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How to Make a Flash Movie

It is imperative to learn how to make a flash movie, if you want to add that zing to your blog at Myspace or your profile at facebook. Flash video, today is one of the most important video formats used by websites like Youtube, Myspace, Yahoo! Video and Google video. The following guidelines will help you learn how to convert video to SWF files and Flash video (FLV) using Wondershare Video to Flash Encoder. Step 1: Upload! ! Locate the file that you want to convert from your hard disc by clicking on the BROWSE tab and then add it to the program. Video formats like AVI, MPG, MPEG, MP4, and FLV can be supported by Wondershare Video to Flash encoder.

Make Your Own Movie

If you want to make your own movie, you need not look further than the internet. The internet has come a long way from being used merely for research. The internet now caters to the entertainment demands of billions of users all around the world. YouTube, a video search engine, reflects the internet's new objective of entertaining. YouTube allows you to upload and share videos on the World Wide Web. Venturing to make your own movie is easier than it sounds. The videos posted on Youtube mainly consist of TV or Theatre promos, lectures and at times even spoofs. If you think you have it in you to make your own movie put on your thinking cap and start shooting!

Microsoft Movie Maker

The first installment of the Microsoft Movie Maker that was introduced along with the Windows Me received flak from critics due to its unassuming features as compared to the IMovie product on the Apple Macintosh. A year later Version 1.1 was included in Windows XP, which supported the creation of DV AVI and WMV 8 files. November 2002 saw the release of the new and improved Version 2.0. Later, the Windows XP Service Pack 2 included the rather inferior updated Version 2.1.A new version of Microsoft Movie Maker, 2.5, was introduced by Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005 with greater provisions for DVD burning. Some versions of Windows "Longhorn" (now known as Windows Vista) included a WPF version, but was later done away with in the development reorganization.

Movie Making

If you dream of a career in movie making but are not quite sure how to begin, here are a few tips to help you along the way. These tips have been assimilated from books, online resources and even a few personal experiences. 1. Any story rests on its narrative. It is therefore of utmost importance to posses a good script. Moreover, the storyteller needs to be passionate about his story-telling. A half-hearted approach would dilute the effect of a good script. A low budget movie would thrive on blowing up buildings or having long chase sequences to divert the audiences' attention from the story or lack of it. It is therefore advised to venture into the art of movie making once in command of a good script.

Film Making

If you actually are considering a career in FILM MAKING then it is imperative that you posses the dedication, perseverance and the pluck that is required and expected of you. In other words, not only do you need to 'dare to dream', you have to 'dare to ACT'! In fact, you can take a leaf out of the book of many famous film makers who have 'been there-done that! ' by making this your 'Mission Statement'. Plan the Plan! Your goal now set, the time has arrived to put your mission into motion! It is obvious that your 'perfect movie' would be a homogeneous blend of artistic appeal and commercial success. The following 'tried and tested' plan will assist all those who aspire towards a career in FILM MAKING.

Iron Man Collectibles Are Getting Hot

Iron Man Collectibles are getting as hot as the summer heat as the movie continues to build momentum and gain a larger and larger audience. Many movie-goers have found themselves transported back to the days of their youth when characters like Iron Man, Spider Man and Bat Man ruled our free time. I know many a dollar from my allowance was spent scarfing up the latest Iron Man comic book or the latest BatMan comic books. These were two of my favorites then, so its not surprise that they are two of my favorites now. What a great time for a comic book fan with Iron Man already released, The Incredible Hulk on the horizon and The Dark Knight (Batman) movie right behind it.

What is AMV?

Many anime enthusiasts over the net create their own AMV's and raves about them. What is an AMV? An AMV stands for "Anime Music Video. An anime music video is a video made from compiled scenes from a specific or a mixture of various anime with the background music of any song that the user might deem fancy. They're rapidly gaining popularity over the internet with millions and millions of people, mostly kids, trying their hand at making their own versions of these videos. AMV's are usually displayed in video streaming sites such as youtube, livevideo, and veoh. What's so great about these videos is that they allow you to enjoy your favorite music while watching all the best scenes of your favorite anime.

The Rise of Bollywood Movies

The Bollywood movie industry is by far one of the largest film industries in the world. On an average, it produces more than 800 feature films and over a thousand of short films annually. Producers love making Bollywood movies simply because there a millions of millions of movie enthusiasts in India. Movie tickets here are the cheapest in the world. 1896 is the year when cinema first entered India. The first silent films were introduced by Lumiere Brothers. Most Bollywood movies are 2-3 hours long. Themes vary from drama, romance, action, suspense and comedy. The Indian Censor Board is a great crusader in preventing pornography and nudity in Bollywood movies.

Believe Me, You Can Now Download YouTube Videos!

Are you tired of watching YouTube videos without being able to download them? Ever since the website YouTube was created, I have always watched the uploaded videos and hoped that I can download my favorite videos to my iPOD or even embed the videos for my power point presentation in my class and in work. I wanted the music videos in the site to be imported to my portable media player. The site is a rich source of videos that are uploaded and shared by people all over the world. What shocked me was that the videos cannot be downloaded for some reasons I do not know. Isn't the purpose of YouTube to share videos of all types, genres and from all corners of the world?

How to Download Watch Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of Crystal Skull Movie Legally

In a few minutes time, you will find out how to download and watch Indiana Jones and the kingdom of the crystal skull full length movie at the comfort of your computer legally. Now, whether you want to save your gas costs or too busy to catch the movie at the cinema, it make sense to watch the full length movie right on your computer at your home or office. With the latest internet technology, it is possible to download high quality full length movies at the click of a button. While there are tons of websites where you can download the Indiana Jones and the kingdom of the crystal skull full length movie, however, many of them are actually scam websites that contains low quality movies which is undesirable to watch and some of them may even contains virus or spywares which may harm your computer system.

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