Finding the Right Physician For You

There comes a time in each of our lives when we all need a doctor, whether it is for an inconsequential illness, such as a head cold, or for a more serious reason that may be life threatening. Whatever the reason, we all need to have a doctor whom we not only have a good rapport with, but one we trust with our lives. A doctor should be like an old friend. Someone we feel comfortable with knowing our most personal secrets; such as, how much alcohol we really consume. How many cigarettes do we generally smoke a day? And are we really trying to shed those pounds he's been insistent on us dropping? We need to feel free to be honest, even honest about how regularly we really take that medication he prescribed for us.

Sinusitis Treatment

If you are looking forward to know the various sinusitis treatments, then let me help you to know that sinus treatment depends a lot on factors like the infection and cause of sinus. Even the kind of sinus and your present health condition. The treatments for acute sinuses is different from chronic sinuses and again the treatments of infection sinuses is different from sinuses caused due to the growth of tissue or any lining of your inner nasal cavity. The main goals of any sinusitis treatment are- to improve the graining of mucus so that it prevents congestion and reduce the pain and swelling the patient suffer from, get rid of infection and prevent formation of any scar of tissues or any permanent damage of tissues in the inner lining of mucus membrane of your nose.

Medical Education As a Career in India - A Goldmine of Opportunity

Medical Sciences refers to the science of the preservation of health as well as the prevention and treatment of disease. Derived from the Latin ars medicina, "the art of healing Medicine", it is a stream related to health sciences and public life. It is mainly concerned with maintaining or restoring human health through the study, diagnosis, treatment and possible prevention of disease. From time immemorial, this field has been viewed as a prestigious profession.This is one arena where the possibility of research and innovations are never ending. Therefore, it is one of the few professional streams where there is no fear of stagnation. Why choose Medicine/Medical Sciences as a career?

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