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Titanic - Change is Inevitable

As you would expect, the movie "Titanic" is set around the luxury cruise ship called "Titanic", which sailed across the Atlantic Ocean in 1912, hit an iceberg in the middle of the night and sank, taking 1, 517 people to their death. The story involves a young, free-spirited woman, who is about to be married to "the rich jerk", in order to save her family from financial doom, and a young, street-smart man, who is sailing to try his luck in another country. They are attracted to each other, have a good time together, including several memorable romantic moments, and eventually he dies while saving her life. Nevertheless, to me, although "Titanic" is a Hollywood epic for the general public, this movie is all about resisting change.

Download TV Shows

How many times have you been disappointed to have missed watching an episode of a favorite TV show? As soon as that happens, you think of your friends who have been telling you regularly that the easiest solution to the problem is to download free TV shows from the Internet. It's possible to download free TV shows, but then you have the worry of the likelihood of those downloads being illegal. It's not just the legality issue involved either as many of those free downloads could be full of adware that could slow down or corrupt your computer. There's certainly an interest in downloading TV shows. Some episodes of TV shows like "Lost" and "Prison Break", for example, experience millions of downloads per episode.

Expelled the Movie - Ben Stein Exposes Flat World Academics

No movie review in history as far as I know starts with instructions about how to watch the film. Expelled is a documentary and contains hundreds of interviews and deep conversations with some of the most highly regarded minds of the time. It has a rhythm and a depth that requires full attention and you may want to forgo the popcorn, soda and other distractions. You will also discover something radically different about this film from the audience reaction. It has been reported that people applaud sometimes throughout the film and in some theatres it ends with audiences rising to give it a standing ovation. I found myself applauding along with other theatre patrons when I saw the film.

Last Night

As a Sci-fi and action fan, I expected Last Night to be full of survivalist fights and savagery. The movie had a bit of that, but for the most part, it was how different people were facing the last 6 hours on earth. The movie starts out with Sandra (Sandra Oh), picking up some food and wine at an abandoned store in Toronto. Her car gets flipped by a mob and she is forced to walk across town to home. Strangely, there is not quite the havoc one would expect (like the LA riots). Tired and frustrated, she rests outside of the apartment of Patrick (Don McKellar) a cynical man who just left his family's mock Christmas party. Patrick lets Sandra use his telephone and eventually agrees to help her get a car so she can die with her husband.

How To Entertain Wisely In Today's Online Marketplace

Hello there. We live in an ever changing world. And it grows more and more rapidly by the second, especially online. The World Wide connection through the web has forever altered our existence and certainly the way we receive our entertainment. Indeed there are far too many options when looking for our music, games, movies and television online. With all the options, one must wonder how many of them are just scams looking to turn a quick buck. Well being tired of, first looking all over the place attempting to locate them all, clicking from one website to another spread all over the web, and second, being disappointed and taken for a ride with inferior service and out right lies and false claims of the quality and legitimacy of these entertainment services.

Reflections on the Muppets

If there is anyone out there who experienced the 80s and 90s and for some reason doesn't know what a Muppet is... they must be from some impoverished African village. Even then, it is still bordering on being a weak excuse. It seems that a good portion of my childhood memories, those of my friends as well I've come to learn, are somehow attached to something that Jim Henson had his hand in. Whether it was on the old Muppet Show, in a Muppet movie or that short-lived but very decent show titled The Storyteller, Henson and the Muppet's heart and soul were present. The great love that so many had for Henson and his Muppets is almost palpable. Alice Cooper, Gene Kelly, Harry Belafonte, John Cleese, Raquel Welch, Peter Sellers, Christopher Reeve, Roger Moore, heck, even James Coburn made a guest appearance on the show.

Juno 2007 Review

The story is about a 16 year-old girl named Juno MacGuff who becomes pregnant by her best friend. She is forced to make some hard decisions about the future of the baby. After being persuaded out of having an abortion she looks for a nice couple to adopt her baby. Although her pregnancy is a great burden on her life Juno handles in a positive manner, almost elegantly considering her position. Her character's sarcastic and witty humor makes this movie go from good to great. The movie handles some pretty serious issues but it manages emphasis the positive aspects of creating a human life. The movie is realistically funny because of it's realistic nature and because it's something many people don't know how to handle in our society.

You Can't Take the South Out Of the Girl

Have you watched Sweet Home Alabama? It hit the silver screen way back in 2002. It was one those romantic comedies. I was still in college then and was yet cynical. If you cannot remember it from all the movies you've seen the past five years, maybe these names will jog your memory. It was starring Legally Blonde actress Reese Witherspoon, A Beautiful Mind's Hansen, Josh Lucas, and Patrick Dempsey, resident doctor of Grey's Anatomy. To further refresh your memories, here's how the story goes. Melanie Carmichael, played by Reese, is the hot new designer in Big Apple. She is living the life she wanted ever since she was young. When she thinks that life can not get any better, her too-good-for-words boyfriend, Andrew Hennings, get down to his knee and proposed with all the rings in Tiffany.

Spiderwick Chronicles - The Movie

Based on the best selling novel, The Spiderwick Chronicles is a story about the Grace family(Jared, his twin brother Simon, sister Mallory and their mom) who move to a large home once owned by their great great uncle Arthur Spiderwick after their dad leaves the family. At first Jared doesn't like the house and is blamed for strange disappearences of medals, keys and many different other things, but when he finds a food transporter in the wall with all the missing things and a strange key in it, he decides to use the transporter to find out where it leads to. He finds himself in the workroom of Arthur Spiderwick. He searches the room with his flashlight and discovers an old trunk with some clothes and the book, 'Arthur Spiderwick's Field Guide to the Fantastical World Around You', written by Arthur Spiderwick himself, with it.

Step Up 2 - The Streets

A good movie is one that you rave about for three days after you see it and if you get the chance you will watch it again. For me, I usually ponder and discuss the more meaningful, heartfelt movies like ones that explain different strands of belief in the universe or the meaning of reincarnation. Just for a change I decided to watch "Step Up 2: The Streets" and boy was I impressed. Andie (played by dancer, actress Briana Evigan) is a member of the 410 crew, a group that goes around showcasing their amazing dance talents illegally. When she sees a news report about it on TV, Andie's guardian decides that she has had enough of Andie and her illegal actions and Andie is moving to Texas to live with her Aunt.

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