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Zen Stick Meditation Techniques - Reducing Finals Stress

Although most college students look forward to May and June with high hopes at the impending summer and freedom it entails, they also have one giant hurdle to clear before they're home free: finals. And as anybody who has survived college knows, finals are never a walk in the park. Whenever finals roll around, students find themselves cramming into libraries, study lounges, and all-night diners to pack a semester's worth of knowledge - for anywhere from four to six classes - into their heads. Some form groups, some study solo. Others blast music while still others need complete silence. And all of them usually forgo sleep and anything remotely resembling healthy food in order to focus completely on their final tests, papers, and projects.

Meditation and the Moment

The client had been through an ordeal which resulted in not only losing physical health - but mental health was also endangered. - 'You must get your confidence back. - You have been shocked and fear has eroded your confidence. - Read good books on the subject of health - go back to the source and drink deeply of knowledge based on the truth. - Do you meditate?' 'No! I don't have time.' Then perhaps you misunderstand the meaning of the term meditation' I replied. Meditation can be as simple as realizing that the emotions are not in tune with your logic. And it is also within this moment that you realize that something is wrong and you make a choice to return to your centre.

Meditation Can Be Your Key To Getting A Great Night's Sleep

Practicing meditation can be a great tool in the battle to achieve a more restful night's sleep. You CAN achieve a deeper and more refreshing sleep that will leave you ready to tackle your new day. Meditation is often very helpful for those who have trouble falling to sleep in the first place. It's a way for them to deeply relax their muscles and also their minds, thus allowing sleep to come more quickly to them. A lot of people, for a variety of reasons, may try taking numerous different pills. However, you should know that with sleeping pills, you run the risk of interrupted sleep and daytime drowsiness. If you decide to use meditation instead of medication, it takes practice to learn the techniques that work for your body in particular, so be patient.

Every Breath You Take - An Analysis Of The Moment

"As Buddhists, we capture and celebrate the most intimate nature of the present moment". To me, this is the essence of the Dharma in my study at the moment. This article explores some of the reasons for this and, in a way, serves as a 'diary entry' for my experience at the moment. I'm a big fan of the 80's group the Police and particularly the song 'Every breath you take'. The song itself, doesn't have a very optimistic history as it was written by Sting during the collapse of his first marriage However, I do like the song and it cropped up in my meditations the other day and therefore contributed to my thoughts here. I was contemplating the phrase above that I use to describe the Buddhist approach.

Learning Transcendental Meditation - What You Need To Know Now

In this article we are going to discuss learning transcendental meditation. The truth of the matter is this: If you have done any research into the benefits of meditating, and are currently experiencing lots of stress, anger or disharmony in your life, you are most likely VERY interested how to rapidly transform your consciousness for the better using these proven techniques! I have personally found profound inner peace, an ineffable connection to a larger "power" and a newfound sense of love for life... ALL through meditation. Let's take a look at how you can do the same! Transcendental meditation is very simple meditation technique that focuses on a mantra to quiet the mind.

Free Meditation Music - Top Tips For Expanded Awareness

In this article we are going to take a quick look at free meditation music, and whether or not utilizing sounds in your meditative practice is a big help in getting you where you want to be on the satori scale..:-) Read on as I share a bit of my own experience! First of all, whatever helps you relax your mind while meditating is a good thing. While most people find gentle sounds and music to be a great aid in quieting the mind, there are those who actually find hard rock and heavy metal helps them achieve the same state..:-) Others of course, prefer TOTAL and complete silence as the only way of achieving the same. Any authentic devote or teacher of meditation will tell you that you have to pick the appropriate path for you, as studies clearly show that different people use different methods to achieve the very same goal.

How To Practice Transcendental Meditation - 2 Top Tips On Deepening Your Awareness

In this article we are going to discuss how to practice transcendental meditation. Now, it's important for you to realize that all mediators have their own internal process, and it's important for you to pick one that is effective for YOU. I combine several different techniques in my own practice, and find the following blueprint most effective for me. So if you are looking to deepen your own awareness, and attain blissful states of altered consciousness, I recommend you pick and choose the pieces from my own process and incorporate them into yours, as appropriate! Ready? Great, read on..:-) The Magic is in the Mantra Transcendental meditation is mantra driven.

Guided Meditation Script - Top Tips For Amazing Awareness

In this article we are going to discuss using a guided meditation script to enhance your contemplative consciousness. There are many esoteric strategies for attaining the incredible inner states that meditation promises... but few are more powerful for the average person than the gentle guide of sound or music scripting. So if you are considering exploring the amazing benefits of meditation, read on as I shed some light on my favorite techniques! What exactly is a script? Essentially, a guided meditation is where you listen to subtle verbal cues from an audio track ( or of course in less frequent scenarios. in person! ) where the leader will gently take you through a sequential process of attaining altered states of awareness.

Different Types Of Meditation - Here Is How You'll Pick The Right One For You

In this article we are going to take a very quick look at some of the different types of mediation. I say a "quick look" because there are LITERALLY hundreds of different ways, methods and teachings on attaining a state of profound bliss and awareness. The key is, in my opinion anyway... .simply picking ONE path to spiritual prosperity and following it all the way to it's logical and promised conclusion - radical inner peace! All roads lead to the same place If you peek far enough beneath the surface, all of the major ( and even more so the less well known) religions have a very esoteric, yet discrete meditation practice. Judaism has Kaballah, Christianity has the mystical practice of deep contemplation and "Christ consciousness", Islam has Sufism, Buddhism and Hinduism are obviously FAR more rooted in the mind sciences as a primary practice, and so on.

Dreams For Our Well Being Meditation

Dear kindred soul, as you know we humans have a rich history, and dreams play an important role in our journey, it has always been the case, earliest recorded dream dates back to 1760 B.C. to ancient babylonian times contained in "epic of Gilgamesh, and mentions Ishtar and Izdubar, in this recorded dream, the king summons his seers and commands them to interpret a concerning dream. Similarly famous story in the Old Testament the Book of Daniel (2: 2-3) which mentions the King Nebuchadnezzar: "commanded to call the magicians, and the astrologers, and the sorcerers, and the Chaldeans, for to shew the king his dreams. So they came and stood before the king said unto them, I have dreamed a dream and my spirit was troubled to know the dream.

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