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How to Download Music to My IPod in 3 Simple Steps

Almost everyone these days has an ipod -- one of those tiny little devices that shoots your favorite tunes right into your ears via those almost invisible headphones. Even a lot of moms and dads are buying into the ipod craze now, especially if they like oldies music that is hard to find on the radio anymore. If you are one of the newcomers to the world of downloadable music, you might be wondering-hmmm - I wonder how to download music to my ipod?

Well, it really isn't very hard at all once you know how. It couldn't be, after all. Everyone seems to be doing it, right? So, for those of you who think you are technologically challenged, this is how to download music to your iPod:

1. First, you find music online that you love and can't get enough of. There are sites where you can pay a fee to get access to the music, there are public domain songs that have been out so long that they are no longer copyrighted, and there are sites where you can find free music (the legality of these is in question). You can save the music to your computer, or you can download directly into your MP3 player.

2. Next, you plug your ipod's cord into one of the USB ports on our computer.

3. Then, open up the music you want to download and click the download button. If a screen comes up asking where you want to save the music, simply choose the ipod or the USB that your ipod is plugged into.

There you have it. You no longer have to wonder to yourself how to download music to my ipod. The last step is the best one. Just stick those headphones into your ears and enjoy the tunes.


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