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What is Meditation?

Amongst people there is an assumption that meditation is a form of relaxation, a daily pause, a de-stressing tool... well, all this is correct, however these descriptions express only the side effects of meditation.

In order to understand the meaning of meditation in a deep and clearer way we have to understand the two spiritual dimensions in which we live - the dimension of thought and being.

The dimension of thought - thoughts, time, dreams, imagination, memories, logic, activeness, separation, duality.

The dimension of being - emotion, feelings, breath, peace, receiving, passiveness, unity.

If we conclude the main behaviours of each aspect then the main dimension of thought is - creativity and the main function of the behaviour of being is the experience.

In simpler terms, the dimension of thought creates and the dimension of being experiences or enjoys the creation.

You cannot be in a knowing state in both these dimensions simultaneously, because they are opposites.

When you are in the being - you are not thinking, when you are in the thinking - you are not present.

For example, if you are connected to 70% of the thought dimension - automatically you are only present in 30% of the being dimension. If you are in 100% thought you are in 0% being and visa versa, when you are in 100% being you are in 0% thought.

We all know the thought dimension, however what is the being dimension?

Do you remember experiences where time seemed to stand still for you? When your breath stopped during your experience... like at moments when you climbed a mountain and all of a sudden appeared before you a magnificent view, when exceptional music swept you, when you fell in love, or when you saw your Childs face for the very first time as it was born... in these moments your thought ceases and you merge into a different dimension...the being dimension, all of a sudden you are simply present, your awareness becomes complete, you are experiencing, you are feeling, you are united with all that is happening in that moment...that's the being dimension!

All the happiness, all the beauty, all the wonders of the universe are present in the being dimension, life itself is present in the being dimension, and the word being comes from the word be.

The dimension of being is the dimension of the present.

What is the present? It is a continuous eternal moment.

All the other times are psychological times, the only time that exists is the present - the being time.

The truth is that we are able to omit the word "time" in relation to the word "present" because in the present, when you unite and merge into the being state, time disappears; the only thing that exists is a timeless and limitless presence - endless presence.

In the being dimension, duality disappears, this is a place of unity, you do not know where things begin and where they end, all the picture of reality connects into one entity which breathes and feels and connects between everything in harmony into one wonderful tapestry of life.

The modern man that lives in the western culture is used to living in the thought dimension, his way of life is crammed full of information, calculations, plans and distractions that leave no room for being.

Pure clean being.

24 hours of an endless internal flow of thoughts and external distractions in the way of work, a prolonged and sometimes unnecessary stay in the dimension of thought and a total identification with different objects that change at the rate of thought in this dimension.

You have to understand, many "gurus" claim that thought is our enemy, and this is an incorrect observation.

Thought is not an "enemy" nor a friend, it is a powerful tool.

Every creation, every realization started with thought.

Thought is the creative channel; it's the passage between "unseen" and "seen".

The thought needs power, and it gets strength by focus, by focusing our awareness on it.

A thought that does not get power by attention quickly dissipates.

And when it dissipates it does not gather the necessary strength in order to complete its job.

This is why we have to remember that the thought is a creative tool and like every tool... after you have used it, it must be returned to its place.

Think for a moment, what an absurd situation it would be if the carpenter would continue to hold and carry his hammer, saw and glue that he used all day...or that the tractor driver would refuse to separate from his tool that served him all day and walk into his home in the evening with his tractor - his creation tool.

Isn't it absurd? But you do it all the time.

You continue to cling to your creative tool even when there is no need, and sometimes with complete load and load and then an imbalance is created that becomes unbearable to carry, and you are tired and unhappy with life and this is only because you do not put your tools down, you do not return them to their place after you have used them.

The thought is a tool for the being.

Read this again and again!

The being is! The being is the "real" you and the thought is your creative tool which your being uses in order to create your reality.

There has to be a balance between the activeness of the creation and the passiveness of the being.

And this is where meditation comes into action...

The meditation is a technique whose purpose is to transport you from one dimension to another, from the dimension of thought to the dimension of being.

And correct, the accompanying effects or side effects of the technique and transformation is a sense of calm, de stress and health.

In this process your brain moves to work on low waves, its like a passage from a rough sea that is full of noise and foam from the waves to a quiet sea and gentle waves that are easy on the ears...a pleasant wind, you can hear the singing of the birds and the noise that they make during their flight...everything becomes bright and clear - all of a sudden you are present in the moment.

The meditation is only a technique; it is a passage tool from the dimension of thought to the dimension of being.

Which is why it also has to be put back in its place once every other tool.

The mind is a devious "con man" which can change the tool of thought with a well disguised tool known as "the meditation tool".

Chung tchu, one of the great ancient eastern teachers explained that meditation is like a boat with which you can cross the river from one bank to the other, however the minute that you arrive at the other side of the bank you must part with the boat and not carry it on your head.

This is why, after practice, when you understand the "trick" in meditation you can leave the boat in the water, because you are already at the other side of the bank and living in it.... And when you are living in it (in the being) the river disappears! Which is why you can move from one side to the other without the need for a boat - without the need for meditation techniques.

You live within the being and use the thought as your creating tool.

The minute you finish working with the creating tool - you put it back in its place and experience the creation within the dimension of being.

Which is why the comprehension of meditation as a relaxation technique is not correct.

Meditation is a technique that comes to bring you back home, to your being - the eternal place where you belong.

And there is no place like home.

This is why, I recommend practicing different types of mediation and choosing the types that give you the wanted result, and the wanted result is to be anchored in your being.

It is not possible to describe in words the powerful experience where you unite with being...the nearest descriptions are bliss and universal unity, you feel happy and united with everything - with the whole universe.

But again, the words are too small to capture this experience.

And this experience cannot be forced upon.

You use the meditation technique in order to reach the nearest border line where "you are still you" until...a huge and powerful force sucks you in, sweeps you away, and everything opens at once - you have entered a different dimension... the dimension of being, everything suddenly becomes one... there is a huge joy and happiness and you don't know where it has come from - it just is, just exists, just present... there is no separation between you and other things... everything becomes one picture, a sharp picture, a living breathing

picture that contains everything and is in a natural state of elated joy, everything is smiling at you from every

direction... the material from which the universe is made contains happiness and love that cannot be

described with words...This is the dimension of being - this is your home!

Meditation is a technique that has come to assist you to return home to your being.

We have all experienced and live flashes of our being spontaneously during our life.

The meditation has come to help us find our home and stay there.

We all carry this home within us but the majority of us live outside of home.

Meditation has come to introduce you to this precious real estate that is in you - it's yours!!!

You do not need to compete with anyone for it - it's your eternal home from now to now until the endless time.

By Alex Ziv - Creating Reality

(English by Michal Booker)


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