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States Offering Millions in Interest Free Loans to Film Producers Their Investors?

Anyone following the news these days is well aware that US investors are taking a beating. While some analysts talk of "picking up bargains in an oversold market" most investors seem to be looking quietly for a way to get their money out of the hands of banks and investment houses and into businesses they have some real control over. Money invested in a company's stock today can turn into executive parachutes tomorrow. What started as problem in mortgage-backed securities is swiftly turning into a serious deflationary spiral. States, like investors, are well aware that businesses are facing very hard times. Store closures, plant closures, layoffs, falling wages all translate in falling tax revenues and very angry voters.

India Gives Full Release of First Pakistani Film in 40 Years

India defied a four-decade ban on screening Pakistani films last week when it showed Khuda Kay Liye at a star-studded premiere in Mumbai. The film has become one of the most successful Pakistani films ever and is the debut movie from TV and music producer Shoaib Mansoor, also known as ShoMan. The plot of Khuda Kay Lye explores the lives of two Muslim brothers and the paths they choose to take in the post-September 11 world. ShoMan specifically made the film to cater to Western audiences in order to try and give the Muslim community an opportunity to have their say. He said: "It's been [a] long [time] that terrorism has been linked with Muslims and it has become synonymous with the community.

Thought-Provoking, Environmental Films from Earth Cinema Circle

While Hollywood has started to show interest in films covering environmental issues such as An Inconvenient Truth and The 11th Hour, many small budget, independent green films are having a much more difficult time reaching their potential audiences. Until now, unless you were lucky enough to catch these films at a festival screening you are left with very few remaining options. This has all changed thanks to Earth Cinema Circle. Earth Cinema Circle Earth Cinema Circle is an inexpensive bi-monthly DVD club created in October of 2007 by Gay Hendricks and Rick Ridgeway. Every two months, Earth Cinema Circle sends their members a small collection of environmentally focused short and feature-length films.

A Review of the Cloverfield 2008 Movie

The film directed by Matt Reeves was shot in a home video camcorder style. One would probably not expect for the entire film to be shot in the manner. It was alluring at first, as the filming style is unique which makes the trailer stand out & show the film as one that must be watched! The entire film being shot in the manner is somewhat of a let down. Viewers are forced to watch an interesting plot made from a shaky, amateur like home video production. However, the filming style does provide a realistic perspective to the movie, relevant to the plot. Some aspects of the film can be handled without the home video style to give a more cinematic appeal to viewers.

Zee TV Drama Serial - Bano Mein Teri Dulhann - Critical View

Bindia in a bit of madness tries to poison Diviya but right at the end her conscience does not allow her to harm Diviya. She thrones out sweets. She knows she is helpless because it is impossible to win someone's heart by force. Little does she know that she will never get Amar as he is destined for Diviya only. Bindia understands that she is fighting a losing battle and plans to commit suicide because life has no meaning without Amar. Meanwhile Amar's mother who is not his real mother brings to light a fact or prediction by a priest that Amar is going to leave home at the age of 22. He said Amar was born for some greater purpose in life. Bindia fails to fall to her death because Diviya happens to be there at the right place at the right point of time.

Review Of Stargate Atlantis - Season One

In 1994, "Stargate" the movie was released, produced and directed by Roland Emmerich, whose credits now include, "Godzilla" and "Independence day". This film has gone on to spawn two spin-off TV series, Stargate SG1 starting in 1997 and Stargate Atlantis starting 2004. The first series ran for a record 10 years, and Stargate Atlantis is on its fourth season, so clearly, the formula works. Briefly, the Film was based on the Largely discredited notion that the Pyramids of Egypt, were constructed by visiting aliens and that the Pantheon of Ancient Egyptian Gods, were actually visiting Aliens. Nevertheless, this Roland Emmerich film, a firm favorite of mine, carries this premise off with verve.

Bootleg Movie Downloads - Concerns From A Consumer Point Of View

While Bootleg Movie Downloads pages flood the Internet, there are as well other software available which allow download full version movie, and additionally offer much better quality and by far more protection in respect to your privacy. My experience with file sharing movie downloads, such as totally Free Bootleg movie downloads where horrible. I have lost at least $3'000.- U$ in Computer hardware, which turned into junk over some not removable computer viruses which came as a "not welcome" gift with the movie and music downloads we made at that time. I don't know your age and if you remember but one of the first systems was called "KAZAA" (don't know if this still exists) which caused those problems a few years ago, I believe to remember it was in 1999.

Blade Runner Remains a SciFi Classic

Blade Runner, now a modern classic, provides insights regarding unrestrained capitalism, industrial technologies and most importantly, what it means to be human. If anything, it has grown in status over the years. Blade Runner, released in 1982, was based upon the brilliant 1968 Philip K. Dick 1968 novel, Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep. Although sharing common themes, the movie is substantially different, and in my opinion, even better than the compelling Dick novel. The movie is built around the concept of replicants, which are androids virtually indistinguishable from humans. Their makers, the Tyrell Corporation, live by the motto more human than humans.

21 2008 Movie Review

21 is a story of a young math student named Ben Campbell who needs a way of raising $300, 000 so he can go to Harvard. He joins a group of excellent Maths students who with their teacher, played by Kevin Spacey decide to use their skills to win huge amounts of money in Las Vegas by counting cards. As the story develops the situation becomes far more complicated than he could have ever imagined. The plot is quite interesting and everyone loves to watch a film where the house is beaten. However, for me there is not enough plot development in the middle stages of 21. While it is important to set the scene, which they did, there was a little too much of them winning.

Is Getting Movies Off The Internet Legal?

In these days of spiraling prices and costly goods one would almost forgive the fact that many people download things from the net that they should not. I m not talking about objectionable material, i m talking about copyrighted materials. While the net is flooded with such things most of it is appalling quality and not worthy of viewing on a cellular phone, never mind a television set. Which brings me to quality issues... Now a regular television displays images at roughly 640x480 resolution, this suits many of us fine. Of course we now have HDTV and that is often four times the resolution of the regular signal we re used to. It requires us to have an HDTV and some sort of receiver either built-in or as a separate unit depending where you are.

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