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How To Learn Guitar, The Basics

Learn to play the guitar can easily be achieved by almost anyone who wants to try it. There are different methods, and it is hard to decide which is the best way to learn to play guitar. As a matter of fact, there are differing opinions on the best way to learn the guitar. There are probably several different methods that could be described as the best way to learn to play guitar depending on the student. Learning to play a guitar is almost equal to using the best instrument possible. Naturally, people learn faster and easier if they have the right equipment for the activity. The time spent at work on the instrument depends on your goals. For the guitar as an instrument, nothing replaces a regular practice.

How To Sell Your Music As An Unsigned Recording Artist Online

Get your original music online I am a musician. I am 72 years old. My wife and I sing classic country and gospel music along with our band. We have a band consisting of a steel guitar, two electric guitars, a bass guitar and a keyboard. We perform at senior citizens and nursing homes in the area. We have our own web site I have been playing the guitar and singing since 1951. I won a blue ribbon in 4H 1953 singing Hank William's "Kaliga". My wife and I sing duets. We sing classic country and old time gospel. You can hear a gospel recording of me and Oteka at the website below. Wait for it to load in and listen. Enough about me, now to what this blog is about.

Nashville, TN - All Things Music

Many movies have been made about Nashville. Enough books about Music City have been written to fill a bookcase. And, of course, scores of songs are dedicated to the city of music. But, while music is the lifeblood of Nashville, visitors will also find here a city of culture and history, of haute cuisine, of pro sports, outstanding academics, natural beauty and pure Southern charm. Nashville is a place where the past and the future peacefully coexist and build, one on the other, to create a destination that appeals to the interests of every visitor. This city is alive. You can feel its pulse when you walk down its sidewalks. And, fortunately, you can also hear it almost anywhere you go.

Guitar Tones - 3 Ways To Get A Better Guitar Sound

How many times have you been to see a band play at a local club and you've been blown away by not only the guitarist's skillful playing but also the clarity and quality of their guitar sound? Or maybe you've been less than impressed with the sound coming from the guitarist's rig? A good guitar sound is a vital component of a great-sounding live performance, or any great recording. Think about the signature guitar tones of the great players such as Mark Knopfler in Dire Straits, or David Gilmour of Pink Floyd. Would their albums be half as memorable if it wasn't for not only their great guitar playing but also their distinctly individual guitar sounds? I've been playing guitar as a hobby for 20 years, and professionally for the past 5 years.

Drum Sets - Buying Your First Drum Set

You've taken some lessons, you have your rudiments down and now you're ready to start looking for your first real drum set. What do you look for? Where do you start? Are you looking to buy new or used? What's your budget? Brand name, versus off-brand name? Where do you start? A new, brand name professional drum set can cost several thousand dollars depending on how many drums and cymbals are included. The good news is that you can buy a brand name starter drum set for under $500 and some off-brand name sets for half that. Sometimes you can get more for your money with a good used set. This article will give you the information to make the best choice possible.

Piano Lesson - Learn To Play Easy Fur Elise Piano Solo

Fur Elise Is a very popular piano solo by Mozart. It is fairly advanced to play for a beginner. In this piano lesson you will learn a simplified version of the melody without sheet music. Piano tabs Instead of using piano sheet music we will use a form of piano tabs that show you with letters and numbers what piano keys to press down to play Fur Elise. First you have to learn a few notes on the piano. The note C4 is the middle C on your piano. You will find it immediately to the left of two black keys. In some piano tabs it is called number 1. The number 4 indicates that the C is in the fourth octave of an ordinary piano keyboard with 88 keys. Actually there can be pianos and other types of keyboards with a less number of octaves but the C in the middle of the keyboard is still called C4.

B Chord

The B chord is one that almost all guitarists have trouble learning, and some carry through the bad feelings toward the b chord to the point where they avoid songs that use the b chord, or they try to find alternatives that sound "almost right". It may sound a bit melodramatic, but it's true, just ask any guitarist "What was the hardest chord you had to learn?" 90% of them will say the B chord (the other 10% will say "F Chord" but we'll save that for another lesson; -) What's so hard about the B Chord? It's usually the first barre chord that students learn, because all the other major chords can be played in their open position quite easily (except for perhaps the F Chord).

The Secrets Of True Voice Singing

If you have a great admiration for singing, then no doubt, you would be quite aware that singing nothing, but fun and a great stress buster. But if you have any awe of singing and are always claiming that you cannot sing, then please consider the true singing process an absolutely safe, effective, and free tool that is used to enhance life. It is capable of reducing the physical, mental, or emotional stress of your life by bringing more peace and happiness to you. A true voice is meant to sing and speak. There are many people who do not have a true voice. Now the generation of sound from the lower throat results in vocal strain. Rather, if your have a sound that is more nasal and higher is not pleasant to the people around you.

Mesa Boogie Roadster Tube Amplifier Review

If you want to crank up the volume and play as flawlessly as guitar pros such as the notable music icons Carlos Santana, Metallica, Radiohead, Nirvana, and tons more, where else should you turn to but Mesa Boogie for all your amplifier desires? Mesa Boogie has been in the business of producing top of the line amplifiers for outstanding sounds and music making since 1971. Mesa Boogie is recognized for its excellent products sold worldwide, and the company is known all over the United States as one of the best in its trade. Mesa Boogie is also admired for its line of Rectifier Series amps, Mark Series, Lone Star Series, and more. Guitar lovers of the world, unite!

History Of The Washburn Guitar

The Washburn guitar Company has been producing guitars for over 120 years. Washburn first starting making guitars in 1883 in Chicago Illinois, just a few blocks away from Maxwell Street. Maxwell Street would end up being the center of the Delta Blues movement in the 1920's. African Americans that moved to this location from the Mississippi Delta started the Delta Blues scene. The raw and emotional music that was created in this area ended up changing the way Blues and Rock and Roll would be played forever. Also, the atmosphere in this area would have been amazing to be a part of because music was performed everywhere you would look. Besides the common locations where you would often see musicians such as bars, the Delta Blues scene had performers playing on the side walks and alleyways as well.

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