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How Radio Affected American Song

The invention of the radio had a profound impact on popular music both in Europe and America, but especially in America, because of the way our heterogeneous culture was affected by the ability of each ethnic group to easily hear the music of other ethnic groups by simply turning on the radio. Commercial radio came into being towards the end of the first decade of the twentieth century. By the 1920s there were radio stations across the country. People no longer had to gather together at each other's houses or on street corners to hear the latest popular songs. They could just turn on the radio. The speed at which new music spread across the land was greatly increased.

How To Find A Good Piano Teacher

I have sorry statistics for you that your local piano teacher doesn't really want you to know: 90% of kids who start piano today will quit within three months. Why, you ask? Read on. Most piano teachers are honest people, but the piano is simply difficult to master, as any musical instrument is. And statistically, perhaps some large percentage of those 90% who quit were perhaps never destined to play very well in the first place. Still, there has to be a reason why piano lessons turn out to be less fun than perhaps the child was expecting. In fact, the reason the kids quit is the piano teachers themselves. The sad truth is that most piano teachers don't try to get their students fired up about piano: they simply go from page to page in a standard text and see if the child can stand it.

Information About Music Online

Using the internet to find music you like to listen to and build your music collection in any style of music is an easy and affordable way to add to your music library as you can easily burn your own CD's or download mp3's to your iPod or other music player. It is also a great way to find out about current and new artists, new album and single releases, get free lyrics and find free music downloads. The popular free iTunes software and music library allows you to create your own music library, find TV shows, podcasts and get free music downloads and for only $0.99 a song download you cannot really go wrong. Plus there are a lot of websites online where you can find free music videos and mp3 downloads like YouTube, MySpace, Rawkus, CDBaby, Soundclick and so many others.

The Importance Of Marketing Your Singing Talents

There are many talented singers around and their skills come in several different varieties. Some of them sing the blues and others are great pop music singers. Then there are those who don't have the best voices in the world, but boy can they perform! There is always someone out there who can sing better and is more talented at what they do and this clearly re-enforces the fact that it is important to market your talents to the very best of your ability to ensure you do not get passed by. Marketing, in simple terms means to sell and can be associated with almost anything such as goods, services and even your singing talents. Marketing and management services are offered to singers by both companies and individuals in exchange for a flat fee or sometimes for a percentage of the singer's income.

A Guide To Holding Your Guitar Correctly

If you don't learn how to hold your guitar properly, you will not only feel awkward and uncomfortable but you are also likely to injure your hands and wrists in the long term. So if you want to become a budding guitarist, take note of the few handy tips detailed below. When you practice, do so in the sitting position. You will be more relaxed and will not get tired as quickly as when standing. Make sure you get the most out of using the seated position by keeping your body upright and holding your guitar so that the back of it touches your chest. The neck of your guitar should be parallel with the floor. If, however, you prefer to stand, you will need a wide strap to spread the weight of the guitar and make it more comfy when you are playing.

Software Tools For Producers

In the studio, there; s a lot of different software which may be in use. They all have slightly different capabilities and there is more than one way to get that perfect sound. If you are up on these different programs and what they can offer to the producer, you will have an easier time deciding which to use to get that "just right" sound for your recordings. Read on for a brief rundown on some of the most popular options: 1) MIDI - Standing for Musical Instrument Digital Interface, this is an older technology and as such has some limitations when it comes to editing in stereo. There are however a lot of prebuilt MIDI patches available and MIDI offers a broad palette which should not be dismissed out of hand because of its age;

How To Play The Keyboard - Start With C Major

Playing the keyboard is not as difficult as a lot of piano upstarts think. In fact, the piano is the perfect instrument for music beginners, as, unlike other instruments, its layout is straightforward and easy to understand. Plus, in contrast to instruments like the guitar, to play the keyboard doesn't require a lot of unnatural hand contortions -- at least until you get to more advanced pieces, but by then your fingers will be buff. When learning how to play the keyboard, the basics are quite simple. Looking at the piano, there are two types of keys -- white keys and black keys. As you may already know, the musical scale consists of the letters A through G with some sharps/flats mixed in.

Practicing Drums - 4 Things To Do In Every Session

If you want to increase your level of drumming fast you obviously need to practice as regularly as possible. Since many drummers find it difficult to find time to practice for long periods of time, they don't practice at all. This is "all or nothing" thinking and leads to failure in everything it's applied to. Here's a fact: It's better to practice your drums for 5-20 minutes everyday than one or two hours on just one day per week. The key is getting into a habit of quick, regular drum practice sessions. It's the repetition of these short practice sessions that will propel your drumming to new levels rather than the infrequent, marathon sessions. So, be encouraged if you feel like you don't have enough time to practice your drums.

Playing Drums - How To Not Be Just A Drummer

How can you expand your opportunities to be the best drummer you can be? Most drummers will say by practicing... and by practicing a lot. While it is true that practice is essential, the key to expanding your capabilities is by developing your versatility. It's all about using the skills that you already possess and channeling them towards related fields. Since your most basic skill is playing the drums you will find that there are other instruments that you can easily adapt your skill to because you already possess musical ability. For example, instead of limiting yourself to just the drums, why not expand your talents to include the guitar, bass, or keyboard?

Playing Drums - How To Overcome Your Weaknesses

As for beginning drummers, the whole concept of drumming is coordination. It's learning to do more than one thing at a time. As a child, do you remember trying to pat your head and rub your tummy at the same time? That was pretty difficult at first, but then you eventually got the hang of it. Just like patting your head and rubbing your tummy, once you get the hang of doing multiple things at once on your drum set, it then only becomes a matter of practicing to develop your skills. Once new drummers begin to get a little coordination they will inevitably begin to favor one hand and foot over the other. It's unavoidable, but as they progress they need to be conscious of trying to develop all four limbs to their max.

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